Bepannaah 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi finds out Noor’s lie

Bepannaah 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya is still unconscious. Aditya walks out of the ward. Mahi’s mother stares at Mahi as she notices her yawning.

Noor decides not to call her mother. Yash’s mother goes to her and reassures her that God will take care of Zoya. Don’t lose hope. Noor cries.

Next morning, Aditya is pacing in the corridor. Doc tells them that Zoya is stable now. You can meet her. Noor runs inside. Aditya seems relieved.

Noor sits next to her sister. Why did you do this? Aditya watches them from outside. Noor asks her sister if she did not think of her, Abbu and Ammi once before taking this step. You only care about Yash Jiju’s love. What about the love that others feel for you? You were ready to kill yourself? I would have broken completely if anything had happened to you! Your Kohinoor cannot

live without you. Nurse asks the family member to complete the formalities. Noor asks Aditya if he will stay with Zoya for some time. He nods. Noor closes the door as she goes outside.

Aditya sits next to Zoya. He looks disturbed. He is about to caress her hair but then stops his hand mid air. Zoya holds Aditya’s hand as he gets up. She thanks him for saving her life. Aditya says thank you to her for saving him as well. You saved me from doing something which I would have regretted my entire life (Anna). Zoya lets go of his hand. Aditya leaves. They look at each other through the window of the ward. Aditya walks away. Zoya drops the glass while trying to lift it.

Zoya’s mother picks up the fallen photo frame. Don’t know why I am feeling so restless since last night. She isn’t picking my calls though. No problem. I am her mother. I can call again. She notices her husband watching her in the mirror. Were you calling Zoya? She tells him not to stop her today. I am feeling really disturbed. I wont be at peace till I speak to both my daughters. He gives up. She tries Zoya’s number but it is unavailable. She calls Noor this time.

Mahi offers chips to Noor. Noor is irked at her gesture. Mahi says for me every time is good to eat chips. No problem. Noor goes from there. She has forgotten her phone behind. Mahi is pleased to see the caller’s name (Ammi). I will have to talk to her. Who will pay the bill here if not them? She picks the call and Noor’s mother immediately asks Noor lot many questions. Mahi realises that Noor lied to them. She ran away from the house and has no internship. She is not as simple as she appears to be. Noor’s Ammi asks Noor why Zoya’s number is unreachable. Are you both in any trouble? Mahi thinks to tell her everything. She coughs so as to pretend that she is not well. Noor’s Ammi says you shouldn’t have run away like that. You know your Abbu. Everything would have been fine if you had stayed back. He thinks about both of you only. He was about to change his mind but you left the house before that.

Noor is looking for her phone.

Mahi ends the call hurriedly. She deletes the call in incoming call list and hands over her phone to Noor. Mahi is impressed with Noor. I must tell this to your Appi. She will feel really bad if I wont tell her anything.

Noor shows cola to Zoya. I stole this from hospital cafeteria as you love it very much. I thought to change your taste. She keeps talking to uplift Zoya’s mood but Zoya is staring blankly at the ceiling. Noor requests her to say something.

Aditya tells Arjun he wants to stay in the hospital tonight too. he overhears Mahi’s mother talking to the nurse. Nurse asks her to pay the bill for tonight. We can shift the patient to general ward if you have any financial problem. Mahi agrees but her mother and Noor rebuff the idea. Aditya keeps talking to someone all along. Mahi asks Noor who will pay this much money. You dint even tell your Abbu anything till now. Take your next month’s salary in advance. You have joined a job after all. Noor goes quiet. Mahi’s mother tells her to stop it. For now it is important that Zoya recovers. Ward boys wheel Zoya out of ICU. Noor tells them to stop but Zoya agrees to shift to general ward. Aditya tells them that no one will go anywhere. Payment has been made. Zoya can be taken back inside. Mahi’s mother is not happy at his interference. She is our DIL. We will manage it. Aditya says I dint do anything. I dint even pay any money. There is my friend here who made it complimentary. Noor thanks him. He replies that there is no need to thank him. I did it for my friend. No one can tolerate your sister after all. People would have run away if she would have been shifted to general ward. This is it. Ward boys take her back in the ICU.

