Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts Abhi and Pragya crying hugging each other after hearing about Tanu’s positive pregnancy test. Pragya says he hasto accept and apologize Tanu as he does not what society think about unmarried mother.

Sarla informs Biji that she saw Pragya in hospital OB-GYN room and got happy thinking she is pregnant, but she is not. Biji says just like daadi, even she wants to see her grand child. They both share a lighter moment.

Abhi apologizes Tanu for Pragya’s sake. She hugs him. Dumb Pragya tries to leave, but he holds her hand adn signals not to go. She frres her hand and walks out. Teary eyed Abhi sees her leaving helplessly. Tanu tells Abhi she is very happy that he accepted her and goes to inform someone. Abhi runs behind Pragya, sees her getting into taxi and runs behind taxi with no success.

Pragya reaches home and reminisces Abhi’s love for her and thinks why she wants to stop Abhi and getting emotional, how will she give daadi her great grand child and bring back happiness in this house, how will make daadi accept tanu. She enters Daadi’s room and cries seeing her. Daadi senses her presence and wakes up calling her name, but does not see her. Pragya hides. Daadi looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks why did she call her and missing her so much.

Aaliya follows Purab and sees him meeting a man. Once he leaves, she introduces man as Purab’s friend and asks what did he speak to him. He says he wanted a gift for party, so he is helping him. Aaliya thinks even today, she will not be able to execute her plan.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s room, sees him sitting in dark and asks why is he sitting in dark. He says he cannot face daadi as she got him married to Pragya with so much hope, but he could not keep her hope and faith and needs to be punished. She goes to switch on light and sees blood on switch. She gets worried and sees his hand in a pool of blood. She asks why did he do this. He says it is a punishment for his bad deeds. She nurses his wound and says again he as to accept Tanu as she is his future and his child’s mother, she has promised tanu to get her the respect she deserves.

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi that she will get Tanu to his house and get her accepted by Daadi at any cost.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

    1. Check this OUT: according to an article in http://www.newsroompost.com/…/kumkum-bhagya-abhi-not-responsible-for-tanu-pregnancy... tanu met a guy in a pub and had a one night stand and he is the father of her baby…abhi will find out after investigating and throw her out of the house…the guy will have an important role to play…but tanu will come back again with a vengeance..hope this comes soon…

  1. really pragya is dumb.. hating pragya

    1. We bring you the exclusive twist of ‘Kumkum bhagya’. Tanu the vamp has done it again. For the last few episodes her pregnancy drama in the show has again created distance between Abhi and Pragya but very soon this is going to be a thing of the past as

      Abhi will finally find out Tanu’s secret and guess what? Tanu will indeed prove that she is pregnant but later it will turn out that the child’s father is not Abhi but someone else. Later, after elaborate investigation it will be revealed that Tanu had one night stand with a man whom she met at a pub. And her one-night partner is the real father of Tanu. The search and auditions are in full swing for Tanu’s one-night boyfriend. In the show Tanu’s boyfriend will have an important role to play.

      After finding out Tanu’s secret Abhi will throw her out of his house and Pragya-Abhi will be back together. Dadi’s wish to bring Abhi-Pragya together will be fulfilled. But Tanu is not going to leave Abhi. She will again come back in Abhi’s life with a vengeance.


    2. Wow…thanks for that info

    3. That’s great news

    4. Deeded u made my day!!!! Thanks for the info <3

  2. Stupid pragya feeling bad fr abhi

  3. How can Pragya b so dumbbbb

  4. Never in my life i hv seen a women…who leaves her husband in the hand of a chidail like Tanu …woh bhi jaan bujh ke…

    1. ….and you WON’T see it in REALITY. Stupid WRITERS!!!!!!

  5. So senti ?

  6. I think writters think about this twist gaining trp but this twist trp of this getting low day by day…kidnapping drama seq tat time trp will be very high…i dnt knw crctly but two or three weeks kkb top no.1 position in trp…wen ill u stop this tanu chapter…pls end soon..upcoming we will see jealous pragya…Really pragya dump no.1…we will wait for gud episode…pls give the security they will reunite again…

    1. ya u r rite . i dont want abhi to accept tanu and leave pragya.

  7. Pls change this story …….
    I dnt like abhi accept tanu


  8. aiyo kadavulae entha pragya seiratha pathukutu ennala suma irruka mudiyala . theivamae so dumb this pragya . pls have some possessiveness on your husband pragya

    1. Wait and watch div …upcoming we wil c jealous pragya…

    2. So what if she is JEALOUS. STOP acting like a mindless idiot. SAINT Pragya!!!

  9. So sad..wat is happening. .I can’t believe this…is tanu really pregnant….why pragya acting weird…irritating…

  10. kowsi any latest spoilers

    1. Pragya is feeling jealous, even when she is uniting Abhi
      and Tanu. She is not able to end her feelings for Abhi from
      her heart. She recalls the moments between her and Abhi,
      and shatters thinking to lead her life alone without him. She
      removes all the pics off the wall. She gets angry seeing
      Abhi and Tanu’s pics and burns them finally. Tanu makes
      an entry and screams seeing the fire. Tanu blames Pragya
      for doing this intentionally and taunts her to act great in
      Abhi’s eyes and backstabbing her. She knows very well
      how Pragya asked Abhi to do justice with Tanu’s child and
      not question her anything.
      For the first time, Pragya did something against her nature
      and is justified as she is unable to see Abhi and Tanu
      together. This shows that Pragya can’t bear to see them
      and loves Abhi a lot. Tanu gets against Pragya for burning
      her room and thinks Pragya wanted to kill her. Tanu plans
      to blame Pragya for theft and trouble her more. Will the
      truth come out and unite Abhi and Pragya?

  11. Soo sad really felt bad when abhi started crying too much. Bt in upcmg episode pragya ll burn abhi and tanu’s pics na. Jealousy pragya waiting to watch tat.

    1. wat how do you know this

    2. Watched in desitvbox spoilers

    3. so what if she burns the pics???

  12. As if Pragya deliberately hurting abhi

  13. Huh jealousy dkha ke kya faida khud hi tou abhi se dur jaa rhi ho…

  14. Than tanu plans to blame pragya. Trying to kill her. May b tat day truth ll revealed

  15. Writers plz do consider viewers…….v need some pleasant episodes…..y so much probms and complications every time…

  16. I saw in spoilers desitvbox

  17. this show is stupid. So many unfinished business and they move to new story line…what happened to finding out those two idiots, Aliya and Tanu planned and almost got Bulbul/Pragya kidnapped and killed. Akash’s brother has been rotting in jail so long and they can’t have a lawyer fight his case or find out it’s his wife’s greediness that landed him there….why why do these guys writer such shitty story!!!

    1. That is the REAL Question…

  18. I will kill you abhi , tanu.pragya is really good.

  19. Bore no.1

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