Kumkum Bhagya 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Pallavi taunts Sid informing about Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage

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The Episode starts with hotel staff lady congratulating Prachi and says you are pregnant. She handovers the pregnancy detection strip to her. Prachi looks at the positive lines on the HCG strip and tells herself that she is pregnant, reminiscing Ranbir rushing home and telling that we are pregnant. He lifts and swirls her. Prachi asks what do he mean? Ranbir says I am going to be a father. Prachi says how can you become father, I am not pregnant. He says I am happy with the happiness of becoming father. Prachi asks him to grow up first and then they will think about the child. He says your start up is your first child and then our baby. He says he has three dreams, first marriage with you, second child with you and third is the start up. He says he wants to be the father of a little girl and will be happy when she gives him little Prachi. He says he really want to be the dad and will keep her as the Maharani. Prachi says my mad husband. Ranbir says once you get pregnant, you just order me to do anything and says little Prachi will call me Bau ji. Prachi says first focus on the start up. Ranbir says I will become a good person and will forgive you for your mistakes. He says I will never hurt you. Fb ends. Prachi says we are pregnant, Ranbir and then recalls his accusations. She gets teary eyes and thinks I thought to end my relation with Ranbir, but now what shall I do? She cries sitting on the bed.

Ranbir is on call and tells that he has checked all the mails, it is perfect. Prachi cries. Ranbir looks at the window who gets opened with a heavy wind. He ends the call and comes to the window. Pallavi comes there and informs him that Marriage mahurat is tomorrow. She says I talked to Pandit ji and he told that mahurat is tomorrow else after a month. Ranbir asks if this is not too early. Pallavi says this marriage should have happened 2.5 years ago. She then asks for Sid’s number. Ranbir says I don’t have. Vikram says I have, why do you need? Pallavi goes with him. Ranbir feels uneasy and strange and asks himself. He recalls seeing Prachi and Sid on the bed and gets upset. Ya rabba plays….

Vikram asks Pallavi if you are not done with whatever happened that you want to call Sid and inform him about Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Pallavi calls Sid. Sid says hello. Pallavi asks if he deleted her number that saying hello formally. Sid recalls Rhea’s plotting and says I didn’t know you. Pallavi asks him to say again and puts the call on loudspeaker. Vikram scolds him and calls him snake in sleeve. He counts the favors which they have done on him. Sid says you have done my Tilanjali and now expecting from me. He says I was hurt before, but now I know the truth that you always wanted to get Rhea and Ranbir married. Pallavi takes the call and says we always wanted and says she is getting them married tomorrow. She says she didn’t call him to invite, but want to ask him to keep his inauspicious face away from their marriage. She says what do you think that Prachi and you have the right to move on, and says Ranbir and Rhea are moved on and very happy. Sid ends the call and thinks he is not effected whoever Rhea marries with. He thinks he shall tell Prachi. Rhea thinks if Sid creates some problem, and then thinks he can’t do anything. She gets her friend’s call and picks it. Shaina says I am going to reach airport and says men are like this and asks her not to take tension and think good, says you deserve better. Rhea laughs and says even you will laugh. She says I am getting married to my love and asks her to come and says she will tell her. Shaina says ok.

Sid comes to Prachi and sees her crying. He thinks it seems even she got the call. He asks did you come to know? Prachi says just now and says she doesn’t know how to react, this time is such and says everything happens with God’s wish. Sid says it was destined to happen, tomorrow Rhea and Ranbir will marry and the chapter will be over. Prachi is shocked and says what? Who told this? Sid says Pallavi Chachi called and said that Ranbir and Rhea are getting married tomorrow. Prachi faints and falls down. Sid holds her and calls Sushma aunty.

Pallavi calls the designer and asks Ranbir to give his measurements. Ranbir says it is a simple wedding and nothing will go wrong. Rhea says but it is a wedding and relatives will come. Pallavi says I have invited my close relatives and friends. Rhea says it matters to me. Ranbir asks the designer to take the measurement. Rhea shows her dress. Ranbir says it is good. Pallavi says when Rhea sits with you on the mandap, all your dreams will come true. Ranbir goes from there. The designers leave. Rhea says Ranbir agreed to marry me, but his heart is saying otherwise. She says my Ranbir is not marrying me. Pallavi says once marriage happens, everything will be fine.

