Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts Abhi and Pragya crying hugging each other after hearing about Tanu’s positive pregnancy test. Pragya says he hasto accept and apologize Tanu as he does not what society think about unmarried mother.

Sarla informs Biji that she saw Pragya in hospital OB-GYN room and got happy thinking she is pregnant, but she is not. Biji says just like daadi, even she wants to see her grand child. They both share a lighter moment.

Abhi apologizes Tanu for Pragya’s sake. She hugs him. Dumb Pragya tries to leave, but he holds her hand adn signals not to go. She frres her hand and walks out. Teary eyed Abhi sees her leaving helplessly. Tanu tells Abhi she is very happy that he accepted her and goes to inform someone. Abhi runs behind Pragya, sees her getting into taxi and runs behind taxi with no success.

Pragya reaches home and reminisces Abhi’s love for her and thinks why she wants to stop Abhi and getting emotional, how will she give daadi her great grand child and bring back happiness in this house, how will make daadi accept tanu. She enters Daadi’s room and cries seeing her. Daadi senses her presence and wakes up calling her name, but does not see her. Pragya hides. Daadi looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks why did she call her and missing her so much.

Aaliya follows Purab and sees him meeting a man. Once he leaves, she introduces man as Purab’s friend and asks what did he speak to him. He says he wanted a gift for party, so he is helping him. Aaliya thinks even today, she will not be able to execute her plan.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s room, sees him sitting in dark and asks why is he sitting in dark. He says he cannot face daadi as she got him married to Pragya with so much hope, but he could not keep her hope and faith and needs to be punished. She goes to switch on light and sees blood on switch. She gets worried and sees his hand in a pool of blood. She asks why did he do this. He says it is a punishment for his bad deeds. She nurses his wound and says again he as to accept Tanu as she is his future and his child’s mother, she has promised tanu to get her the respect she deserves.

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi that she will get Tanu to his house and get her accepted by Daadi at any cost.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Here Pragaya is acting stupid there Alia is planning to get Purav.. Nowadays serials are getting vulgar and boring. See in Shastri sisters how vulgar they are taking the story. I don’t like to see these serials…..

  2. sharmi I agree with you I see you came to the same conclusion as me these storylines are plain stupidness and shit the writers keep jumping from one storyline like mad without solving the other stupid script that they have written up to now aliah and tanu reap so much havoc with pragya and bul bul kidnappings nothing came out of it the corporater he was in it and he was not punished severely after shooting abhi and a whole lot more I can go on and on but I am so fed up and frustrated with these nonsensical series these writers just keep on writing shit and more shit come writers the whole idea is to keep the viewers happy to look forward to seeing these serials but know you have us frustrated with your shit

  3. another thing we have never seen a scene where abhi and tanu slept together yet she conceived she is pregnant I sure this is another set up scene to get rid of dotish ass pragya in all these serial to much amazement the person is so laced drunk to remember yet how on earth a pregnancy can happen for abhi to be so drunk that he cannot remember means that tanu is lying if she is with child it is someone elses because no way could a drunk man so get an erection come on writers be smart you are writing way toooooooooo much shit this is unbelievable LOL

  4. Newssss….abhi gets drunk again nd tries to get intimate wit pragya…. coz he saw smwhere dat if u have only one choic e then u try to make another on the other hand sarla calls pragya and tells dat she want to be nani nd tells her wenever abhi wants to get intimate then allow him…so abhi come s home drunk nd enters his room nd tries to get intimate wit her nd says since u r leaving so atleast we should be close once for the first nd last tym nd pragya also recalls sarla’s wrds nd allows him nd then ……….
    .they finally sleep together and consummate their marriage and ds will be how pragya gets pregnant

    1. You make that shit up,

    2. Where did u get this newss???

  5. I dont know y pragya thinks dadi will accept tanu once she knows she is pregnant with abhis baby…i mean she would actually feel betrayed by her grandson…that he made someone else pregnant while he was still married to pragya…she would lose her trust on him…actually i think thats what should actually happen…but with these serials u cant say anything….wish they depicted real life a bit more….