Arjun looks at his phone. I really don’t know what Bhai is doing these days. He shouts on Zoya and on the other hand, he stays at the hospital for 2 entire nights. What is his relation with Zoya? Harsh knocks at the door. Arjun asks him since when he started knocking at the door. Harsh says since the time both you and Aditya started living your own personal lives. I am sure you would know where he is right now. I know he wouldn’t have told you not to say anything to me but I am concerned after all as I am a father. Arjun asks him if he had some other work from him too. Harsh asks him to find out which lawyer made divorce papers for Pooja. I don’t want this news to reach the media. Arjun asks him why he is making him do this. You specialise in hiding matters. Harsh agrees. It might be that I want to know if you too can do this or not; if I can trust my son or not! Arjun agrees to speak to the lawyer tomorrow morning. Harsh bids him good night as he leaves.

Sakshi comes to meet Zoya. Zoya is puzzled to see her. Sakshi shares that she is Pooja’s mother. Zoya looks at her in shock. Sakshi sits down. I did not know you are Zoya when I met you for the first time in orphanage. I was in pain and heartbroken but your words healed me a bit. I kept wondering how such a young girl could say such mature things. How is she aware of this pain? Has she been through something similar? That time I dint know I am responsible for all this pain that you have. It is because of me only as Pooja was my daughter only. Your life is in this trouble because of my daughter. I apologize to you on her behalf. Zoya tells her it isn’t needed. I don’t know your daughter. I don’t blame her for whatever happened in my life. All my complaints are for Yash and not Pooja. Sakshi says I made another mistake unintentionally. I gave you Pooja’s saree which you wore and you had to hear a lot from Aditya. Zoya remembers the incident. I am sorry for giving you more pain. Aditya is standing right outside the ward and is overhearing their convo. Zoya tells her not to apologize. Maybe I had become too blind my love and I had to bear it all. Maybe this is what Allah wanted. She withdraws her hand from Sakshi’s and looks away. Sakshi gets up. Take care of yourself. She goes.

Aditya asks Sakshi if she gave Zoya Pooja’s saree. He looks at Zoya and recalls how rude he was with Zoya on his birthday. He realises his mistake.

Precap: Mahi tells Aditya that Zoya has decided to leave for Mussorie right away. She will leave for the airport directly from the hospital the moment she is discharged. Aditya runs towards hospital. Aditya asks Zoya why she is leaving. Do you want your parents to die after seeing you? You have committed suicide once and will you jump from a cold mountain there now? You should jump from a mountain but remember that you wont die. It is because my cheater wife and your cheater husband are already up there. You will have to run from there too. Run!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Aleeza

    Loved this episode ??

    1. Ooshi

      congrats Aleeza for being first

  2. Lokesh

    Thanx Pooja u r grt, so fast update, actually today I watched the epi, after so long time so was very happy, and wanting to comment here very early as I have watched it today at 9 pm , I m happy abt that.
    So tomorrow adi will cross all limits to stop Zoya, today the care was amazing, and Sakshi was looking really upset, and thank god Aditya heared their talks, Arjun is smart, knows how to talk to father, he was like bin kuch kahe , sab kah Jaana. Waiting for tomorrow, gud night bp rockies. Missing my raizaada dynasty members. Bye.

    1. Ooshi

      Good night sweet dreams

  3. Ooshi

    thanks Pooja for the fast update

  4. Ooshi

    epi was good Adi was trying to get her out of that mental state and get to know about the sarhi matter noor’s dialogue were superb while talking with Zoya Zo’s MIL is nice but Adi just superb the precap the way he ran just ….. Arjun is right in his thoughts


    Nice episode finally aditya hatred for zoya reduced

    1. Ooshi

      happy to see u

    2. Liz

      Hi Aayushi….. lovely episode na ?

      1. AAYUSH

        Hi liz it was a nice episode but my name is AAYUSH not AAYUSHI,?

