Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi sent to Jail

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aaliya decides to check Prachi. Poorab wasn’t ready but Riya asks where the necklace is then. Prachi says they must do the checking. Aaliya and Riya smirk. Prachi tells them to do the checking. They aren’t thieves, she is suffocating here. Abhi doesn’t let Aaliya move. He knows this girl, she isn’t a thief. Riya requests Abhi to let them do this, this will remove this burden off her head. Aaliya moves forward to check on Prachi. Prachi tells them to check her pockets as well but couldn’t take her hands out of one of the pockets. Aaliya was suspicious. Abhi says she can’t steal. Aaliya asks Poorab if this is why he was protecting her. The girls gossip she came over for revenge. Riya claims her doubts were real, she stole the necklace. Abhi was still in a disbelief. Police arrive at the party

and asks about the theft. Aaliya tells the police that Prachi is the thief, she stole the diamond necklace of her niece and everyone in the party is an eyewitness. Riya was crying and complains to Abhi that he is on her side. Mira says she understands he doesn’t want any girl in jail, still they have found the necklace in her pocket. Abhi says they only found the necklace in her pocket, no one saw her steal the necklace. Dasi also intervenes but Aaliya sends Prachi with her. Shahana comes to Riya and blames that Riya put the necklace into Prachi’s pocket herself as a revenge. She drops her cell phone and leaves behind Prachi and police. The inspector warns Shahana to stay out and come to police station, else she will be arrested along with her. Prachi warns Shahana not to tell their mother. Shahana was left crying.
Ranbir and Ansh were busy playing video game. Mishti comes to them and warns them to show some concern and take them inside. Abhi thinks about Prachi and says he has met Prachi more than once already, she is exactly like Riya. Aliya says Abhi is being partial. Mira also says people take advantage of Abhi. Riya cries that Prachi spoilt her birthday. Abhi hugs Riya and asks her to relax. Shahana wonders what to do, she can’t even call Pragya. She decides to go and ask Abhishek for some help. She runs inside and asks Riya how much acting she wants to do. She tells Abhi that Prachi isn’t a thief. We, middle class people aren’t thief or robber. We have no one in the city. Riya tries to stop Abhi but Abhi tells Riya to understand police has taken Prachi. Shahana says I was mistaken to come requesting help from you, and leaves. She steps over her broken phone and leaves her there. Abhi leaves the hall worried.
In the police station, Prachi was locked into the jail. She cries and thinks about her mother. Pragya had been much concerned for her diet, and warned her that people at Delhi aren’t much friendly. Prachi had hugged Pragya. Pragya requested her not to go there; she was worried as the people in that city blames, and puts others in problem. Shahana was crying helplessly and thinks she must free Prachi from the jail. She thinks Chachi ji won’t help, she won’t let Chacha ji help them either. She sits on the mid of the road and cries.
Riya comes to Aaliya and hugs her from behind. She was excited about the revenge. Aaliya hushes her and warns what if they are heard. Both were shocked, as Mira walks inside the room. Aaliya says Riya is excited about her fashion show. Mira slaps Riya hard on face.
Shahana decides to call Pragya and tell her. Pragya lay awake with her and Prachi’s photo and was worried at the late night call. On the other side, Shahana was crying. She tells Pragya that Prachi has been arrested by police. Pragya drops the phone. She tells Shahana not to worry, she will be there.

PRECAP: Abhi regrets not helping the girl who reminds him of the daughter Pragya took with herself. He decides Prachi won’t remain in the jail. There, Aaliya questions if Mira has forgotten her position in the house. Riya says only a mother can slap this way.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sigh… They have to find a way to smoke out Pragya from hiding so what better way to do it than by throwing her daughter in jail, of course mummy dearest would come running to find her daughter, hopefully she’ll run into the arms of her abandoned husband..the end!

