Meet 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update : Meet burn Divorce papers

Meet 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone outside enjoying bonfire. Babita and Ragini singing song. Meet Ahlawat thinks why is she not coming out. Masum thinks why isn’t she coming out. Raj says how cultural our family is and says to Ram do you remember how our mother use to sing song during bonfire. Ram says I remember and now we don’t have any song left to sing if you have any please sing it. Raj says yes ofcourse and I have special memories for this song because I’m talking about the time when Babita use to come in car in college and I use to come by my cycle, she was beautiful and I was just a simple guy but still I don’t know what she looked into me, all of sudden I got lucky and rest is history and says to Babita do you remember how you use to give your expression on this song so can we do it today. Babita says how I’ll do, it was ages ago. Meet Ahlawat and everyone encourage her. Raj and Babita entertain everyone. Meet come out. Meet Ahlawat ask her to come and sut. Meet remembers what Meet Ahlawat and Masum said to her about 12 midnight, she walks and sit in corner alone. Meet Ahlawat gets up and walks to her. Masum rushes and sit beside Meet. Meet Ahlawat sit beside Masum. Masum show her time and walks away. Meet gets up and start walking. Meet Ahlawat hold her and ask what happen to you why are you ignoring me since morning, I won’t let you go give me answers. Meet says wait for some time I’ll give you answers.

Manushi puking. Amma worried and ask her to sit and says what happen to you are you feeling good wait I’ll get water for you. Manushi says I’m good but feeling dizzy. Amma says how many times I told you not to eat of outside, tell what you had waut I’ll call doctor. Manushi says no don’t call doctor I’m good and run away. Anubha walks in. Amma calls her and ask is Manushi feeling different to me. Anubha says thankgod you realised, I’m finding her different since she came back, I’m scared that she might not burn herself. Amma says Manushi is not like Meet and I can bet on that, she is diamond but you arr the one who cannot look clearly you always blame her. Anubha says for mother every kid is equal but daughter are different right, one understand things in a glimpse but itger one repeat the same mistake over this every neighbour says that mother favour only one over itger but I wish you understand this and give same love to both daughters.

Masum looks at watch and says I think so she went to bring divorce papers. Meet come out of house and walks to Masum with paper. Masum says intelligent girl and ask for envelope. Meet drops envelope in bonfire. Masum shouts. Raj ask what did you burn. Meet says nothing it was trash no need to worry….
(Meet talking to Raj, Raj explains her saying before marriage you know you would be facing hatred but know you didn’t give up that’s why you make places in everyone’s heart because of your hardwork and says I have to teel you something there are two options to face a problem one by running away from it and other by facing it and you face problems. Meet remembers what his father use to say about facing problem.)
Meet says to Masum I use my brain a lot and then it came to me that do whatever you want to do this time you sre messaging Meet Hudda if I’m not saying dosent mean I’m scared, I respect you but you don’t like that respect, I didn’t grown up with lots of money but I grown up with relation and I cannot break them after I took oth for this relation infront of fire and I’ll maintain that relation for life long, I’ll not divorce Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat turn her and ask what you said, what happen to you I’m asking you why are you ignoring me and says guve me answers. Meet holds her ear and do sit-ups in front of him. Babita ask now what you did. Meet says I’m saying sorry to him because I hurt him. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing. Raj says we don’t know what happen but she is saying sorry from her heart so please forgive her. Meet continue doing sit-ups. Meet Ahlawat stops her and says what is this new talant acting like melodramatic queen. Meet says sorry I was busy since morning so I’m sorry for that and I promise I’ll only take care of you, won’t leave you alone. Meet Ahlawat says now it’s done.
Chhavi walks in says it’s so cold here and says to Meet Ahlawat you must be feeling cold wait I’ll cover you. Meet says one minute stops her. Chhavi leaves to Shawl and says take it. Meet says you did a lot of work since morning now go and rest I’m here for him and cover Meet Ahlawat with Shawl. Masum shouts enough stop your drama. Raj says scolds to Masum. Masum says we have to talk to these people like this, you consider her sweet and hardworking and have faith in her, she is lier. Babita says first think and says before blaming. Masum says I’m not blaming her I know truth and says to ask her is her sister Manushi is at her home, she kept this secret from us. Babita says stup up Masum and ask Meet is that true what Masum is saying. Meet says yes me, mom and dadi don’t want to hide this from you all but the condition in which was Manushi melted our hearts and parents cannot reject there children. Raj says she is right now is her sister is back then why should we punish her and make difference with Hudda family and says I feel bad why Masum presented this sensitive topic and such bad manner and says I don’t wanna hear anything. Everyone gets normal and Masum says now she will tell everything about her by himself and will plan harder this time.

Isa says we will play folding paper. Meet says I don’t know how to play. Meet Ahlawat says we won match together this is easy for us. They start playing. Meet Ahlawat says I love you, my love brought you back to me I love you Manushi

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Everything was going ok.. but in end precap is going to spoil everything🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    Anyway its zee show, so i don’t have much acceptation that show will run smoothly and without much dragging drama.. but for current I am liking this show

  2. Yay!! Our meet H is back!! Nice episode except the precap…Meet A ruined it!! I hope manushi is pregnant…only than her truth will be out.

    1. Metin

      Same here.
      Protect what is yours.
      İ think love words Are misleading.

    2. I’m happy Meet H finally stood up for herself! I think Meet A really meant the first I love you to Meet H and the second one, he took Manushi’s name🤔 meaning drugs first took effect so he expressed his first thoughts to Meet H, think about it😏🤔 and I doubt Manushi is pregnant, this is a trick to stay, but if she is then wow, Kunal works fast😳😳 but that will work out for us because then she’ll be exposed and our Meets can ride off in the sunset😂

  3. You’re right

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