Kumkum Bhagya 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya 21st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Bulbul coming to Shekhar and says she wants to talk to him. She asks his advice if she should marry corporator. He says he thinks she should marry corporator as it will help her family.

Bulbul comes home. Sarla asks where were she. Bulbul says she went to corporator’s office and accept his marriage proposal. Sarla scolds Bulbul. Bulbul says she wants to marry corporator as he is rich and loves her. She says she cannot see out of the window and wait for years. She wants to be happy and marry him. Pragya asks Suresh if he took Bulbul to corporator. He says he took her looking at the situation. Pragya consoles Sarla saying Bulbul took this step looking at their situation. She then scolds Suresh and says he is not a complete man.

Abhi shoots for an advertisement and says he is a complete man, completely handsome, hardworking, completely successful. Director says he is also completely lalchi/cunning and wants more money. Abhi’s serectory comes and says him that he should wear baniyan. Abhi says he can wear chaddi also if he gets money.

Corporator comes with marriage hall papers. Pragya asks if his parents did not come. He says they will come once his marriage is fixed. He gives marriage hall papers to Sarla saying it is marriage gift from him and Bulbul. He asks Suresh to take it from Bulbul to check it. Suresh happily agrees. Corporator then says he will cancel the deal if Sarla does not agree to let Bulbul marry him.

Suresh says groom’s family has come and greets reporters in. He says reporters that corporator did his duty and approved marraige hall’s papers. Corporator takes reporters out, speaks to them and sends them. He comes back and says Suresh that he will pay for his action and says he will come back tomorrow to seize the marriage hall. Suresh says they have recorded his words and shows the recording. He asks if he should show the recording to media. Corporator gets angry and goes from there. Pragya hugs bulbul happily. Bulbul says to hug Suresh instead and tells how Suresh helped her with this plan. She praises Bulbul for his plan and says a man can do anything in love. Suresh gets shy and goes from there. Bulbul taunts Pragya that jijaji got shy and went from there. Sarla praises Suresh and says he is man of the house

Pragya takes out Suresh and her pic and remembers Sarla’s words and how Suresh helps and protects her. She remembers Sarla agreeing to let Suresh marry her and thinks whatever Suresh does for her is love.

Suresh’s room mate sees him seeing pic and thinks he is seeing Pragya’s pic. He is shocked to see that is Bulbul’s pic and asks if Suresh loves Bulbul. Suresh says yes. Suresh says he loves Bulbul and Pragya is just her friend. He says if she would have loved her, she would have told her. He says she is her best friend and cannot tell her that he loves Bulbul and goes to their house to see Bulbul. Bulbul talks to their pic and thinks when will he say her I love you. Suresh says he know he will not Bulbul, but will love her and will wait for the whole file. Pragya thinks the same.

People gather for someone’s chautha/dead’s 4th day ritual. Abhi comes there. People are surprised that they have called Abhi on chautha ritual. Abhi starts acting and says the dead person that he should have thought about his family. He starts photo session then. Dead man’s son says he should speak something about family as he gave money for 15 minutes. Abhi says for the money he gave, he can do only that much. Abhi’s friend asks why did he take money for coming to chautha. Abhi says he took money for uplifting dead man’s children’s status. Abhi’s friend gives him collected checks. Abhi asks him to think about his recently started business and himself.

Suresh’s friend asks him to go and tell Bulbul about his love. Suresh says Bulbul does not love him, so he cannot tell her. Abhi’s car is traveling behind Suresh’s scooter. Abhi asks to go fast for the next event. Suresh’s friend sees it is Abhi’s car and informs Suresh. Suresh says he missed his concert and was scolde bulbul. He starts riding slowly at 40 kmph speed. Abhi’s car over takes him in signal.

Suresh and his friend reach railway station and start searching Suresh’s mother. Suresh scolds servant there to clean the platform properly. Pragya calls Suresh and asks him to come home soon as they got into another problem. Suresh worriedly comes home and finds his mom and sister there. He asks Pragya why did she take trouble. Bulbul says they can take care of his family as he helps them a lot. Suresh thinks after many years bulbul is talking to her smilingly. Pragya thinks that Suresh is helping her family from many years.

Precap: Suresh asks Pragya if she likes someone. Pragya says yes. Pragya asks if he likes someone, he says yes and looks at Bulbul’s pic.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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