Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets moved with Kiara’s innocent talks

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kiara telling Abhi that nobody can win from him in talks. Abhi says ok, shall I go now. Kiara asks him to sit down. Abhi asks what is down? Kiara says floor and not sky. She asks him to sit. Abhi says I am seated. She says I play this game with my mum and says he will be punished for bursting her balloons. Abhi asks what is the punishment? Kiara asks him to kiss her 3 times. Abhi kisses on her forehead and cheeks. He asks shall I go and pick my Dadi now. Kiara says it is my turn now and says she will give him chance. She kisses on his forehead. Abhi feels love for her. abhi mujhme kahin…. jeelun zara song plays….he gets sad. Kiara goes. Abhi thinks of pragya. She goes to the help centre and makes an announcement for Kiara. Abhi and King hear her voice. Abhi understands she

is Pragya and recalls Kiara’s resemblance with him. Kiara goes to Pragya. Abhi says Pragya and runs to go there, but a man stops him for colliding with him. Abhi apologizes to him with folded hands repeatedly. Pragya asks her not to go anywhere and gets emotional hugging her.

Abhi enquires about Kiara with the help centre. He says she is there. Abhi looks at her, but he don’t see Pragya, but some other lady who compliments kiara. Abhi thinks Pragya is not there, and thinks he has moved on in life. Pragya prays for his happiness. Kiara sees King and runs to him. King asks where did you go? Pragya says she just listens to you. King says you took my life out with your announcement. Pragya says she was scared. Kiara says no arguments. King asks if she saw Mumbai guy and asks her to relax. Someone brings their stuff. King says one bag is missing. He asks Pragya to go out and sit in car, and says I will come. Kiara says he will take 30 mins to take selfies. Kiara tells Pragya that Mr. blaster got this balloons for her, and says she played punishment game with him, took his 3 kisses and gave 1. Pragya says you can’t kiss anyone like that. Kiara says Daada does. Pragya says he is unique. Kiara says I haven’t kissed him anybody but dad. Pragya says dad? Kiara says he might be someone’s dad. Pragya says you can’t kiss anyone else dad. She asks her to come.

Pragya makes Kiara sit in car and goes to call King. Kiara sees balloons flying out and runs to get it. Police asks driver to take car from there. Abhi parks his car there. Kiara comes back and sits in Abhi’s car. She thinks he is a driver and says if I had known that you are here, then I would have introduce you to my mum. Abhi calls him kishmish. He asks what you are doing here? She says it is my dad’s car. Abhi says it is mine. He gets Pragya’s number from her and calls her.

Pragya says there is no signal. Kiara takes call and says driver is trying to become rockstar. Pragya says you sat in wrong car and says I will come here, and asks her not to trouble him. Abhi explains her meaning of trouble. Kiara’s hair pin falls down. She gets down from his car and asks him to tie her tony. He asks her to ask her Dad. She says my dad is you and says only you and Mamma can touch my hairs. Abhi makes her pony. Kiara checks her pony and says I am your daughter. Abhi is surprised and moved.

Precap: Kiara searches for her cookie toy and tells Pragya that Mr. Blaster must have stolen her cookie. Abhi brings cookie home and tells Tanu that he needs a daughter and he wants to adopt a girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh god don’t make him claim his rights on kaira after knowing she is his daughter.

  2. f**king serial.. Now they want that b*t*h tanu to adopt a baby and spoil the child life…. The writer can’t in my wildest dream think from where he gets such rotten ideas… Guess kkb should now go off air… But before going need abhi to know that a Kiara is his daughter and pragya is unmarried, should come to know of tanu scheming hand in Dadi death, should live in guilt, should want to divorce tanu but she will not and ask for a big share of property, should be reduced to rags. Aliya should become mental since her plan fail and the entire mehra family including purab blo*dy leeches should be on the roads and pragya should go with Rockstar king, even though she does not marry, she should be with him and he is a real man and stood by her and her daughter….

  3. Candiva007

    Why adopt? Can’t Tanu have kids.

    1. leisa s morris

      I think after she lost d baby she was told she couldnt have any. But also abhi has no intention of slping with her to make a baby anyway

  4. Disgusting ptecqp again with that witch ni sense time what she is going g ti tell hk how hr ask her that can ae adopt baby 2fa ed abhi character on inside he is feeling fr pragya in airport the anotherchabd he us asking you tanu to adopt child what man he is ufff disgutung his charate been made so illrgal and uninterested now tmw after prec mon

  5. Cathy

    So any ideas what’s going to happen to King when Pragya and Abhi resume their toxic relationship? does he turn negative? i know they’ll spend years and many more kidnappings and trapped by fire stories before it’s resolved this is of course that the end of May deadline doesn’t happen.

  6. Somehow I have this feeling that Dadi is not actually dead and Tanu has her stashed somewhere. Tanu was up to something (making comments about getting Abhi back) the night of the party when Simonika showed up and was playing a waiter – and this is the kind of nonsense twist this show comes up with every once in a while. I am still waiting for Bulbul to come walking in now that Purab and Disha have a child. Things would get really complicated. It would give the writers an opportunity to make Disha turn into a negative personality.

  7. The most stupidest story in the whole universe. How can Abhi claim himself to be a rockstar when he is not at all a man? Tanu can think only murderous plans and not adoption and affection. Poor Pragya?. Her sacrifices for the family and the stupid Abhi are not even recognised at all. Alia should be thrown out

  8. better pragya marry king and move on her life. because he don’t have kind of any evil neighbours like aliya tanu and so on. tanu keep ur own trash abi yourself. and writer pls find new pair for aliya its disgusting to roaming around married man .

  9. Annoying plot. Pls don’t bring kiara to mehra house.

  10. how shame less alia ….she is planning to seperate purab and disha che chee chee

  11. Is there an update for 3 may 2018

  12. I am enjoying seeing Abhi suffer he has always been the worst husband a women can have. Pragya is pathetic she is still weak as hell when it comes to Abhi. She should of had a reality check when he said all those horrible things to her. Purab and Disha need to put Aliya in check. I hope King gives her the strength to resist feelings for those people that let her walk away helpless.

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