Story of my life- new ff (Shot 2)

Hey everyone……

Coming back to u tu after long…sorry was nt able to write the next shot of the story due to some personal reason….

Came with a good news that i m going to continue the story from now.. nd regularly there will be a update promise.

Apologies for vanishing suddenly with no information but i will love to tell u all that i started another phase of my life by getting engaged to love of my life…

So starting the story with a quick precap:

In first shot it was intro to vivaan family and life that he is a introvert person close to his brother abby….

Glimse of the lead female character..

Link to first shot:


lets start the drive:

at office:

A: bhai I have an important work so i need to go. Bye see u at home.

V: chal ohk bye but finish the presentation and mail me till tomorrow positively.

“Abby left the office to meet the caller at abc cafe.”

At abc cafe;

On a table in corner view sea view a girl in early 20’s was sitting sipping her cold coffee and enjoying the view…. abby came to  cafe and noticed the girl lost in her own thoughts he silently went to her and puted her hands on her eyes bringing her out of her  dreamland.. the girl recognised him and said “finally u r here u know na i hate late when u make me wait still u made me sit here for 30 mins thats not fair…(angry).. continuously speaking or shouting on him where to stop her from speaking her any future he said “ bas kar toofan express kaam tha isliye late hogya tha” politely he said sorry for making her wait to which she agreed…

They both said in the table and ordered coffee t have the talks..

The girl was a cute bubby nd full of life girl who just wants to spread happiness..

After a friendly convo among best friends abby reminded her about her interview which is schedule for tomorrow nd also about her boss nd his nature telling to be punctual as he hate irresponsible people..on which she noded but lookin her lost abby assured her that he didn’t reveled her identity to anyone and will not tell to anyone who she she promise….. after getting assured she felt relived and smiled to which abby smiled back…finishing there coffee they went to roam around the city later abby nd she came to a big mansion which stated “ashiyana” on name plate seeing which the girl got emotional nd went inside on realising her state of mind abby broke the scilence and said “kris finally u are back to ur home where we spent our childhood” on which she noded and refreshed memories of past where kris abby use to spend time together playing fighting and laughing suddenle she recalled how she and vivaan use to fight over lil things nd how there parents use to say that they can never be friends”

The caretaker of the mansion greeted them and took the luggage nd kept in kris room where we can see many of her pics with her family nd  abby family nd with abby nd some while fighting with vivaan… the screen zoom on the pics and pause there….

So how was the shot guys??

What is kris hiding from everyone nd why she didn’t let abby tell about her to vivaan ????? any gusses

Do let me know if any in comment section below J

Let me know in comments and al the likes and dislikes are welcomed…

Glimpse to next shot: vivaan nd kris meet each other nd lot of drama their lil nok jhok…

Stay tuned…


See u all very soon



  1. Vivaan

    Part of a untold story really want to know this side of coin☺

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