Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Neha and Tarun manage to escape, King shows trust on Pragya

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The Episode starts with Mohan badmouthing about Abhi for not signing the cheque. Pragya asks him to tell the room no. and says only she can badmouth about him. He asks if she is Abhi’s wife. She says she don’t have time now and goes. Abhi climbs the stairs and knocks on the hotel room calling Neha and Tarun. He says I know you are inside and asks them to open the door. He says I will not get angry, and asks them to open the door before Pragya comes. Pragya thinks he will reach them before me and climbs the stairs. He breaks the door and don’t see anyone there. He calls for Neha and thinks she is not here, if they have hidden here. He thinks the room is small, they can’t hide. He thinks if they vanish. He comes near the window and sees the cloth rope. He says they have eloped.


comes there. Abhi hides seeing her. Pragya sees him hiding and asks where are they? Abhi says he has hidden so that he gets spared from her questions. She asks where are they? Abhi says in my pocket. He says when I came here, they were crying and apologized to me. He says they went home and asks her to go and check. He thinks to search them and thinks I will search them so that I can find them and not Pragya. Pragya tells that she knows what is in his mind and asks why he sat on the window. Abhi says I am tired and resting and asks if she thinks he is sitting on Tarun and Neha. Pragya sees the cloth rope. Abhi says don’t tell me that I made them elope. Pragya says you reached before me so that I can’t prove King’s innocence. She accuses him and tells that he broke the door, and made Neha and Tarun alert and then they elope. She says she will check beneath the window. She looks down. Abhi asks her to be careful else she will fall. Pragya says you will be happy. She slips. Abhi holds her hand and pulls her back. Pragya falls on him and they have an eye lock. Tere khareeb aaraha hun….plays…

Abhi asks why did she become Jhansi ki rani? Tarun and Neha are hiding outside the hotel. He tells that your chachu and my brother must have come here to search us. He tells that he heard Mohan telling the other guy about calling my family. Neha says it is good that you heard. Tarun says but why your chachu came? Neha says they must be searching us together. They try to take a cab, but the cab driver refuses to take them. A shop keeper guy looks at them. Pragya says why did you break the door, if anything happens to you. She blames him. Abhi asks her to search them and asks her not to think herself as Jhansi ki rani and tells that she is his fuggi. Pragya gets emotional.

Mohan comes there and says I know you are husband and wife and that’s why arguing like husband and wife. He says husband didn’t sign the cheque and wife took the cash back. Abhi asks for whom I came here, and says Tarun and Neha are not here, so the money is not valid. He asks him to talk to Pragya. Pragya asks him to repair the hotel and leaves. Mohan thinks he didn’t get the money and the girl and boy eloped.

In the Police station, Constable tells King that he knows that he is a big singer. He feels lucky to see him. Chachi comes there and asks King not to trust Pragya as she is betraying him. She tells him that Pragya calls Abhi home when you are not at home. She tells him that she saw Abhi wearing his clothes and saw them close. She says surely something is happening between them. King hears her silently.

She tells that Pragya went saying she is going to search Tarun. King says I know that Abhi came to my house and worn my clothes, as flour fell on her. He says I can see what you can’t see. He says Pragya is outside at late night to search your son and a girl. She is doing the work which we shall do. He says Pragya has done so much for him which she can’t think him. He says if she doubts on Pragya then it is like doubting on him. Abhi and Pragya come out of hotel and ask about King’s car. Someone say that it is gone to petrol pump. Abhi says they might go there. Man says they went by taxi.

Abhi and Pragya argue. Pragya says she will reach them before him. Abhi says if you had requested me then I would have allow, but now I won’t let you reach before me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lets play hide and go seek, And what next? Pin the tail on the donkey.

  2. Bravo to the crew for trying to make comedy out of Abhi sitting on the window sill. As usual the music did most of the work. The actors weren’t bad either. Of course Abhi kills the romance. He remains busy thinking like a three year old in a competition. Whenever he does not have the courage to be like an adult male, to simply be honest and become responsible, he reverts back into three year old thinking. He truly belongs to the Tuna fish and continues to function at Tuna’s miserable level. That’s dumb enough to be controlled by Aliyah. Really sad, as Aliyah is no ‘brain’ human, running fully on her addictive need for a Purab. Some Purab, as the current Purab is a wimp and an obedient servant. Why does Pragya want to be anywhere near this family of criminal fools and deadbeats? You know, Goondas in Good Clothes. They understand and utilise the latest tech! It makes their criminality simpler.
    And now all he viewers should be satisfied. Abhi and Pragya stared into each others eyes. No fish tank dwellers today. Thank-you! And the star-crossed lovers remain ever the same. Pragya behaving like an adult. Abhi lying through his teeth as usual, so he can win by cheating. Aaaaah the longed for romance, Indian style. Thank-you, Ekta! Your reputation precedes you.

