Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu badmouthing about Pragya and her character. She says a well wisher sent this video to the family members. Tai ji accuses Pragya to spending night with a stranger and calling her characterless. Purab says it is a lie. This video is a morphed. Tanu says Pragya has accepted to love Champak, took care of him, made him have food with her hand and then called him to room. Pragya asks her to stop it and says she didn’t call him to room. Tanu says this is the proof that this video is true. She asks Akash to connect this video to TV and asks if he is pragya’s param bhakt like Purab. Akash refuses. Tanu asks Mitali to connect the video. Everyone see the video on TV. Pragya thinks what has happened? Dadi asks them to stop the drama. Tanu says until when we will bear. She is showering love on someone else and not her husband and says we shall throw her out. Taya ji says we are here to take a decision. Tanu asks when you will take a decision and asks Champak to say. Champak says whatever is shown is truth. Purab holds his collar and asks how did you trap my di. Champak says our love is not hidden from anyone, and now nobody can stop us. Tanu says did you hear what he told. She says if you people are quiet then everything will be ruined. She says this is the time to take action. Pragya asks her to shut up. Tanu says I will take this proof to Court and will prove that you are having illegitimate relation with him.

Pragya says I didn’t know him. Purab searches for something and tells Akash that this is Dadi’s brahmastra. Tanu asks Pragya to prove her innocence nd asks where is Purab. Purab comes and says I am here. Tanu asks Purab not to start his nonsense again and says you are a big fool to believe her. She says you need a proof to prove her innocence which you don’t have. She asks Pragya to ask Purab to get some proof as sanjeevani. She says your sins proof are infront of us, and asks Pragya to get out before Abhi kicks her out. Purab asks if you are done, and says everyone will laugh on this video which is a joke. He says I have real picture with no special effects. Abhi asks what you have? Purab says I will not tell, but will show you. He says I knew that champak came with wrong intentions and that’s why I did some preparations. He plays the video on TV. Pragya is seen beating Champak. Tanu says Purab is a way ahead of us. Purab says Champak had spiked her drink and then took that video. Tanu says I have real video. Purab says really and asks Abhi to take a decision.

Abhi says I didn’t tell anything, as I never trusted on Tanu. He says I asked Champak to stay at home, and says Pragya tried to make me jealous, but she can’t do this. He says I need an answer from Champak. Tanu looks on lost. Abhi slaps Champak and asks how dare you to molest my wife. He says what did you think that you will give him drugs and will take advantage. He says Pragya is my wife and can’t do anything. Purab says there is some mastermind behind champak. Abhi says yes. Tanu says Pragya said that she is having affair with Champak in the party and says may be Pragya asked him to give her drugs. Abhi asks her to stop it and says he needs to hear truth from Pragya.

Pragya says I accept that I agreed to have affair with Champak as my heart is broken. I accepted it being angry. He says when you doubted on me, I got angry and said that. She says I tried talking to you, but you didn’t listen to me. She says I want to make you feel what is extra marital affair. She says no wife shall do this with her husband and apologizes to him cryingly. Dadi tells Abhi that pragya has accepted her mistake, but haven’t confess her love. She says you both are jealous to see each other with others.

Abhi apologizes to pragya and says I should have trusted you that day. He apologizes. Mitali thinks their love story have started and their love is real. Dadi gets emotional. Abhi asks Tanu, did you get your answer now. He says Purab supported Pragya as he knew that she is innocent.

Precap: Abhi asks Champak who gave him money to act and asks if the person is Nikhil, Tanu or any family member. He calls Purab to call police. Champak gets scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. OK OK

  2. SPOILER !!!


    The latest promo shared by Zee TV showcase that in the upcoming episodes, Pragya (Sriti Jha) will show Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) DNA reports which would state that Abhi is not the father of Tanu’s child.

    Zee TV has even posted it on social media site twitter that “Ek sach, jo badal dega sabki zindagi! Kya karega Abhi jab Pragya karegi Tanu ke jhooth ka parda faash? Mon-Sat 9 PM”.