    1. You are right. This would make Dadi mad as HELL….with Abhi and Tanu.

  6. What!is it true?now abhi ll be confused 2 select pragya or tanu…

  7. If that happens pragya ll tell abhi accept tanu as she is always sacrifiying 4 others.without that pragya wont get sleep.

  8. They have to develop the story and hence the serial that’s why they are taking these stupid tracks. All serials are illogical. We can’t expect logic. If we need logic we cannot watch any of the serials. Show some happy tracks at least next week

  9. Yes he is going to make her pregnant so that he can choose her…finally they will have ***

    1. You are Making up LIES

  10. O m g dat means nw she will get pregnant…i. agree with u liya after dat also she will sacrifice for wat reason she only knows

    1. Wat how come this will b possible. Is she is pregnant now or going to be pregnant. I can’t understand pa

  11. After dat pragya will fell dizzy nd will test nd will come to know dat she is pregnant but she will not tell abhi

  12. Thnx pragya.

  13. Haha nothing else pragya can do.if she think 2 tell abhi abt her pregnancy,tanu ll show some fake tears nd poor pragya ll melt in it.

  14. Hehehe :)))) I don’t watch this serial so often, but do now an then, its madness !!!! All I can say that Abhi needs to do a DNA test because baby is not his ( if she is INDEED preggers) just hillarious for Pragya to be so damn stupid an fall in2 Tanu’s trap, she is such an ungratefull ASS!!!!!! Needs her head read, realy by now she shud realise tat Abhi is inlove wit Pragya but she is insisting tat she is carrin Abhi’s baby , she has gone an got knocked up by 1 of her bot friends to hook Abhi, tat us how desperate this chick realy is, an pls those mini dresses, wit sandals realy look so distasteful!!!! Realy now, surely u shud dress appropriately!!!!! Brite red an blue?????? N wit sandals????? Anyway , 2 cut LLLonnnnng story short, TANU deserves to b in a mental home and Pragya shud join her!!!!!!!!!!!! HehehhE:)

  15. really they are dragging the story so much which we cannot tolerate. we must have more and more patience to watch this serial. i want to know whether the story writers or this serial people are studying these comments. if they are doing so why there is no change in their storyline

  16. This is real hogwash.They are promoting something that I do not believe in.Fornication,Adultery and a marriage that will end because of this.Abhi’s grand mother will not accept Tanu.Also his aunts will also reject her because they had suspected Tanu for awhile trying to be with Abhi.Praggya I have never heard this .This only happens sometimes when a woman cannot get impregnated and use this as an option to please her husband but never in this way that Praggya is trying to hand over her husband to next woman.

  17. I just hope that Abhi ends up realizing how poorly and rudely he has been treating Pragya all the time since their wedding- he had a gem of a wife, yet he preferred to remain under the influence of his evil sister and evil gf- she bore the verbal violence and mental torture with calm ! I also hope that Abhi reunites with Pragya because of the love they feel for one another and not just for Dadi’s sake as they have often showed before

    1. Majesty, you have hit the nail on the head. It is Abhi’s time to fight for AbiPrag. Pragya is tired and worn out. All the effort up to this point has been on her part in the face of insults and abuse from Abhi himself and his family, Baas!! If Abhi wants Pragya for his life partner then he is the one who must now fight for their relationship and its future, Pragya has more than done her part.

      Good luck Abh!! You will need it as Pragya certainly will not be helping you now and I don’t blame her one bit.