Pallavi gets a call and asks Rhea to come, as mehendi designer came. Prachi gains consciousness. Sid asks what happened? Thank god you got consciousness. Prachi says don’t call doctor. She says I fainted as …He asks if she got heart attack. Prachi says I have fainted as I am pregnant. Sid asks really? Sushma comes and hears her. She says I am really happy for you. Prachi goes to vomit. Sid says this is a good news. He says I will inform Pallavi and Vikram. He thinks to call Ranbir first, and will ask him not to marry Rhea. Sushma hears him and stops him.

Shaina comes to Pallavi’s house. Rhea says she is my friend from Bangalore, and came for my marriage. Shaina congrats her. Pallavi says you will be the bridemaid tomorrow. Rhea says nobody is important than you. Mehendi designer comes there. Pallavi asks Rhea to get the mehendi applied and says she will go and get Ranbir’s room cleaned. Rhea asks Shaina to sit and asks designer to show the designs. Shaina asks I thought you will be in depression. Rhea says I am getting married to my husband only. She says I never wanted to marry Sid and says now I am getting married to whoever I wanted to. Shaina asks then why did you marry Sid first. Rhea says as Ranbir had married my sister before. Dida hears her and asks her to tell fully.

Precap: Rhea says let the marriage happen once, then see who gets the ointment on their wound and who gets salt, you will know this yourself. Dida looks at her. Sushma says let him marry Rhea. Prachi comes there and says this marriage will not happen. She says this baby can change so much.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I have a feeling that Prachi intends to declare her pregnancy in front of Kohlis, else she’d had not thought that her pregnancy will stop RR wedding.

    I hope Sushma and Sid will knock some sense into her and tell her that Ranbir might call her child a product of her illegitimate affair with Sid.

    Better that she hears it from Sushma and Sid than from Ranbir

    1. Arey I dont think so because she is present at RR wedding & faints 🥺 as she reaches there seeing ranbir taking kumkum in his hands for filling rhea forehead 😤😤 , I am just hoping that Susana & sid take her away when she faints before anyone notices her 🤞🤞🤞 otherwise this prachi’s trust for ranbir love 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ will make her a piece of mockery once again as ranbir will not trust her & blame her 😡😡😡

    2. @Ankita yes definitely Prachi being stupid will go to the wedding thinking everyone will believe the baby is Ranbir’s and they’ll happily take her back but obviously that’s not the case. Plus I so wish Sushma and Sid take her away before anyone sees her fainted but I doubt it. Because the wedding shoot has been filmed for more than a week and they are still filming the track in their wedding clothes 😫so it’s going to be a long one. My guess is they see her fainted and Ranbir helps her or whatever and when she regains consciousness she tells him them she’s pregnant but they won’t believe Ranbir is the father and they’ll throw her out. Sid might come there too later who knows. But I don’t know if you’ve seen the new bts of Prachi walking on the road. It looks like after the wedding scene she was angry or crying so they must’ve threw her out and that’s when she’s had enough and hopefully has sense knocked in her head and becomes stronger and fights.

    3. Ranbir is going to leave the child by calling it as Sid after this Prachi will leave and is going to go to London and become a single parent and Ranbir is going to find Rhea truth and will try to find Prachi and his child. He is going to be pissed of Rhea demand and I want that to happen.

    4. Flashbacks are so cute but 💔💔

    5. There’s a pic that was released last week showing prachi dressed as bride alongside ranbir as groom and it was apparently the new zee5 montage for kkb. Plus I have heard news of prachi getting help from NGO ladies as ranbir married rhea without divorcing prachi. So I think ranbir will marry rhea but then the marriage will be termed illegal with help of NGO and hopefully police will be involved too and so then I think ranbir and prachi will be shown remarrying with pressure on ranbir by ngo ladies.

  2. Omg how happy Ranbir is😭 it’s like having the old Ranbir again. Gosh now his dream has come true but he won’t even believe Prachi. I don’t think I can see the wedding episodes. They are still shooting it I think it’s gonna be for a whole month 😒

  3. These flashbacks are actually agonizing rather than cute since they highlight how much a great dad Ranbir could have been in normal situation.

    How much more care and attention he would have given to Prachi and we would have been blessed with actual and real time romantic PRANBIR scenes instead of these flashbacks.