    Currently in the show Purab and Pragya have been successful in exposing Champak and his evil plans in front of Abhi.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the daily popular show.

    1. And how many months would it take?

    2. ???LOL

    3. I hope not more than 1 month……………

  3. Wow …see pragya abhi believed u with out any proof.so stop finding proof and just tell the truth

    1. He would have trusted her 1 yr back also, its only Daadi n Pragya’s foolishness.

    2. If he would believed pragya then he would stop tanu badmouthing. After looking at video he is telling he believe her it does not make sense.

    3. Taya ji and Daadi tried to stop her, in addition to Purab and Pragya but Tanu was not in mood to listen or stop. Abhi didnt believe or said pointed badly at Pragya by getting emotional. Ofcourse he didnt stop Tanu also.

      It looks like he stopped her only after seeing video, but unless Pragya also accepted that video to be true, he wouldnt have believed it. Like she said sarcastically in the party about the affair and he believed that to be true.

  4. as said nice episode,, its Ekta and things this show will again reach the new heights…

  5. Guys there is a pic of leena in gown it looks like a party attire there is some function in mehra mansion …….don’t know when exposure will happen

  6. Guys another party is going to happen in Mehra house. Leena has posted her latest pic in party outfit from the Mehra house. Mehra house is fully decorated and so tanu is also dressed up for it. Don’t know what is the purpose of party. I think we get it know in upcoming updates but till then any guesses guys?

    1. Prathiksha I think we should wait till next segment. After that only we will get a clear idea behind Leena’s pic.

  7. Guys this is just a guess after tanu’s falling maybe tanu might have manipulated abhi for wedding so he would have got ready for engagement since tanu’s plan has backfired she will use her manipulation this desicion of abhi would have pissed pragya offf letting the truth out as usual abhi doesn’t beleive on pragya which will force her to do a dna test proving baby is not abhi’s …….that’s wat she told in promo right ” abtakh apko meri baat par yakkin nahi tha naa par isse jaise jhoot bol sakhe” throwing the dna reports on abhi…….

    1. Yes billu there are more possibilities for that to happen. But billu for getting engaged with tanu , first they need divorce from pragya which couldn’t happen so easily.

    2. Shobana tanu has grown insecure like she was telling today purab is always 2steps ahead of their plan so she will convince abhi saying he will conduct a party where they get engaged without informing anyone and then obviously this will happen pragya would definitely not let the engagement happen and will definitely create a scene which would lead to her telling the truth …….or other way around abhi proposing pragya tanu stopping it in a rage pragya screaming the truth either way pragya will blurt out the truth which abhi won’t believe for sure …………then dna test will abhi beleive it or not or will tanu manipulate abhi will other team members support pragya in this or will aakash play a role in this …….cuz aakash is the only one who couldn’t do much helping besides a little bit most of the part was done by dadi and purab …………will sarla support her daughter will raj bhaiyya help will the family members beleive it is all yet to see ………everything depends on abhi’s desicion …..
      The kumkum ‘s fate will be decided by abhi ……..

    3. Billu I clearly understood ur point but what I feel is pragya won’t give divorce to abhi. Without divorce how abhi will get engaged to tanu ??

  8. Thanks for the update.

    But the plot is dragging too much. So many family members know about Tannu and Nikhil but the fact that they have not told Abi is very unrealistic. Why should not Abi believe his wife, grandma, friend, mother-in-law, cousin who all have seen and heard the truth. This is not reality and how a typical close family works in India.

  9. Superb after long time I enjoyed

  10. Epi was awesome no words to describe it today purab became hero and abhigya was awesome unexpected abhi came out really after so many days pragya used her brain she used the situation very nicely and I literally laughed fr tanu how much disappointed yesterday more than that today epi gave satisfaction and the most gd thing abhigya r proposed each other without saying I love u really nice abhi’s angry towards champak was very nice the way abhi saying that how dare to touch his wife I loved that part very nice and the most cutest scene abhi saying sorry so nice and sad one is because of dadi abhigya didn’t hugged love u abhigya forever u both r really amazing
    Guys did anyone observed in epi when they shown backside of pragya she is not sriti I think she did only close up scenes and from past few episodes CVS r giving importance to purab I think because of his complaint so pls give importance to purab like this only overall epi was awesome one of the best epi of kkb
    Shobana sahithi and others what u felt I think all kkb fans r happy by epi
    Sahithi Leena posted that a pic what I am thinking is may abhigya anniversary is going to celebrate don’t take it serious I Sai it funnily if it happens then it will be nice but it will not happen I think it is after only tanus exposure