  6. Hihiiihiiihiiii precap was soo funny to read…. I dont know hindi me sun ne pr kaisa lgega bt in englosh reading that statement was so funny….. ??? and meko abhi bhi yaad h writers diary pdhni h…. So ab divorce paper ka chkkr la kr tum hme distract naahi kr skte ho ?

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting

  7. Ooshi

    between Arjun also says
    Did he(Adi) hate her or…

  8. Ooshi

    Adi fears from loosing her love it

  9. Ooshi

    i must say first unviel pooja and yash’s affair truth then focus on AdiYa love story but will they do this having no hopes

  10. ShraddhaSharma392

    Episode was ok…
    But show is running tooooo slow as accepted… It need to run little fast, about unfolding story of yash and pooja murder mystery, were they cheating or not, who is behind all this ploting etc…
    Anyway zoya will be cooling cute tomorrow..

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting

    2. Mona146

      im sure adi’s father has sth to close the case. also usne post mortem bhi nahi hone diya. pooja ki diary lene arjun mussoorie aaya zoya father ko chakma diya i wonder y pooja diary reached zoya’s father. some mystery is to be unfolded.

  11. Today’s epi was really nice ,and thank god adi ne zoya aur shakshi ki bat sunli now he will understand his mistake. and precap is very intresting and funny too ,,it will be lovely to watch how aditya will stop zoya ,,

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  12. Wow ? today episode also as well awesome. No words to describe our adi and zoya’s acting.adi rally care for her and he feel very sorry for her when he know how rude he is previously. Zoya look so heartbroken and well mahi is so funny. Eating chips in hospital when someone in icu ????? or noor stole cola from cafeteria it was funny but she want to make fun wit her appi so zoya will be release from her pain ???? but zoya still think about yang cheating ???? and god sake aid listen sakshi and zoya convo ???? it was good cause now he know zoya not doing any wrong by celebrate his birthday . She just want to do last wish from pooja. Arjun really understand his father and I like the way when he tell u want to ask about bhaiya or u have any other work wit me. It was so good. And I like zoya MIL cause for the first time she say zoya her Bahu. Finally she accept her as Bahu but whatever I like the precap especially. Cause adi don’t want zoya to go from there so he gv such a reason like (if u go there ur parents will die by see u or u jump from mountain and die then go up and again run from ur cheater husband and my cheater wife) and I’m sure after this adi become fren wit zoya cause he alrdy know zoya so innocent and I feel good that adi realise he going to do wrong by go with that girl(Anna) and the way he say thank you to zoya was awesome . He is mass hero . Love u zoya and adi u both nailed it everyday . Love bepanah .

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting

  13. love yu zoditya.. luv bepnnah.. love noor n arjun

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  14. waiting to see friendship between aditya and zoya… both are in pain and need each other. waiting to see how story unfolds,. i want arjun to be positive plss cv

    1. Mona146

      ofcourse arjun is positive. lekin sabko sambhalte hue aise real life mein person frustate ho jata hain.

      1. Yaah u are right @mona

    2. Ooshi

      he will surely be positive waiting the same keep commenting

  15. Deeyaana

    Suberb one. When she holds his hand. Precap was too good. Adi said correct.

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting

  16. Priyu

    Today is also sad for me… Don’t know why…. I don’t have any mood for writing any reviews after looking at yesterday’s episode.. my Adi… And Zoya…
    Arjun gave a good reply to his dad. Now what’s this Harshvardan Hooda up to! He is so confusing. About Adi n Zoya…. Nothing ….

    1. Ooshi

      be here always

      1. Priyu

        Yes I will !!

  17. What an episode!!!! Aditya is already in love with Zoya..fears losing her..doesn’t want her to go back to Masoorie…Arjun is also sensing Adi’s feelings…I also wish Arjun remains positive and makes a cute pair with Noor..:)

    1. Ooshi

      agreed has he fallen for her to me he just don’t want to lose her because she is the only good person in his present life whom he can trust

  18. Pinku

    Hi bp rockies wassup

    1. Ooshi


  19. Siddharth

    Hi bepanah family Fenil lokesh priyu reji ooshi. Today’s episode was good . Aditya taking care of zoya is nice. mahi is too much. It’s good that zoya realised yash was cheating on her. P recap is shocking.