  2. Thank you Viji…thank you Jodi…for your birthday greetings… Much appreciated… Viji… You rock girlllll… Good memory… Here’s something for you both ????…

  3. time for a suitable lead for prachi here may be somelike harshad chopda harshad arora barun sobti sushant singh rajput we will also not mind rajat tokas we still had rememberance of prithviraj chauhan serial where she played child sanyogita they stole the show in that era why not repeat it with version 2.0 in kumkum bhagya 2.0 # experiments brings out solutions either positive or negative but impact on viewership is neutral

    1. So u r here also?

  4. To watch the same scene, with Aliyah/Rhea and Meera as before when the mehra criminals play their games… is beyond pathetic. Building sympathy for Prachii with new viewers may be one goal, however to watch Aliyah do the repeat scenes is simply ugly. Have a softer faced Aliyah clone does not help. The hatred that the Aliyah actress is able to ‘ACT’ is truly an ‘ACT’ stright from the bowels of hell. Remember that I’ve said that these people have been hired for what they already are, in real life? We already know that the actress who does Aliyah is not the most talented actress around, excepting for when she ‘acts’ hatred. Why is that? The rest of the show is obvious. We’ve already seen this. Aliyah was the star of this show and you’d think that by now, one of her previous victims would have already viciously and painfully assassinated this character. But no, Ekta Aunty continues to bare her heart for the enjoyment of her pocketbook and the ‘enjoyment’ of her Indian viewers.
    And Meera thinks that people take advantage of Abhi. Wonder how long it will take her to work out that Aliyah and the mehra murderers are the one’s who take the most advantage.

  5. Happy Birthday Naz!!

    May the nobility of your Aries fire continue to lead you into your next adventure or project coupled with your strong ability to see the details and resolve your current questions! Have fun… to someone who might just be one of those fun-loving, joyous party-girls! (The good, fun, kind!)
    Dear Naz, I was delighted to learn that you were an Aries person! I tend to get a long with everyone and anyone but there is a special place in my heart for many Aries folk! Their dedicated hard work, efforts have been the lead… on many resolutions in a variety of fields. It’s always fun to be with my Aries friends! And I am so glad that Viji took note of the date as I was trying to decide which day to use, to send you my best wishes and here we are…

    1. My dear friend, thank you for your wishes and beautiful greetings, I can smell, it’s straight from the heart!! Yes, that fire dwells in me, deep and fathomless, I can’t see myself being anything else but how I am… Even if I’m assertive at times, I’m also the empath!! Aki, I just adore your comment, it says a lot to me and one of the things about me is that even though we communicate through cyberspace, I was able to connect with you through our thoughts and writings… I’m also able to ascertain the aura of a writer through their art of using words to express themselves… I’ve had the privilege of reading some viewers comments on other forums and in the past too and I can tell you that I wasn’t wrong about them, it took a little while but eventually the negativity of their personas emerged and I tell you, they were indeed toxic…i know that you know one such person I’m talking about but let’s leave it there, ok… I know I’m not wrong… So, thank you once again my friend, your heartfelt comment made me smile… You and I and the few others who come on and off just to say hello, know just how to make the connection!!

      1. I don’t know how managed that, but your reply from me is I think, below ishu’s name!

  6. Boring plz take sriti out if serial I don’t bother if they so that she is not interested in playing this role further I think at least their shipping can be further damaged q worthless husband abhi really

    1. And those that read but have not commented. Feel them too! Many wonderful people.
      Truly hope you laughed a lot today and have reason to laugh in joy each day.

      1. Priyanka Moodley

        Hi Akituster…. I am one of those that just read and do not comment. However I really look forward in reading the Kumkum Bhagya written updates not for the updates on the episode but rather the comments that is posted up especially by you and Naz as I find them more interesting….. Wish the writers can learn something from you lol

      2. i think i m, honsetly tisha fan but now u regret being their fan seriously ,i thin i wont watch the shiw if sriti is taken out and shabir anyway he continues to play because it is ekta series sriti will be 100 percent out or will be totally sidelined in few days i now so now again ,

