Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratibha Misleads Her Uncle

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap fixes Jeena Isika naam hai oldage home board on Kunti nivas while Khatru holds ladder. Sarla while buying vegetable sees them and asks what are they doing, Kunti went to Faridabad for 2 days, they are changing her house into old age home to earn money. Khatru comments that Kanhaiya does not pay him at all. Kanhaiya comes out and asks them to hurry up. Sarla asks him what is happening. Kanhaiya says he can only say that uncle is coming. Sarla walks in and sees Panjeri wearing white wig and asks if hair turned white with didi’s ashirwad. Panjeri says with didi’s ashirwad, even 80 year old man will start dancing, she is disguising as old for Pratibha’s uncle. Pratibha enters and informs her uncle is coming, and he does not not like people marrying, especially

if they are highly educated, uncle got her educated and she is double MLA, double PhD because of uncle/Tauji.

Tauji gets out of bus and seeing a man feeding pani puri to his wife yells he married already and displaying affection publically. He then goes to get cycle rickshaw and someone else sits and over phone says he is coming to see doctor girl for his son Pinku. Tauji snatches phone and says Pinku does not want to marry. Fathe snatches phone from him and says man is lying. Tauji snatches phone back and shouts whoever marries will lose their mind, their life will be wasted, etc. His drama continues.

Kanhaiya gets disguised as old man and acts. Pratap does his jokergiir as usual. Prarthna takes selfie wearing white wig, Kusum sleep wearing wig. Pratap enters and starts his jokergiri. Pari’s wig gets stuck in Kusum’s leg. Pari’s jokergiri starts next.

Tauji gets out or rickshaw and asks people where is old age home. People say there is no old age here. He scolds them. He asks vegetable vendor same, then sees board and asks vendor if he is married, he ha lost his common sense. Pratibha signals him and he walks to her. She introduce old man Kanhaiya who says he cannot hear, then Khatru who says he cannot see and mimics Pran actor. Pratap acts as Popatlal actor. Their drama continues… Uncle gets in. Pari enters and her wig falls down. Pratibha signals her while uncle gets busy looking at his bags. Pari’s jokergiri continues..

Precap: Tauji tells Pratibha that he is going, but then gets a call that his program got canceled and he will stay with her for 3 days.

Update Credit to: MA

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