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

    2. Lokesh

      Hello bro

  20. Spoiler alert : Apoorva Agnihotri to enter the show probably as new villian. I guess he is the one with whom Pooja had an affair. Yash was trying to save her from his trap. Wow..if my imagination true then Arjun will continue to be positive…wow I m excited!!!!:)

    1. Ooshi

      happy u shared the spoiler

    2. It simply means that Pooja was trying to cheat Aditya, so his hate is proved.

      1. Ooshi

        let’s see what will happen

  21. Yesterday’s episode was OK for me as it was with a positive attitude. The story starts with a mystery but yesterday it was a normal episode where we can see some of the misunderstanding cleared, some relationships became normal etc. However, still I have some points which I need to share.

    1) Just review the conversation between Sakshi & Zoya, where Sakshi was telling that all the things happened with Zoya was because of her & later on she diverted with a reason of saree given to Zoya. But, I think she was aware about the divorce paper prepared by Pooja and may be after her advice only, Pooja not signed the paper & waiting to change in attitude of Aditya from being a good friend to a good lover / husband as she wishes. Suddenly, their accident happens. My guess is based on Sakshi’s reactions where on Tuesday, she was surprised to know that Pooja has not signed on the divorce paper.

    2) As per yesterday’s episode, it was clear by Mr. Hooda’s wording that divorce paper were not sent by him.

    1. Ooshi

      don’t know y but i feel she was know about affair it also based what she said yesterday and in 1 epi when on radio some mother was complaining about her son having affair while being married and the host said to make ur son realize it’s wrong the laddy said she tried to but… then the host said no children can avoid their mother saying or something like that and hearing all this sakshi start weeping but if all this true then y divorce paper at yash’s house very much confusing
      keep commenting and keep sharing ur guesses

      1. Yes, I agree with you. Sakshi may know about Pooja’s affar & she was trying to console her to not to avoid Aditya but talk to him to change his thinking that there are more closeness required between Wife & Husband rather than a good friendship.

      2. Yash may be suffering from a fatal disease or since he was on the verge of getting bankrupt..he felt he is no longer capable of taking care of Zoya…so may have sent divorce papers.

      3. I don’t think that there may some disease problem or vice versa. But, the case of bankrupt can be considered for divorce but I think it can be discussed with Zoya before filing for divorce. The reason may be different as I still feel that the signature is a fake one.

      4. I believe that if anyone from a couple wants divorce, in that case, he / she may consult the advocate & shall convince to prepare the Divorce paper. Generally, he/she may collect the same & keep it on safe place for the right time. At the right time only, he/she may sign the paper & give directly to the other party or through his/her advocate (by post / hand). However, for the case of Yash & Pooja, it is totally mishap. Divorce paper with signature of Yash is sent by post/courier to his own house. If we believe that the paper is sent by an advocate, then he will try to hand over the same to Zoya personally & not through post as it is not valid after the demise of the party.
        But, for the case of Pooja, we can assume that she may kept the divorce paper without signature in her custody at Orphanage & may be wait for the right time to proceed further.

  22. Lokesh

    75 likes and 7 dislikes, total 82 , so we r no. 1 , I think.

    1. Ooshi

      congrats for being nominated

      1. Lokesh

        Nominated for what

    2. Ooshi

      now likes are 81 so total 88

  23. Ooshi

    where r u Medha,P Lata,Fenil,Riana and others

    1. Missing Complaint

      where r u
      1 Medha 2 P Lata 3 Fenil 4 Riana 5…….many

  24. Anee

    Nice Episode

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting

  25. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Amazing Episode!

  26. Mellu

    nice episode , thank god adi came to know the saree wala truth ,
    I don’t think so they will reveal the truth behind the affair soon becoz it is the main part of the show, but dwffinately we will going to enjoy those episode I hope zoya and adi together will try to find out, so that they can come closer

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