Kumkum Bhagya 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi telling that he has fixed Purab’s marriage with Bulbul and not her. Aaliya feels devastated hearing that. Tanu asks what is he telling, if he is not worried about Aaliya. He says he tried to contact her before taking the decision, but she did not pick call. He says if Aaliya marries Purab, she cannot be happy with him, so it is better Purab marries Bulbul. Aaliya strangulates Pragya and says she has done this. Pragya tries to explain, but she slaps her and says she is taking revenge for making her MMS. Abhi intervenes and tries to stop her, but she gets hyper. He gives her a tight slap, which she deserved many times. Mitali and other puppets of Aaliya are shocked to see that.

Purab takes Bulbul out and asks if she loves him or not. She asks what. He says she gave weird reasons before to save Pragya’s marriage and now that Abhi has approved their marriage, he wants to know if she loves him. She says she will not tel it so easily. He gets a rose, pin her to a tree and gets rose closer to her lips. Bulbul gets shy and says people are watching. He says let them be. She says Sarla is coming. He gets conscious. She runs from there and says he will not get her easily. He says he will wait with his rose. She says let us see and runs from there smiling.

Abhi says Aaliya that Pragya is not behind this decision and it is his sole decision. Aaliya says she is not a child to accept whatever he says. She says he is wife’s puppet and does whatever she says. He asks what happened to her. She says it is Pragya’s plan to trap daadi first and then him to stay in this house and even wants to get her sister here. He asks what happened to her. She says when he has given her sister’s happiness to Pragya’s sister, how can she be happy, so she will kill her. Abhi stops her and says if she even touches Pragya, he will forget that she is his sister and will break their relationship. Aaliya’s puppets are shocked to hear that.

Aaliya locks herself into her room, reminisces Abhi slapping her and throws things on floor. Tanu knocks door.

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Abhi asks Daadi if he did right. She says he took right decision even without her and says even she wanted everyone to be happy, now she is sure he and Pragya can live without her help. Abhi says Aaliya thinks him as her enemy and he cannot tolerate that. Daadi says Aaliya is very arrogant and once her anger calms down, she will realize it. Abhi thanks her and says after speaking to her, he feels he took right decision.

Aaliya breaks things and sleeps on bed. Tanu knocks door repeatedly and asks her to open door.

Abhi asks Pragya not to worry and not to inform her family as he does not want them to get tensed. She says she is worried about Aaliya as she cannot see her brother thinking of someone else’s happiness than her. He says he knows his sister well and knows how to calm her down. He says to calm Aaliya’s madness, they will have to get Purab and Bulbul married in this house so that Aaliya should realize that Purab has moved out. He says he will have to meet Purab now and leaves.

Bulbul reminisces Purab telling he will wait with rose until she proposes and smiles. Sarla comes and apologizes her for doubting her and thinking she is against Pragya, but whatever was going in Pragya’s life, she thought everyone is her enemy. Bulbul says whatever has happened is for good and she is happy that she has accepted her and Purab’s relationship.

Tanu congratulates Pragya and says whatever she tries, Bulbul’s marriage with Purab will not happen. Pragya asks her to get out of her way as she wants to meet Aaliya. Tanu says she will not meet you and says if anything happens to her, Abhi will not leave her. Pragya pushes her and leaves.

Precap: Aaliya cuts her wrist.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. harshitha reddy

    wow…..beautiful rabul scenes…….luvd d episode…but hate d precap……

  2. Haarshitha Reddy frm gems

    1. harshitha reddy

      wat…????? wat gems…??

      1. U r from gems clg na??

    2. harshitha reddy

      nohhh…i’m nt…..nd i dont juzz no abt dis gems collge…

      1. But i know u r frm gems

    3. harshitha reddy

      wat…?? noh i’m nt frm gems…..

  3. first time abhi took the right decision for her sister.hope abhi realize his love for pragya

  4. first time abhi took the right decision for her sis

  5. good episode 🙂

  6. Wow wow rabul scenes !!!!!! Love purab and bulbul….to the core!!!!

  7. Omg look at my cuties purab and bulbul…they are so damn romantic!!! I am already dead..

    1. Then how are you writing comments if you’re dead ??

      1. Are you a ghost??

  8. Do I need to roar…rabul rabul rabul…….!!!!!!!!!! Enjoying them to the fullest.

  9. Finally my favorite couple is back….rabul..ok I am going to start watching this show again.

  10. I Don’t know what’s there in the fate of rabul, but just want to enjoy their current scenes! And leaving rest on ekta and her cvs.

  11. Guys pls comment dis whom do u like the most abhi-pragya or purab-bulbul

    1. Purab and bulbul….I love them.

    2. Purab – bulbul

    3. Rabul always.

      1. Purab and bulbul.I watch this show only for them.

    4. Purab bulbul

    5. Rabul

    6. Purab and bulbul ♥♥♥

    7. Purab and bulbul

    8. Purab and bulbul!!!

  12. Sabawoon Khan

    Things happened that I was thinking aliya cutted her wrest I don’t think soo that rabul will marry

  13. Sabawoon Khan

    Sources are saying that bulbul will marry suresh

    1. No they changed that story line a while back as far as I know, when fans went into an uproar.

  14. Guys Good news in coming episodes purab will take bulbul on a surprise date….like wow…and don’t worry for a while as this slitting wrist show of alia won’t affect anything and as per the spoilers alia will act normal for a while I.e she wiil get ready for rabul marriage…really don’t know what’s going in her mind but happy that we will get more happywala rabul scenes.

    1. fan of the show

      marriage in aliya’s house just invites trouble big mistake

  15. I’ll hate u aliya…..

  16. purab u so cuteeeee, only waiting for rabul’s marriage….. I advice purab go n marry bulbul secretly othrwise bulbul will marry suresh n uhhh will forcd for alia…. Ohhhh i hate alia……. Madam ekta please rabul ki shadi krva dena ,… We don’t need any twist…… Only rabul marriag….

  17. i like bulbul n purab.

  18. Pls let alia get a lesson. …4 her adamant love….

  19. MuJhe bata ta ki aaliya woh hi karegi

  20. I just knew it

  21. tanu bulbul ke khilaf plan banake usski accident karvane ki koshish karegi.just hope ki bulbul kuch na ho…

  22. tanu bulbul ke khilaf plan banake usski accident karvane ki koshish karegi.just hope ki bulbul ko kuch na ho…

  23. Ab yeh kya naya drama hai…pehle aliya thi ab tanu…?

  24. Does Tanu ever go to her own house?????

  25. I dont think do

  26. this is soooo cuteeee episd.alia dont do this

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