    1. Exactly 😤😤

  4. Why do i feel like abhigya story has ended or they re no more in KKB… at least if they re no more in KKB they should have ended their story very well, really tired of waiting for them
    As for d so called writer, prachi pregnancy happened so early i really dont understand whats wrong with d writer and producer’s of KKB. I haven’t really watch KKB for weeks i just stick to written episode

    1. We could not see abhi pragya as grandparents nooo. They need to quit show or director and writer need to stop prachi kids

  5. When I saw some new precaps on yt it says that prachi did went to marriage but she fainted there. Ranbir saw it and he leaves his marriage and take prachi to the hospital.There prachi told him that she is pregnant. At first he will get happy but then he will get angry thinking that chikd is not his but Sid’s.I don’t understand this story now. Will both Abhigya and Pranbir have a happy and peaceful life at least fir a week without any enemies😑😑😑

  6. When is Pooja going to leave this show if she is still filming? Why were we shown a fragment from the wedding if it is still being filmed? Why is there a new mangalsutra on the Rhea, not the same as it was in the first photos? Why is this wedding given such great importance? Why do they stretch it, they could just fit in 2-3 series, why stretch it for a whole month? It would be interesting to see how Rhea would kick Pallavi and Vikram out of Ranbir’s life, if she still managed to marry him. It will be the only good thing she can do. If Prachi comes to Ranbir’s wedding in the yellow sari she is wearing now, why did she imagine herself in red? And how long will she wear the same sari? But they wrote that Ranbir would marry Rhea, and then he would find out the truth and search for her in vain, and Prachi and Sushma would move to London. But then the question remains, where will they put Abhigya, take it with them or leave it? Well, in theory they can’t leave them? And how long will they be in a coma? Someone said that Pranbir’s parting would be very long. And if they break up, then most likely another leap should follow. Ranbir will marry Rhea, and Prachi will be left to marry Sid so that her child will not be considered illegitimate. I’m sure Sid will recognize this child as his own. If, of course, the creators want to register it in Prachi’s life, it will be terrible and unfair if Prachi loses it, and Rhea, on the contrary, will be given such an opportunity and she will have a child.

    1. @YY
      I still don’t understand why Prachi HAS to marry Sid in order for his child to not get considered as illegitimate. Okay , so she’s a divorcee. How many people in society know the reason behind PRANBIR’s separation ?? How many people know that they separated because Ranbir suspected her of having an extramarital affair. I don’t think that when people see a divorced woman , they by default think , okay her husband must have left her because he suspected her of having an extramarital affair.

      In society she can just stay a single mother , and if she’s single mother with no man in her life then the question of her child being legitimate or illegitimate doesn’t come into picture at all , unless her husband accuses her in public of her having conceived a child of another man

    2. Exactly!
      Pragya rised Prachi alone with no husband as she was a divorced

    3. @YY ‘Pooja’ is the producer’s latest pet. Whenever the producer puts one of her favourite pets onto the screen, usually in one of the roles of ‘evil’, then the screen space is flooded with the current pet’s face, regardless of how nonsensical the script becomes. That way the producer can offer fame, fortune and a plastic surgeon to her latest favourite pet without having to deal with the public commentary that would come because of the disgusting behaviour. Just look at KKB, from the beginning. It will become easy to identify the previous pets. they all received far more justifiable screen, some had to be be given acting lessons while they were working, they had more expensive costumes than the so-called leads (the real leads are always the most evil female) and yes, the plastic surgery or ‘cosmetic interventions’ if you wish to be more polite. I want to see the film which details everything that the pet has to do for the producer in order to earn all of her treats.

    4. Kumakum bhagya fan

      Prachi Ranveer ek ho
      Riya ko ghar se nikalna padega

  7. As to Rhea getting with Ranbir’s child , I assume that’s out of question. The viewers are barely tolerating the current track as it , what with Prachi’s greatest humiliation so far and Rhea on verge of her greatest victory. If RR marriage life has to be shown then it will have to shown in negative light , about Rhea showing her true colours openly , Pallavi and Vikram starting to realize how bad Rhea is for Ranbir and constant fighting between RR. Rhea getting rude to Ranbir’s parents would help a great deal , so would Dida’s smug smile at Pallavi , saying ” I told you so , but you didn’t listen ”

    If instead of fiasco of RR marriage , they show RR living happily and Rhea getting with Ranbir child and everything going smooth between them , revolts will follow

    1. Isn’t Rhea going to be kept busy with first pouring salt on to Dida’s wounds. She already announced to herself that she would get rid of Pallavi. Because Rhea was born with a diminshed cognitive function (she’s really dumb) she has her Aunt aliyah to come in and do the thinking and planning for her. Aliyah will be so happy to be able to punish Pallavi. And when the wedding is not consummated (marriage is made legal through first time s*xual act. **The word consummated is not a replacement for the word ‘s*x’ but refers only to the first act which fully legalizes the marriage) I suspect that aliyah will have a special Prachi face mask made for Rhea to wear, will drug Ranbir and because Ranbir will relax thinking he is with Prachi, these two chadi (?) chipkale (?) … slithering demons… will get what they want! Money, power and all males around them emasculated! Omigosh! that sounds just like the producer and her earlier life story!! the producer has worked very hard to erase her life story….but here it is, hidden in plain sight.

