Tantra 2nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat Sent to Jail

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Kanchan leaves Jalsa. Daksh was with Niyati and the children in the car outside. She was sure the family won’t agree easily. Ashutosh opens the door. Niyati introduces herself as the elder sister of the children and requests them it’s the kids homework so he must let them work in the garden. Ashutosh wasn’t ready. Niyati requests Ashutosh, Prithvi comes there. Niyati comes in, and requests him. Prithvi allows the kids to water the plants in the garden but carefully as there are thorns in the plants, and allows Niyati to do the cleaning. Niyati asks him to give her some blessings as well, so that she can be successful. Prithvi blesses them and leaves. Daksh speaks in the earphone to control her emotions though its difficult. Niyati tells the kids to leave after they are done in the garden. Daksh says whenever someone do Tantra, there are some marks left surely, this gives clue about the intentions. She must find out what Kanchan is upto. Niyati wish Akshat is able to indulge Kanchan for long.
Kanchan reaches Akshat to ask about the deal. Akshat offers Kanchan his help, he is tired of all this. Kanchan asks what she will get by saving him. He promises anything, money or property. Kanchan says Akshat himself lives in someone else’s house. She demands his loyalty and trust instead, and betray Niyati; this way he can save himself.
Niyati goes upstairs for some clue.
There, Kanchan mix a powder in a bottle and tells him to drink it and be her loyal. Akshat says he came out of her grip after much trouble, can’t get into the trouble again. Kanchan says he must drink it for only a day. Akshat asks what she is about to do tomorrow. Kanchan forces the sip into his mouth. Kanchan laughs that she knew he only wanted to dodge her. Akshat clutches Kanchan’s neck. Akshat warns he can kiss her right away. A police mobile stops by and arrests Akshat. Parth had come with the police. Kanchan thinks she had already planned against him. Parth tells the police to inquire whom he brought into their house. Akshat wasn’t let to speak to his lawyer. Parth and Kanchan discuss they won’t leave their enemies so easily, they will be finished one by one.
Niyati comes downstairs when Astha was making arrangements with workers. Kanchan reaches Jalsa. Daksh tells Niyati to leave Jalsa soon. Niyati wonders what’s going on here, then leaves Jalsa. In the car, she was hopeless. Daksh replay the video. Niyati wonders why Kanchan came over with Parth, and where is Akshat. She tries to call Akshat but couldn’t connect. Daksh notices Astha was getting the rods hung at 90 degree angle and wonders what purpose it could be. He notices these were eleven in number and asks about the number of family members in Niyati’s family. Niyati counts the members to be eleven. Daksh was at once tensed that Kanchan wants to end the eleven members of her family at once, like a case in Mumbai. Niyati panics. Daksh assures Niyati they won’t let Kanchan do so. Niyati was extremely tensed, and dials Akshat’s number. They find out Akshat was in lock up in Missouri police station.
In the police station, the police accuse Akshat as a murderer who intended to kill Kanchan. Niyati says Kanchan is a black magician. Daksh says they want a bail of Akshat, their lawyer will be here in half an hour. The inspector says today is Friday and Saturday Sunday is off; they will get the bail on Monday. Niyati thinks Kanchan did this deliberately, she knows she is weak without Akshat. Akshat says Niyati was alone when she got him freed from Kanchan’s custody; she must now win for her family. He asks her to promise, she can’t let Kanchan win at any cost. Daksh asks Niyati to go.

PRECAP: Niyati reach Jalsa. The whole family had gathered around the fire to give themselves as sacrifice

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