Kumkum Bhagya 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Disha in trouble again

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The Episode starts with Sangram Singh tying everyone. Abhi says you are doing wrong. Munni thinks to call Police somehow. Sangram asks where is she going? She says to bring water for Dadi. Sangram asks her to stand back. He asks his men to light house on fire once Disha is found. Disha worries for everyone and thinks Pragya haven’t come till now. She hears goons coming there and thinks to go infront of them and save everyone. She then thinks about Munni giving her promise. Abhi tells Sangram that he is doing wrong. Sangram says once he finds Disha, he will kill Purab, Abhi and then Dadi. Sarla is in auto and calls Pragya/Munni. Goons call for Disha and asks her to come out. Munni says if the goons don’t find Disha then they will leave. The goons are about to open the almari. Munni gets worried. Other goon comes and tells him that she can’t be in the locked almari. They leave. Disha is worried. Sarla comes there and is shocked to see Abhi and Purab along with their family tied up. She says she has blessed Disha and nobody can separate them now. Sangram says once Disha is found, he will marry her.

Sarla slaps him hard. Munni thinks now he will not speak. Sangram asks his men to tie Sarla also. Disha thinks she can’t risk everyone’s life and thinks to break the lock and get out. She thinks nobody shall happen to him. Rishabh calls Abhi for the contract. His mum comes. He says he is on call. Sangram tells that he will burn everyone. He asks Abhi who is Rishabh and asks you want to talk. Abhi asks him to open hands. Rishabh tells that phone is off now. They decide to go to Mehra house. Sangram points gun at Abhi. He says he will kill him first. Purab asks him to leave his Bhai. Sangram is adamant to kill him.

Munni asks him to leave Abhi and says she knows where is Disha. Sangram smiles and asks her to tell. Abhi asks her not to tell and says they have to unite Purab and Disha. Munni says if anything happens to you then how I will live without you. Aaliya thinks if she is thinking herself to be his wife and gets angry. Munni says she will bring Disha here. Sarla asks her to stop and says what you are doing? She says you knows what these goons can do with her. Aaliya thinks Munni handled the situation, once she handovers Disha to Sangram, she can marry Purab.

Munni comes to room and opens the almari. Disha asks if everyone is saved. Munni signs her towards goon. Disha asks her to tell what happened? Munni says Sangram Singh tied everyone and threatened to kill them if you don’t go to him. She apologizes. Disha asks why you are apologizing and tells that she will make everyone free, and is ready to go to him.

Purab says he is ready to do anything for his family. Sangram Singh slaps Disha. Everyone is shocked.

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  1. I think sangram sing will end up marrying her n aaliya will make that happen

    1. Mona146

      this is crazy…………..funny

  2. Where the hell is kumkum Bhagta going ??!’ I’m confused now. It looks like Munni is totally in love with Abhi and since no one knows real Pragya is alive she will not care. She will save Abhi’s family,disha and purab like Pragya would have . By the time Real Pragya will come back Munni will be pregnant with Abhi’s baby!! And once again Pragya will lose. What exactly is Ekta kapoor trying to do?? First when finally Abhi’s started loving Pragya he most died but lost his memory ! Pragya didn’t give up and kept fighting with any and Aliya to have Abhi back. Pragya and Abhi remarried . Abhi finally got his memory back but who won? Tanu and Aliya cuz Pragya got shot and everyone belived she’s dead but Abhi. Then Aliya and Tanu brought Munni as Pragya. Munni was good and she always felt that Abhi is Pragyas husband. She even prayed in mundir to bring back real Pragya but now she’s in love with Abhi n willing to put her life at risk for Abhi n family. So what about Pragya? Will she be back when Munni is pregnant with Abhi’s baby? She will have to prove that she’s Pragya and I’m she Aliyah and Tanu will do everything to keep Munni and Munni might become evil. So once again will Pragya lose? Will she never have her happy married life with Abhi? It’s just sad! Very sad! Why bring her back alive when she will lose again!!

  3. I hate it hate it hate it
    I hate munni a lot how can she tell she cant live without abhi then y the hell you directors showed us pragya and gave us a hope that abhigya will unite
    Are we looking like fools to you people
    And i don’t know why you directors are desperate to make the audience cry and hate for our favourite serial
    Many of them were telling us to see munni as sriti so that we can be comfortable to watch abhi and munni scenes for them my request is then change the entire kkb story and name of abhi so that we can adjust
    And also for us it is only abhigya who is ruling our heart not someone even the look alike

  4. what is more sickening is so many dramas have come and finished, also some with 7 years leap but this one does not seem to move. its either Abhi who looses his mind or its pragya or some one else. in general its the makers and writers we know have lost their mind but i dont understand what is wrong with the actors?

    All if we want this show to move then lets not post anything here posting comments here shows that we are watching the show. what do you all think?

  5. What in bikini bottom is happening here!! Did i see that right munni saying she cant live without abhi what are thes writers thinking disgusting…

  6. Boring makers could bring some interesting

  7. I’m glad I’m not watching the serial anymore. Just reading the updates is frustrating. They should just end this show, it stressing everyone out. No happy endings for our lead characters.

  8. Munni words irritating

  9. i am not blaming munni,because mistakes done only aliya and tanu…what can do muni?love is nature so muni thinks,pragya is not here in this world that’s what she was fallen with him its not wrong,muni forcibely entered into abhi’s life because of chutka nad chutki..we are blaming only this director.

  10. i am not blaming munni,because mistakes done only aliya and tanu…what can do muni?love is nature so muni thinks,pragya is not here in this world that’s what she was fallen with him its not wrong,muni forcibely entered into abhi’s life because of chutka nad chutki..

  11. This serial makes me sick after reading it i go to sleep with a heavy heart cause of this munni?

  12. Dear viewers
    We all knw KKB has become crap show i have alreaddy stopped to watch so many weeks before now hardly i read updates

    If its giving u so much pain then why wasting time in view n writing update here?

    Watch something that u feel happy

    I feel so much good since stopped watching this worst serial

  13. What a shandar somwar it was bikini lady sriti’s acting is become worst.

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