  3. You’re right Akituster

  4. Thanks Geeta! And Zo, you hit the nail on the head. Children’s entertainment. Except you can’t let children watch this as they will learn that to be a goonda is normal behaviour. And all the rich people do it, so it must be o.k. Especially if you want to get rich you must be a goonda. It’s unfortunate that Ekta presents this to the world as being ‘Indian’.
    There is hope. Have you noticed how the actress who plays Pragya seems to have lost interest in the role? She still does a good job. But she’s kind of acting a little bit like Tuna. Not really involved or passionate about her work. She’s still far better than Tuna (always on the lookout for a financially better opportunity… “who should be my next best friend?”) and Aliyah. But there does appear to be a shift in the level of her commitment. I keep hoping that she is one of the sane people in the crew, but… if she really is defending her ‘friend’, the one who plays Tuna, then she really should see an astrologer and find out why someone like that would want to be friends with her. When I wrote ‘Goondas in Good Clothes’, I meant expensive not necessarily beautiful. Half the comedy comes from Aliyah’s and Tuna’s outfits! But when they wear the same damn outfit for …what is it…over two weeks? Yeah! Over two weeks (I’m too lazy to go back and check the exact # of days) and the production is still on the same day. Mind you, Neha changed her outfit! We could consider her as being a normal human! And now that both the actresses have upgraded some of their skills by taking lessons in decorum and how to walk like a lady, well, the hilarity is fast disappearing. It would be good if they were just gone… and a real story was created. Knowing the limits of Ekta’s creativity…. well, we would call that a wet dream out here in the West.

  5. hi there could anyone tell me if piay albela has come to an end or ztv just took it off without informing the viewers because last i saw was pooja was running for president re politics and narens evil brother was missing and again naren went against pooja not wanting her to bury her brother whom he killed.

    1. Cathy

      Piya Abela was finally put out its misery…you can still watch the last episodes online, not sure about subtitles though.

    2. Hey Sapphire…where have you been dear?

  6. I’m back……after a week’s absence and I’ve enjoyed ALL comments. Thanks for the stimulating comments friends…

    1. Cathy

      OLA! Naz!

  7. Akituster.. I don’t enjoy being the bearer of news but this I gotta share with you.. I’ve been reading comments on a serial I had started watching but because of its extramarital theme, I couldn’t continue to comment on and I just have a bit of fun at viewers expense while reading their contributions, so I go on and off just to read. You wouldn’t believe who’s in support of the homewrecker in the serial!!! I won’t say, you make your educated guess, I have faith that you will come up with the correct name.. Hint hint… Subject usually sits on the other side of the fence across here.. I know things happen how they are supposed to happen but that doesn’t make it right either… So when one gives support to a homewrecker, you know something is seriously wrong with the thinking of an individual…. Dear Akituster, whenever you get a feedback from a viewer who just don’t get it, please ignore and don’t use your precious time and effort to respond to someone who’d just never see things for what it really is…

    1. Dear Naz, good to see you back! Don’t worry, I know the difference between ‘gossip’ (negative intentions) and ‘news’, the sharing of info in order to create understanding. And the confirmation of my suspicions is welcome! Thank-you!
      and of course, that would put ‘us’ at loggerheads because I am firm monogamist when you have made that commitment. I have no problem with people having casual affairs… as long as they are not breaking any previous commitment. To me, when you break a commitment you are behaving like a coward. First get the damn divorce (be honest) then you are free to have your causal affair. The blatant demand that EVERYONE is a lying coward in a production, obviously bothers me. And of course, there do exist people, who think they become powerful because they are positioned to manipulate others. These are the cowards. They don’t have the will to even understand the level of cowardice they have embraced. In my mind, I have the person painted as a female who is a sautan herself, or has a mother who was a sautan. I find it hilarious that a coward production of course will have characters who are all cowards. Even when they don’t start out as cowards (Pragya) but become a coward, it’s ridiculous. Makes sense. A coward producer can only accept the world when she turns everyone into a coward. The producer gets her power needs (addiction) met. Just like the person in question… the ones who embrace and defend this ideology well… where does that place them? They are cowards. Unable to take care of themselves by themselves… emotionally, they prey on others and feel like they are important… like Aliyah, well actually all the leads.
      Only cowards need to tell lies and defend liars.

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