Suryaputra Karn 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He address everyone present in battlefield that whoever insults woman will have to bear a horrible end, this is the reason for war and its solution. Whenever someone harms woman’s dignity and self-respect, he brings destroyal on himself. He continues his moral gyaan.

Durydohan, Karn, Madraraj and Shakuni attend Dushyasan’s funeral. Karn consoles Duryodhan. Duryodhan cries and is about to ablaze Dushyasan’s body when Dhritarastra and Gandharai enter crying. Dhritarastra asks Duryodhan why did not he protect Dushyasan, he was your responsibility. Gandhari says she lost 99 sons and wants at least him to be alive to do her last rights. Dhritarastra holds Duryodhan’s hand and says stop this war and come back. Duryodhan says no, he will not return until he kills Pandavs who killed his brothers.

Krishna sees Yudistra in a deep thought and asks what is he thinking. Yudistra greets him. Krishna asks again what is he thinking. Yudistra asks he did right by waging this war, he is fighting with his own dear ones. Krishna says this is predestined and continues his moral gyaan. He asks if he thinks why Arjun cannot kill Karn and is delaying so much, then he should know that only Arjun can kill Karn and this will happen soon.

Karn reminisces Vrishasen’s death and feels sad. Vrishali enters and asks why is he so sad, he is senapati and should be an encouragement to his team. Karn says he troubled her so much, even then she is worried about him. She says she has kept her life for him and it does not matter now. She continues cheering him up with her words.

Gandhari comes to meet Kunti and says she was proud that she has 100 children and Kunti only 5, but now her 99 children are dead and she is very helpless and weak now. Kunti says even she is mourning this war and losing her dear ones. Gandhari continues crying and Kunti tries to console her.

Kunti dreams about Karn and Arjun pointing arrows at each other and she pleading them to stop. They both shoot arrows. Kunti wakes up from sleep and meets Karn. Karn asks why is she looking worried. She describes him her dream. He asks what happened next. She says she woke up. He asks then why is she worried about an incomplete dream. She requests him to back off from war. He says she can ask Arjun same. She starts crying and continues requesting. Radha and Adhirath come and they say even they want him to back off from war. He touches their feet and says he cannot break his promise made to Duryodhan. He tells Kunti that he will not back off and will fulfill his promise. He sees dawn and says it is time for his prayers. He takes Radha and Adhirath’s blessings and leaves for prayers.

Karn prays suryadev at river bank. Guru Parashuram comes there. Karn gets very happy seeing him and touches his feet. He asks the reason for him coming here and says he remembers he has to give whatever is asked when he is praying, says he is glad to serve him and asks what he needs. Parashuram says he did not come to ask anything, he gave him many astras and even curse. Karn says even his curse is boon. Parashuram says that he came to remind him about his vijay dhanush and it is time to pick that, until he holds it, nobody can defeat him.

Precap: Krishna says some routes take to an end. Karn asks him to tell his charioreteer to break his chariot, Karn will take a death nap for sure.

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  1. wooohoooo….now time to pick vijayadhari to enter……then now the gandivadhari will be scared ….krishna better do something so that karna drop this vijay dhanush…because as long as he has vijay dhanush , no one can defeat him………though without it karna could not be defeated , he can only be killed, and anyone can kill someone ( by mere cheap tricks)

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