    2. Hullo Ishu, but you need to be patient! ; ) I’m teasing! With the two of them likely playing the ‘nearly, running into each other’ routine… all beginning this week, the production team has ample time to drag. the more they drag, then the better chance they have of keeping viewers either for a sight of Abhigya or just to see the next action. That gives more time for people to fall in love with Prachi, their Pragya replacement. No one can replace Pragya. They have chosen quite a few ‘extra’ actors just to make sure that they have a number of options/directions to move into. Where’s Kiara, is my question. Otherwise, I do not like the idea of watching another Aliya saga. When she became wholly ridiculous around episode 450-460 I used to just skip her monologues. I can’t imagine how Sriti Jha must feel, taking it all into stride (?). Her career is not rewarded with what she has rightfully earned, but rather her co-star’s wife became best friends with her boss and had her (Kanchi) personal friend hired to act with her husband, instead of Sriti continuing to do her job. Isn’t that a script for a movie about manipulative women with too much time on their hands?

  7. Bhagya(ishveer, ishara)

    Who’s dz meera anyone plz telme

    1. Hi everyone! Just catching up on this lousy show. I’m guessing Meera is another wannabe Abhi’s wife. She will soon start demanding her rights as someone who has been there for Abhi and raised his daughter. Another thorn in Pragya’s flesh. Poor Prachi did not even survive Delhi for a week. Why does meeting Abhi spell trouble for anyone related to Pragya, what sin has pragya committed to have such ill faith????
      Dear producers, can we have something fresh plssssssssssss!

      1. the only thing is her marg with abhi (for viewers)buut this us not the truth ,actually talia should have been sent out really abigya could have got good life without them but whta to so they are to be seperated .

  8. Tanu attempted to kill Pragya several times and Abhi later took her in as his wife, Alia killed Bulbul and now Purab is married to her (how did that even happen, was he drunk and got together with her? And a son, bummer!!). Talk about recycle! Are women lacking in Delhi.
    Why is the story being repeated with the only difference being the addition of new casts?????

  9. Oh, I forgot to comment, possibly, if they don’t do something new, we’ll soon see Prachi and Rhea fighting over Ranbir, where Ranbir will prefer Prachi and maybe Prachi can’t be bothered.
    So the two sisters will continuously be at “loggerheads”, Rhea blaming Prachi for coming in and turning her perfect world to shreds.
    How will the family form a close unit once more?
    Who will be the mediator, as there are no likes of grandma Indu and Daljeet anymore. Mitali is obviously a lost cause!
    Will Sarla and the rest of Arora sisters come in at any point?
    Oh, pls let Kiara come back as Munri, as someone already pointed out, and become a great force to be reckoned with. Her character may be the much awaited savior.
    Well, I guess we have to keep popping in to know what madness is in store, SMH!

  10. Hi Priyanka… Your point is taken with a delight and I can tell that you are a thirsty learner…if I may use that adjective…lol.. Aki, why do I feel that Sriti isn’t happy in her job as Pragya anymore? To me, I feel that the magic of abhigya is gone forever..it’s like a true marriage, a true relationship which has run its course in time, has grown exhausted and both parties are existing only because of certain elements in their lives together and the happiness cannot be regained or if they get back together, it will just be a coexistence… ..to me, this relationship is not going to be the same as before… Aki, Sriti isn’t happy I’m sure now but she owes Ekta her gratitude so she has to do whatever it takes to not get her life as an actress destroyed forever so she has no choice but to be where she is and do whatever is required of her.. Survival behind the cameras is either death or life of one’s career!! I really feel for Sriti, she’s a fantastic artist and she deserves better… BTW… So when’s your birthday? Please!

    1. exactly that the same i also observed seriously sriti seems to be very much interested only in vacation since previous week,she is not even shooting , even for 7yrs leap she was some what k but this time surely , she is forced as we know that b*t*h f**kta hates her here they are trying prachi to be wannabe pragya which is actually couldnt since pragya as won many hearts with her potrayal.so they are trying to create sympathy for prachi,many went off from this crap serial eventhough shabir as abhi is playing as main focus,many comments and worries only for sriti.

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