    2. Mahabubul Alam

      nagpal does not think what the viewers think of the story…prachi is there only to cry.there is not a single episode from last one year where prachi does not cry.we thought after the leap we will get something interesting but we are getting rr’s shitty marriage. devar bhabi marriage.innocent people again and again hurt by aliya and rhea and they are getting away with their shitty crimes.

  8. I so don’t want Ranbir to be the one to doubt Prachi’s child to be Sid’s………… I won’t mind if Pallavi or Vikram or Rhea say it , but please not Ranbir.

    Let him preserve at least that shred of goodness

    1. exactly , i am hoping for that only , if ranbir puts this question , i would never be able to forgive him

  9. In this show, all the values that should be in society, family, relationships between family members, marriage, religion. There is no respect for anything here. There is only the glorification of crimes. I do not know in this only Bhagya, or is it in all 3 Bhagya, because one writer. Does everyone in India luve like this, or is it just a perverted consciousness of writers and creatives? Did they put themselves in the place of their heroes? If I were in the place of the actors, I would have run away from all this shit a long time ago.

  10. Blessy Maria Mathew

    I see a summary. Abhigya organises mega pranbir remarriage. Ranbir appointed a private investigator to watch rhea. Rhea get exposed to shock she is going to mental and take her to mental asylum. Tanu will die.aliya going to lifetime prison.

    1. Mahabubul Alam

      where did u see it

    2. In that case, how long will Ranbir be married to Rhea? How long will he search for the truth about her? What kind of shock can Rhea have that Ranbir will leave her, she will never leave him. Why would Ranbir take Rhea to a mental hospital if she belongs in jail? How long will the Abhigya be in a coma? I doubt that Aliya and Tanu and Rhea will get what they deserve at all. Or Rhea will pretend to be mentally ill so that she will not be sent to prison, well, she will sit in a madhouse, come out and start all over again and it will never end. In general, why would Pranbir get married again if they are still not divorced? Ranbir is going to marry Rhea, but he doesn’t even think about divorcing Prachi, he doesn’t even have any thoughts to divorce her. Will Abhigya be able to forgive Ranbir for ruining the lives of both daughters? Who said they would let Pranbir get married again? Maybe Prachi is not going to have any more dealings with Ranbir in the future? But if all this happens, it will be at the end of the series, and it seems that they are not going to finish it in the near future.

  11. You’re right

  12. Mahabubul Alam

    since only bad things happen in kkb,what i think is that prachi will be humiliated once again and will be said that she is carrying sid’s child.hearing this,she will leave for london but will come back to india for some business purpose and both rr will have children but it will be sid’s and prachi and sid will be shown as couple and sid will take care of ranbir’s child.their children will either become friends or enemy and they pranbir becomes business rival.abhigya will wake up from coma also tanu aliya back in kumkum bhagya…from then on twists will occur which will unravel the the bedroom;s truth…

    1. @Mahabubul Alam
      RR are not going to have children of their own , be assured of that………

    2. Mahabubul Alam

      you can never be sure of kumkum bhagya.

  13. It’s gonna be a a bomb let’s wait and see but I’m seeing prachi running pragya’s business and became ranbirs biggest rival..

    1. Mahabubul Alam

      tbh i want to see kohli’s beg in front of prachi…its not gonna be a bomb.prachi is there only to cry and to be humiliated.from the very first day of kumkum bhagya prachi cried and cried.rhea commiting all types of crimes still being forgiven again and again or hidden from his father or kohli family.. …this has become such pathetic.repeatedly prachi being humiliated. its been more than 300 episodes first when time when rhea burnt himself pallavi changed her behaviour towards prachi,never tried to understand the nature of prachi and rhea,does not have an insight.i think prachi had suffered more than pragya in this serial..at least she had the support of her new mothers and her character is never questioned .rhea had done all types of crimes against prachi but prachi still forgives rhea and even trusts rhea.she never took a stand against rhea at any time….

