Shani 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani comes to know of Hanuman’s identity!

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Shani 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Precap: Shani and Hanuman get into a fight because of the promise that Hanuman gave to Chandra Dev.

|| Karma matters in everyone’s life. Our Karmas define our mindset. Shani teaches that right karmas don’t affect anything that is right. ||

Shani shouts Hanuman’s name. You dint leave any other option for me now. He gets his weapon. Hanuman too tightens his hold around his mace.

Tridev watch this. Brahma Dev says Shani doesn’t know who will get hurt in reality if he attacks Hanuman! Mahadev says it isn’t time for Shani to know that. Meaning is hidden in it. Soon, the world will witness a war where 2 friends; 2 devotees will be pitted against each other but it will only leave one of the devotee in the end.

Shani and Hanuman engage in a fight. Hanuman says it is a question of my mother and a lot many other people. Withdraw your Drishti from Chandra Dev! Shani says now my Drishti will become more stringent as he not just deviated from his path but has also pushed you on the wrong one. A blast happens as their energies collide, thereby creating chaos in the world. Both Chhaya and Mata Anjana feel something is wrong. Mata Anjana decides to meet Hanuman. His friends come there just then. They inform her that they need her help to rescue a few kids. Water lever has risen. Hanuman isn’t here. She prays for the well being

Shani again tells Hanuman to stop. I don’t want to attack you. Hanuman stays put. I also tell you to free Chandra Dev once again. I too will stop attacking! Shani tells him to do as he pleases. I wont stop though. Kakol tries to intervene but they advise him not to do so. Hanuman leaves the decision on him. Shani says I don’t change my decision. Hanuman proposes to change his path then. Kakol worries for Shani who warns him to stay out of it. He turns to Hanuman I am ready if this is the path you have chosen. Now you can fight for your devotion while I will fight for karma. It will be a
Shani wonders why

Narayan says Shani isn’t aware why his weapon isn’t attacking Hanuman. It is time Mahadev. Mahadev denies. No one other than the 3 of us knows the answer to that secret. It will be best to leave it on them. Braham Dev asks him what will happen in that case. Mahadev replies that no one knows that. No one knows what the outcome can be if devotion and karma collide. We can only wait for the result.

Kakol leaves to get some help before it is too late. Shani and Hanuman continue fighting with each other. Hanuman pushes Shani on the ground.

Devraj and Rahu are enjoying the scene. Rahu remarks that he dint even imagine this will come true one day. Chandra Dev joins them. He calls it wrong. He asks Indra Dev to stop this. It will be a problem if things go out of hand. You will escape stating your position but I will be in trouble. Rahu agrees with him. Let’s go and stop this war. What will happen next? If Dandnayak Shani did not spare Surya Dev’s wife then what will he do to Chandra Dev! Think about it. Chandra Dev panics. What should I do? Devraj advises him to wait for some more time.

Shani hits Hanuman this time.

Mata Chhaya is shocked to know about the fight between Shani and Hanuman. Kakol adds that he tried stopping them but failed. Now it is only you who can do something. Hurry up. Surya Dev’s family rushes out. Sanghya says finally the time has come when my Drishti will see your death. You hit me on my stomach. Now you will die by Hanuman’s hands.

Mata Anjana and Hanuman’s friends start rescuing people. She utters Hanuman’s name. Hanuman hears her and remarks that he wont let his mother fall in problem. Shani is about to hit him when Mata Chhaya calls out his name. What are you both doing? You both are friends and brothers (in a way). Hanuman and Shani still don’t stop. Shani tells his mother he has no one except her. I have neither any other relation nor boundation. Sanghya smirks. Shani says I am only attached to karma. Mata Anjana’s life is in problem. I cannot follow Chandra Dev’s mistake for her. If I do it today then it will become a tradition tomorrow. Every culprit will make an innocent person their scapegoat to escape. I wont let it happen! Hanuman hits him. He is about to hit again but Surya Dev requests him to listen to him. Hanuman apologises to him. I am indebted to you and will surely pay you back but today is not the right time. Don’t say anything which I will disrespect. It is about my mother’s life today. Her life is in problem because of Shani’s arrogance. He protects them all in a shield so he can resume fighting with Shani. Shani is having a hard time warding off his attacks. Hanuman beats him easily. You still have time. Free Chandra Dev or you wont be able to give Karamfal to anyone. Shani stays put. I took mother’s swear. I cannot break it even if Mahadev will tell me to! He gets up again and hurts Hanuman.

The marks appear on Mahadev’s hand. Narayan also notices it. Sanghya watches Hanuman with interest. Attack harder. Your every attack is acting as a medicine to my wound. Chhaya prays to Mahadev to do something. You cannot let it happen.

Kakol finds his solution. He shouts Ganesha. Ganesha wakes up from his meditation.

Narayan cannot take it anymore. It is important to end this war. Ganesha seconds him. This isn’t usual war. This will ruin the world! On one hand, there is someone who has Tridev’s energy while on the other hand, there is someone who is Mahadev’s ansh. I understand what is special in Hanuman the day you showed an inclination to let him gain Ashta Siddhi’s. This wound today has told me everything else. You get hurt whenever Shani attacks Hanuman. I cannot let it happen as my father is Pratham Pujya for world’s Pratham Pujya. Shani is fighting for his karma and Hanuman is fighting for his dharma. My duty is towards both. Will you go now or shall I? Narayan decides to intervene. Shani must know the truth. He disappears.

Shani and Hanuman are fighting when Hanuman suddenly stops mid air. Everything freezes. Narayan appears there surprising Shani. Shani says if you have come to tell me to stop the war then. Narayan says I came to give you a message. Narayan tells him not to attack Hanuman. Shani reasons that this is also an order to tell him not to fight. Narayan cannot tell him anything further. Just know that I have to take an avatar in Treta Yuga for some reason. Hanuman will help me. Shani knows it well that Hanuman was born for a bigger motive. But Hanuman is becoming a hindrance in the order given by Tridev. Why should I not do my karma then? Narayan finally tells him that Hanuman is Mahadev’s ansh. Shani is stunned. Narayan adds that Hanuman isn’t ready to know it yet. He has to undertake a long journey to realise who he is. Now you have to choose if Hanuman will be able to complete his journey or not. Narayan disappears.

Shani looks at Hanuman and closes his eyes. Narayan’s words echo in his mind. He draws similarity between Hanuman and Mahadev and smiles through his tears.

Precap: We will find out why bitter oil is offered to Shani Dev!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh So Quick Miss Pooja Ntng Change In Ur Speed As Prvious..Thanks For Details I Read Upto Curent Epi In Chandra Nandani Drama..It Was Update By Mis Tanaya.Bt She Is Very Slow..Drama Wil End At 9 Pm.Bt Update Cming At 9.25,30…Good Luck!!

  2. Pooja ji is there no update for 25th August episode?

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