Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj to Mahendra. Sooraj says my mum tells me that if Guru and Gobind is together, first choose Guru, as its Guru who guides you always and I promise you that I will get your lost respect back and make you proud. Mahendra says if you know so much, then you would know you will need to give Guru Dakshina when time comes. Sooraj promises he will give him anytime he asks for. Mahendra asks him to come in the fields and Sooraj gets glad. Avinash says Sooraj did not come till now. Prem says coach might be scolding him. They are shocked seeing Sooraj bringing Mahendra.

Aditi says there is good news for them, their coach is not going anywhere, he changed the decision. Everyone clap. Prem says he has to agree as you told him. Aditi says he did not agree to me, but Sooraj convinced him. Prem thinks what does he do by his sweet words. Mahendra gives some tips to the batch. Aditi says not fair, you did not stop when I told you. Mahendra says Guru-student is like Lord and devotee, if a Guru makes a student capable, then a student proves him to be good guru by determination and hard work, they are mirror for each other.

He says Sooraj regards him as Drona, so its his duty to make them Arjun, and he can see a good team will be made, better than before. He sees Avinash and Sooraj, and says I can see two Arjun here and names them. He says Avinash has talent, and Sooraj has determination. Avinash hears this and thinks Arjun will be just one in Mahabharat, and it will be him.

Chavi tells Bhabho not to get after her marriage again. Bhabho asks her to agree. Chavi says I could not balance relations and responsibilities, I m not made for this. Emily asks her to give one more chance to herself, how will she live life alone. Meenakshi says yes, and asks her to marry again. Sandhya comes. Bhabho asks Chavi to agree. Chavi says I m happy with my life. Sandhya says we also want you to be happy. She says you became mature and should give a chance to yourself, we are not forcing you, tell us when you feel the need to have any life partner. She leaves for police station. Bhabho asks Chavi to think.

Meenakshi asks Emily to think about her marriage too, she will be happy. Emily says there is difference in me and Chavi, I m still married and have a daughter, maybe you can’t see this difference, don’t talk again about this. Meenakshi says fine, your wish. Sandhya and Zakir are on the way and talk about Chander. Zakir says he has to shift house and arrange home. She asks him to marry. He says his mum is also after marriage and now she too. She says all mums are same, even Bhabho is worried for Chavi’s marriage, whats his problem. He says maybe she will understand as friend, the problem is he did not get any girl of his choice. She laughs. He says you have one in a million Sooraj and she can laugh on him. He asks about his training. She says its going well.

Mahendra asks the boys to go for the mock game. Sooraj enters the opponents area and defends. Mahendra guides everyone on defending and catching the other team member. They all catch Sooraj. Avinash pulls Sooraj back and Sooraj tries to touch the white line. Avinash thinks it has to be just him, the one and only Arjun of this team. Sooraj loses out. Mahendra says well played. Sooraj says Avinash played well. Mahendra says his technique to hold Sooraj was good, best of luck to all, tomorrow will be final round, 10 players will be chosen tomorrow. Avinash’s mum comes and says Avinash will not be one of the 10 and slaps him.

Mahendra asks who is she to come like this. She says I m his mum, no one can come in between us and takes him. Prem says Avinash said he does not have mum. Emily sees Zakir on the way and stops. She asks is there any problem, can she help. He says he needs help, and how to ask. He asks for some money, and asks people to wait. She gives him money. She says he was thinking so much for petty amount. He says he did not get govt quarter and someone has stolen this wallet, anyone would laugh knowing someone cut police officer’s pocket. She laughs and asks does he need more money. Mohit comes there and looks on. Zakir says I don’t need.

Zakir comes to Bhabho’s home with his bags. He greets Bhabho and Babasa. She asks whats this bags. Zakir says sorry, you can think I m shameless that I came to stay here for few days….. Mohit looks at Emily. Avinash asks his mum why did he come. She says his brother Prakash and she has looked for him everywhere, she worries for him and takes his bag. He says stop it. She says she will pull his ear and take him home. He says he won’t come, he is here to play kabaddi tournament. She takes his bag and he throws it, saying he wrong with her. Sooraj holds her. Avinash says he will return home when he wins the kabaddi tournament and becomes something. He leaves angrily.

Mahendra says this is final selection round where 10 players wil make the new team, to take part in Kabaddi mahasangram, its do or die situation for you all.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Chhavi zakir or emily zakir

  2. I want Emily zakir

  3. luv this track……

  4. want to c surya romantic moments…….

  5. Lily, chakir and emihit will be the pair nd i think mohit will get a lesson and change as a good man….

  6. I think chavi will like zakir and zakir will like emily

  7. Lovely episode.

  8. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Sooraj’s ambition is to build a star hotel. It needs at least 100 crores. Even if he wins the Kabadi tournament he will be able to obtain about 5 to 10 price money.What can he do with this paltry sum of money in the construction of a star hotel? Let us believe the story teller toward the ambtion of Sooraj being fulfilled by some magic.

    1. what u said is exactly correct……..i also got dis doubt when this two tracks(Hotel dream and Kabbadi track started). But i thought director make magic trick beocz it’s all his hand made work.
      i think the next magic of director is Aditi will be the partner of sooraj hotel

  9. He will build hotel like this:

    In the upcoming IPL auction, Suraj is purchased by Rajasthan Royals for 17 crores and in that edition of the IPL, he wins the purple, orange and every other colour cap that is on offer. The Queen of England requests for the IPL to be held in England and the Finals are played in Lord’s. Rajasthan Royals win the final and Suraj is invited to lift the trophy (presentation is held in the balcony). He is flooded with so many product endorsements that Suraj can open minimum twenty hotels (all seven or nine star).

    The viewers will be watching the above nonsense without knowing that saliva is drooling out of their open mouths and programme’s TRP will reach Mars level.

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