    1. Yes asmitha episode was much better than yesterday. Especially abhi slapping champak. Instead of slapping champak he should have slapped tanu for creating such a big drama and for irritating all.
      Regarding Leena’s pics I feel it could be like as billu mentioned above.

    2. Episode was good but precap was better, hope that doubt of Abhi asking Nikhil and Tanu involvement will continue. He doesnt have a good impression generally about both Tanu n Nikhil but problem is Abhi’s doubt or questioning shouldnt stop here. He should ask Nikhil to stop visiting him or getting involved in his work, so Nikhil cant visit MM and Tanu wont have his support. But writers wont make that happen, they want everyone to be assembled always in MM.

  11. Time waste ntg wl hpn

  12. Thank god this video drama has come to end today itself. Today for the first time taya ji opened his mouth at the right time with the right dialogue. But gets upper hand. Anyway tomorrow excited to see champak and abhi.
    This time abhi didn’t doubt on pragya he was waiting for a chance to prove her innocence that’s gud.

    Prathiksha and sahithi, I saw ur last comment on yesterday’s page. My view might be silly but while thinking only this comes to my mind. I think they might be celebrating Aakash Rachna son’s 1st bday ???
    Maybe in party pragya may say to abhi that he is not responsible for tanu’s baby and a big drama will be created by pragya as a result the bday party will be spoiled. Why I think so is none of the function held in MM ends happily. It will always ends with a problem.
    I think next segment will give clear view about the party arrangements.

    1. Hi frnd… Rachna delivered her baby when pragya left MM house. But according to serial tanu is only 7 month pregnant lady. So rachna’s baby is below 7 month. Then how is it possible?? Sometime it might be abhigya’s wedding anniversary…

    2. Yes shaz u r right. It can’t be as such

  13. loved abhigya sceane . noone can separate thm.:-)

  14. still tanu getting ready fr party in mm means she is not exposed evn after champaks drama asuaual.
    atleadt now sriti can opn her mouth n tell worst!
    all these crap will happen n hapned but tanu not exposed evn after champak drama…
    but v get hapy over these episodes…

  15. abhigya relationship too strong now…

  16. I think that means its party for tanus coming baby and this time pragya spoiled her party by DNA.

    1. Thinker ya your guess could b right. Even I only understands these few purpose for upcoming party.

  17. Good for tanu all that mouth n she is the fool cant wait for abhi throw her ass out without nothing

  18. Ada pavigala DNA report 1 year munadi kamichi irutha 1 yr 3 month waste agi irukathu.hmm sema bore tanu pregnant story seri javvumittai.onnu serials mudincha or tanu story end panunga

  19. Good episode…but I read that abhi asks champak the culprits name or he will throw him frm first floor but champu doesn’t take name n purab asks abhi to leave that champu bampu

  20. Nice episode. Tanu has been given so much advantage to talk about Prayaga and everyone believes her….

  21. Did U people observed tht when purab comes to room to get phone. Tht time phone was put like facing camera side up then how video can get record
    And my wish let tht director to say nikhils name from champak how moch time u will drag it.
    Still now 606 episods are completed abhi and pragya not even had a single first night. Poor guys

    1. there r sooo many faults in ths kumkum bhagya that these small thgs no1 bothers…
      allways blunders n senseless thgs hapn asusual so no1 is caring abt it

    2. It could be it fell flat. Remember Pragya was beating Champak and he was bumping into things? Purab was looking for it when he came into the room then felt for it when he didn’t see it at first. If you view the clip again it only show the first part of the beating, so it means it fell flat after Champak bump into where it was recording from.

