Kumkum Bhagya 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Police investigates Tannu

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Tannu stops Robin and asks him about the witness? She says the witness must have spotted the face of the murderer and may help them in police investigation. She tries to inquire about their whereabouts. Tannu says the matter is related to their family, someone might claim witness for money or fame as well. She convinces Robin to share the details of that witness. Robbin says Kiara! Tannu was shocked. Tannu recalls all the times Kiara showed a rude attitude towards Pragya. She decides to do something.
The elders were crying at home. Everyone wonder why police is even coming home. Aaliya comes there asking if Pragya again got hospitalized. Disha replies she is fine, and will remain well. Dasi scolds to Aaliya for ruining the atmosphere. Mitali says police is coming here. Abhi also reach home along with the police. The inspector was strict with his job and clarifies he came for investigation of an attempt to murder case. It’s about Pragya. He asks what she was doing here. Abhi says she was invited, Tannu invited her. The inspector wanted cross-question. He asks Abhi why King and Pragya were invited when King is Abhi’s rival. Abhi says there was a professional rivalry only taking an album. The inspector points towards Aaliya for bribing and getting Abhi’s solo photo over that album. Aaliya was offensive. Abhi tells the inspector to do his job and give them punishment as well, claim that Dasi or Purab tried to kill Pragya. The inspector asks why such soft corner for his friend’s wife, is there some feelings he hold for her? Tannu come to the hall then. The inspector sends his subordinate for finger prints. Tannu was worried about her finger prints all around. The inspector tells Tannu they must wait for finger prints, he may begin questioning with her later.
Pragya comes to Kiara’s room and packs her bag for school. Kiara kiss Pragya’s cheek, she asks her not to worry at all, take her food in time and take her medicines timely as well. Pragya cries. Kiara wipes her tears saying being bossy suits Pragya. Pragya takes Kiara’s promise that she will not discuss with police about this murder anymore. King comes there and asks Pragya why?
At Mehra house, a police inspector finds a similarity between Aaliya and Murder film actress. Meanwhile another inspector brings the cut rope of the chandelier. The officer takes Tannu inside for investigation. Abhi was suspicious of Tannu.
In the room the inspector asks if Tannu understands her husband has feelings for Pragya. Tannu denies but the inspector insists there is such a bond. Tannu insists that her husband only respect every girl. The inspector asks Tannu who was responsible for the accident? She replies it’s possible no one is planning to kill Pragya. The inspector suggests may be someone was so angry watching Pragya that he attempted to kill Pragya. The inspector suggests Tannu to wear some lens, he can see the crime in a culprit’s eyes and had already spotted the fear in Tannu’s eyes.
King asks Pragya why she doesn’t want her to discuss the accident with anyone. Kiara hugs King and was relieved that he is here, now she can leave for school. After Kiara has left, King complains that everyone hides things from him. Initially Mehra family and now Pragya as well. Pragya denies hiding anything from him. King tells Pragya that John has been killed, he knew someone tried to break the chandelier. He questions why Pragya is hiding the reality? Pragya insists she wants to hide from the world that Kiara is her daughter, else the world would snatch Kiara from her. King assures absolutely not! He will protect her and Kiara. Pragya feared that Kiara is a child, her enemy may also try and harm Kiara. She is her world, she can’t let Kiara go away from her for any reason. King says Kiara and Pragya are world to each other, but both are his world. He doesn’t want bad eye over their world. Pragya laughs that this dialogue was quite heavy. King says his feelings for her got heavier for a past few days. He attempts to speak a few other Hindi phrases. Pragya laughs.

PRECAP: Aaliya stops Abhi asking where he is going, if he wants to meet Pragya. She has returned with her ill omens into their lives. Abhi was offensive and tells Aaliya to apologizes for such lose language.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. well! Well!! Well!!!, the makers of this show has done it, they’ve managed to convinced us well that Abhi and Pragya are bad for each other that even I now no longer want them together,so they can both have some peace of mind they deserve in their life even though they are being deprived of true love.
    kya bakavaas hai.

    1. We all know that Abhi and Pragya are good for each other. The problem is Aliyah and Tanu which NO ONE will do anything about. The producer is taking advantage of Abhi/Pragya to sell the world…first Aliyah and now Tanu. Wishful thinking is hoping that Abhi will contact both of the criminals separately and tell both of them that they have one chance to murder Pragya for real. Hand them both a gun and let them loose in the park where Pragya is hiding. Of course Pragya is not there. Part of their outfits are Pragya masks. Hopefully they would shoot each other. It is ‘circumstances’ only that are keeping Abhi and Pragya apart. That’s Ekta’s strange understanding of humanity. Nothing more. Sick people produce sick results.

    2. Wow…@Akituster, I love the idea of Abhi handing a gun each to Tanu and Aliyah….what a smart move to get “them leeches” out of the show, cause handing them over to the police is a blo*dy waste of time as its common in India series, its either there is a jail break or the person is released for no reason what so ever, or the latest I have seen is the person bribes his/her way out….what a country?