      1. Am 100% with you on that, Max Royal!

  18. Really pragya going to get pregnant ah how do u know tat….

  19. Helllooo i think the writer (s). Living in a bad fantasy world. The storyline is unrealistic . KKB is supposed to be about strong women .but the way they giving Pragya’s role is very very sad. And the role of Tanu come on How can you support that !!!!! Hope Abhi will find out that he s not the father and Daadi and Pragya unite again

  20. Dumb bells…….
    separated then reunited wat d heck…………

    1. Mumbai, May 19: We bring you the exclusive twist of ‘Kumkum bhagya’. Tanu the vamp has done it again. For the last few episodes her pregnancy drama in the show has again created distance between Abhi and Pragya but very soon this is going to be a thing of the past as

      Abhi will finally find out Tanu’s secret and guess what? Tanu will indeed prove that she is pregnant but later it will turn out that the child’s father is not Abhi but someone else. Later, after elaborate investigation it will be revealed that Tanu had one night stand with a man whom she met at a pub. And her one-night partner is the real father of Tanu. The search and auditions are in full swing for Tanu’s one-night boyfriend. In the show Tanu’s boyfriend will have an important role to play.

      After finding out Tanu’s secret Abhi will throw her out of his house and Pragya-Abhi will be back together. Dadi’s wish to bring Abhi-Pragya together will be fulfilled. But Tanu is not going to leave Abhi. She will again come back in Abhi’s life with a vengeance.

  21. wht the hell s dis???? damn tanu!!!!poor pragya nd abhi…bt im sure dat pragya sach sabke saamne layenge

  22. I think pragya will be United with abhi soon because their love is true

  23. i hope d lovers reunite soon…n tanu be kicked out….;):):p

  24. what is this nonsense of tanu being preggie this is bullshit.pragya should be the one to give the surprise.take tanus pregnancy out of the story and please make the story much more interesting.

  25. Arey yaar, now aaliya is planning something. She ll do something and after a month she ll b pregnant.

  26. The fooliest family award own by pragya and abhi because even they dont know the child starts move in fifth month.sonography will be done for fifth month pregnant not for one month

  27. Wat s going on yaarr…. Dadi falls down… Tat too pragya take it in her side. Stupid pragya y she s doing like this. Becoz of tanu only she fall down. Stupid stupid irritating

    1. Dadi told something in tat sequence…if she shouts r watever..and also u told yesterday some brief case ..im also watched but i dnt understand wat she doing…in tat seq tanu doing come comedy did u watch tat??

      1. where did you all watch this yaar . if you can pls show the link .

      2. No I didn’t can u send tat link. I just read it.

  28. Soon everybody going to stop watching this serial so much dragggg….

    1. absolutely correct if they keep on giving such stupid twists definitely viewers will lose their zeal . so plz ekta mam consider this and unite pragya and abhi . and make pragya’s character little sensible because no women will share or give away her husband like this . so plz make the realistic .

      1. Utube divya…onlocation for bollywood life

  29. so boring…..

  30. Very interesting,but want abhi to stay with pragya happy.

  31. can someone help me to find the song which plays background when tanu hugs abhi and he holds pragyas hand in this episode

  32. kum kum bhagya is one of my favirote serial but now i stoped watching that serial becase now it is not nice every one says same we want pragya and abhi together. we dont want to see tanu with abhi

  33. we want abhi and pragya together we all want to see that other wise i think every one will stop watching this serial . i wish both the couple should become one day sooon . we all are watching for that

    i love u both abhi and pragya

    i want their phone numbers because i want to talk to them

  34. When will Pragya find true happiness – first it was Abhi mentally abusing her and now it is Tanu – she does not deserve this . Writers please change the storyline if not for Pragya but for Dadi who only wants to see her happincess always.

  35. Divya check in YouTube location shoot and date

  36. Pragya is a educated n a professor right? But the way they potray her is otherwise. I hv stop watching the show and just reading the updates till intresting track…..but the way the track is going, Im pretty sure I might totally loose interest in kumkum bhagya…..Hope the story will be on track soon……with a good and better story line……

  37. Really nice…wat song played when abhi hold pragya’s hand..?

    1. Finally found the song… Its mitra song from band baaja baarat movie

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