  22. Will champak put the blame on Purab as the mastermind? Heard that arjit taneja is quitting.. so it must be either end of purab’s character or a replacement will come..

  23. What is good about this episode that excites you? Nothing at all. Only crying and lies with all cowards standing around and let Tanu take over. I bet this will happen when Tanu gets exposed. I don’t think anything will happen to Tanu and Nihil, after all the horrible things they did with so many different people. This is the only reason I’m still watching this show.

    1. hi Payal
      Abhi trusted Pragya , said he didn’t trust Tanu . Stood firm and told Champak , my wife wouldn’t do that..
      those are 3 good things about this episode… oh and quick exposure- didn’t drag for days and days ?

    2. But he said these after purab has shown thethe full video proof to everyone. But if purab hadn’t brought any proof, what would have been abhi’s reaction??? Think LJ

  24. Tanu is actually the lead of this show. Her voice is annoying at times especially when she’s talking and shouting

  25. divya rampaul

    we all know some shit going to happen again. everytime they get close to the truth they show some stupidness. don’t expect much from this show……..boring

  26. good episode .
    just want to point out that 1 day in KKB time could be 4 of our days…. All new days in KKB begin with a picture of the sun….

  27. nikil and tanu are so stupide that’s why their baby is stuck inside he doesn’t know how to get out.

  28. Lj, I don’t understand your comments, Abhi apologized to Pragya after the long speech from Tanu. Is Tanu that important that she can make unfounded executions, This is not the first time. Abhi goes along with Tanu or whoever is putting Pragya down. Abhi needs to be man enough to stand up for his wife

  29. Shobhna, Billups I don’t think so this will b engagement party of tabhi. Becoz it will b too earlier to arrange it as first of all they needs official divorce from pragya. Abhi just now realized pragya’s innocence so he has connected more with her after this champu matter, specially when pragya said that she wanted to realized him that what consequences could happen becoz of extra marital affair and abhi is married with pragya and with tanu, it will b his extra- marital affair. So I don’t think so that it will b easy to tanu to convince abhi for marriage with so soon . And guys I think u didn’t noticed the last two segments scenes properly. They have scooted some scenes with sriti already becoz of her holiday. So after tanu’s fall drama and after champak’s running, that scene will come when abhi plays guitar and sings reminding pragya and pragya comes and gets lost in his singing. According to me, this scene should come after champak’s running. Tanu’s falling was fake to just stop abhi from going behind champak. So she will b fine, I think. I don’t think so that she needs to go hospital. I just saw latest pic om arjit’s instagram account where tanu was with purab and was completely fine. Arjit has posted this pic, before leena’s party outfit pic. And the pic which Leena has posted in party outfit, it also doesn’t seems the outfit for engagement purpose. She is dressed up in western style not traditional or not for any function. It seems something else. Don’t know what will b the exact purpose but may b salmon will b coming to promote his movie sultan or may b this party will b organized purposely by pragya which will lead for tanu’s truth revelation as we saw in promo. Anyways let’s see. But tabhi’s marriage function’s party!!! I don’t think so it could happen so soon after fresh incidence of champak. Just waiting for more updates for a clear view of it.

    1. Like thinker guessed I also feels that upcoming party could n happen for these few purpose- may b for tanu’s baby shower which will lead to her baby’s truth revelation, or may b salman is going to come for promotion his movie sultan, or may b some other purpose but o don’t think so it could b for tabhi’s engagement or for any function of marriage. Well let’s see what will b in next new update?

    2. Whatever purpose of party will b but surely some major and other drama will happen again in the party becoz party organizes in kkb usually for big dramas and twists and this time, I feels it will hit tanu or I can say takhil. Let’s see.

    3. Yes prathiksha may be like that. I really couldn’t guess anything. Lets wait for the upcoming update.

  30. 2nd may episode when purab asked for party pragya told him that if she will reveal baby’s truth then she will arrange a party in which she will call whole city.But its not end of takhil drama.and I think this DNA report she bring is from hospital in which tanu admitted.now takhil busy in champaks drama this advantage for pragya

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