  2. We had a few bits of news. Robin, who knows about Tanu and Aliyah, was stupid enough to mention Kiara’s name. That’s the writer making Robin stupid. The Mehra’s and their roles have been reduced to pure stupid morons. Can morons be called stupid? Even Indu Dasi the funny, intelligent and expressive role has been turned into a slow-talking meat bag. Slow talking tape-recorders. No real life, present. They have all been shown to be frightened of Tanu and not one person in the household will offer anything to the police.
    Ekta sure is well trained by her family …obviously… to hide things from the police and all officialdom. Always for the sake of the family honour. And Tanu. Why doesn’t Ekta make a Tanu show on the web. She won’t have to talk (thank-god! we would never have to hear that insipid voice again!). She can just pose in a new red outfit everyday. That way, her career would be solved and whomever has a need to gaze at her can do so at their own leisure. With her gone, maybe the rest of us might actually be treated to a story. But no. This is it. This is the story. Do any of the actors ever feel a sense of shame for doing the work they do? Don’t they understand that they too have power? Especially, Pragya who’s face and manner have built this show? The actress has got to be smarter than the role she plays. Doesn’t she realise that she could have been headed to international fame? She has the skill, the beauty and the presence. Why would this actress allow HER success to be railroaded onto two minor actresses who simply do not have the skill, presence and beauty of Sriti Jha. Tanu has a pretty face only. Tanu is not a beauty. She lacks presence and obviously she lacks skill. But, she is Ekta’s current pet. That makes up for the lack of talent.

    1. India, it’s police and it’s justice system are depicted so shamefully here… The police are investigating and attempted murder not John’s actual murder? Ekta should be arrested and thrown in a cell for tarnishing the country’s image.

    2. I totally agree with that………
      Will be the end of the serial hahaha…..

  3. Dear Ani, thanks for your reply, yesterday. I hope you understand that is one of the biggest reasons I write comments. Trying to make sure that the evil stays where it belongs and is not carried away into the viewer’s hearts. That is why myself and others must keep coming back to the reality because every single bit of this production is a vehicle for manipulative imprinting and control. The victims? Viewers who actually did fall in love with the Pragya/Abhi relationship. This couple was the bait. And now that everyone is corralled in a pen, that producer can do anything she wants to the cattle in the pen. This is a typical maneuver and employed small scale (personal ‘friends’ or big scale …public at large) by …someone like Ekta who was born at the same time as other people who do the same thing. Obviously, the immature version of this group of people. What I want to know is how many of these stories actually are derived from Ekta’s family life. Such a big deal in her show that family secrets can never involve police. Illustrious families are generally the very opposite of illustrious. They ALWAYS pretend to be spiritual and caring. It’s an act. Come on. Ekta’s family is a family of actors/entertainers. When you study the history of entertainment, you will learn what their real attributes are. The hidden ‘attributes’. Not so bright and shiny. That’s why these families have to have every thing bright and shiny and pricey around them. This is the desperate attempt to hide their very ugly humanity.

  4. Thank-you Sona for the update. Has H. Hasan left his position? Is he alright? Please forward my best wishes to H. Hasan for all of his wonderful work.

  5. King is such a great guy, I don’t think she and Abhi are suited because he never trusts her and she is always in danger whenever she is near to him so it is best she fall in love with King and live happily.

  6. Okay so I just hope that they don’t trouble the police inspector for questioning Tanu nor Kiara for being a witness… Trying to analyze all possible ways this could go bad just so that I don’t get heartbroken when it actually happens… and King falling for Pragya is making it worse!!!

  7. When will this rubbish, evil, unrealistic, and depressing show end?

  8. Leisa s morris

    Its funny how aliyah keeps puttin d blame on pragya for all d bad happennings wen she and her crazy ass friend r d ones to cause d trouble. Dey need to b put in their place(jail) and never to be heard of or seen ever again

  9. After reading the written update saw the repeat telecast just for pragya and king.. It was really refreshing. King’s concern for pragya and kiaria. His innocence and at the same time the assurance he gave to pragya that as long as he is there with them no one can harm pragya and Kiara. Don’t remember in the last four years abhi giving that kind of assurance to pragya. Pragya and king’s understanding is also so pure. In today’s episode king directly told pragya that she means a lot to him. Between king and abhi, king looks more like a man who would take care of his wife and will ensure that no evil befalls her. He looks more human. Even though kiaria is not his biological daughter he has concern for her and is very protective. Infact now pragya should choose king over abhi since king stood by pragya in her distress times and that also without any expectation

    1. Hey Alka! hope you are well! I think Abhi did give Pragya assurances of safety and justice, right before his memory loss /accident. Of course it became meaningless. Any time he offers her something…. a replacement ring at Aliyah’s engagement to Purab (where Tanu and Aliyah tried to blame her for theft), it simply doesn’t happen. Abhi’s words are useless and his promises are lies because if Tanu is sniffing around his wallet (which he keeps in his pants pocket) and really when is Tanu not sniffing around Abhi’s privates, then Abhi forgets everything. Abhi also forgets everything each time Aliyah tells him what to do and not to do. Abhi is not allowed to be a man. he has a leash around his neck held by aliyah and the Toy. King is a real man, thus far. King is right for Pragya. Who wants to be with someone who comes with a dominatrix and a s*x kitten. Package deal, you know.

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