  14. Well, judging by Pooja’s last interview, the doctors allowed her to continue working, and the production team is doing everything for her convenience and that this pregnancy will be a worker. It turns out that she is not going to leave the show at all and most likely that she will be prescribed a pregnancy after this wedding. And to get Ranbir uses all her dirty tricks and I wouldn’t be surprised if Pallavi herself helps her in this. The Pranbir couple is no longer there, at least until March before Pooja gives birth, when she is going to go on maternity leave, if she goes there at all, maybe she will come out the next day after giving birth. There is no Abhigya couple, they are in a coma and it is unknown when they will return from there. There is no Pranbir pair either, but now there will be a main Ranbir pair+Rhea, which no one will look at.

    1. @YY
      You think the makers do not know that that nobody wants to see RR living happily ??
      I know that they don’t give much shit to what we think about the story but they surely cannot disregard the viewers so much completely that they will start a story featuring RR pairing…….not happening.

    2. This is disgusting. The fact that pooja is pregnant and going to be working whilst pregnant when this whole rhea-ranbir marriage track is going on and there is news that RR will supposedly be married does put fear into my mind that these disgusting writers will show ranbir getting rhea pregnant either by rhea tricking him just to accommodate the actress’ real life pregnancy. Gosh I hope now.

    3. Mahabubul Alam

      then why did the makers consumate sid-rhea’s marriage at their honeymoon.i think rhea will be pregnant of sid’s child

  15. I’m hearing news about Prachi leaving for London after the wedding track and also she will not give up and get the NGO to the Kohlis to prove Ranbir is still married to her. Tellychakkar has released both these articles and obviously their news are mostly untrue not always though. But I hope the London one is not true. I want Prachi to stay in India and fight. Her and Ranbir should be business rivals, their companies competing against each other. How will that be if she’s in London? Unless she does go to London but returns to India due to some business meeting or something. Either way I don’t want a leap. We should see full phase of Prachi’s pregnancy they shouldn’t rush that at least.

  16. I hope that after Ranbir’s wedding, Prachi will remove the mangalsutra and will not apply sindur. Because now what’s the point of it. I hope that she will not look for excuses for Ranbir’s actions, as Pragya did, she definitely needs to become stronger, and not constantly humiliate herself. I do not know what kind of slap in the face of life Prachi should receive in order to finally come to her senses and stand up for herself and for her self-esteem. But, the creators do not care about their viewers at all, they have their own plans, and they are not going to retreat from them, even to the detriment of the series. They are not interested in what the audience thinks at all, if they were interested, they would not write all this nonsense. In many Latin American series, the creators conduct a survey and ask their viewers what they want to see and in which direction the story should develop, and even ask the ending of the series, which ending they would prefer and who of the heroes should stay.

    1. Mahabubul Alam

      The montage looks like ranbir pra chi marriage but actually rhea ranbir getting married.tbh what are the makers doing.are they sick or what

    2. @YY
      The scene that you keep talking about: Prachi sitting besides Pragya’s bed… that’s definitely after the wedding track is over… do you remember whether or not Prachi wearing her ornaments of marriage in that scene??

  17. All together let’s quit to watch, to talk and to write about KKB. Is it OK?

    1. I want to see ZERO comments for the next episode

  18. I just hope Riya doesn’t find out about Prachi’s pregnancy or else she will try to get rid of him.

  19. Colin There was, but so what. This video was before the leap, and this scene may be cut or it may not be shown at all. If Ranbir marries Rhea, then Prachi can marry Sid and this mangalsutra can belong to him. It is certain that something will happen to Prachi during or after Ranbir’s marriage, where the whole Kohli family will run to Prachi and convince her to get rid of the child, well, and for her to finally leave Ranbir’s life, they will ask her to marry Sid.

    1. @YY
      Prachi will not consent to remarry anybody

    2. @YY
      And if the Kohlis all believe that Prachi’s chid is Sid’s, and nobody can force them to believe otherwise, why would they care if Prachi keeps or aborts the child ?? After all for them the child’s parents are Sid and Prachi , both of whom they have disowned so how does that child threaten them that they will beg Prachi to get rid of it ??

      As I said if they firmly believe the child to be Sid’s no one can make them believe otherwise so Sid’s child , poses no threat to RR’s marriage. The only reason for them to ask Prachi to abort the child is if they believe it’s Ranbir , and fear that someday Prachi might be able to prove it and re enter Ranbir’s life

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