Jee Le Zara 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 21st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Praachi consoling Saanchi. Suparna says it is good that Praachi is pregnant as Saanchi will be happy for her, though she cannot get pregnant. DV asks Suparna not to talk about this sensitive issue, but Suparna does not stop, says she is sad about Saanchi and goes form there. Praachi leaves with her husband after consoling Saanchi.

DV comes his room and sees Saanchi immersed in her thoughts. He asks her not to think too much. Saanchi says DV hope he would have come in her life when she was young. She says she knows he told her to be positive, but she cannot get pregnant due to her age. DV asks her to check internet as there are reports about women getting pregnant even after 40 years. Saanchi says her doctor told that her case is different. DV asks her to relax and shows about different fertility specialists on his laptop. She gets happy about his research and says Neena is very tensed. DV says mom is missing papa, so she is sad, so nothing to worry.

Suparna gets a call from a guy who asks him to give money, else he will reveal the secret. She says she will arrange money and asks him not to call her even by mistake. She turns back and sees Anvay standing. Anvay asks whom she was talking to. Suparna says she spoke to tailor as he is asking more money. Anvay asks Suparna does not go to tailor and buys clothes via designers. He asks if she is planning something again. Suparna asks not to doubt her. Anvay asks sorry. Suparna says he asks sorry and doubts again. She gives evil smile.

DV sees Neena tensed. He asks her why is she tensed and to speak to him or Saanchi. Neena says she is feeling a little unwell. DV says he will take her to doctor. She says she got a prescription from doctor and asks him to go his office. DV says to look after herself and to speak to Saanchi if she wants. He says he will ask Saanchi to be with her and will go to office. He finds Aadu’s keychain and asks Neena to give it to Saanchi.

Suparna comes and asks Neena why is she tensed. She gives her phone and asks her to speak to dad/Yash and inform him everything as she will feel fine after that. Neema speaks to Yash and says he warned him before, but she did not listen him thinking about DV’s happiness. Yash says he knew this marriage would not work. Neena says dunno whose bad eyes fall on her favourite bahu Saachi and DV. Yash asks Neena to get Saanchi out of DV’s life as she is not perfect for DV.

Neena goes to Saanchi’s room. Saanchi sees her and says she was about to come down to meet her. Neena asks what is she doing. Saanchi says she was removing old items as it may help her and DV stop thinking about kid. Neena asks her to take a big decision. Saanchi asks what kind of decision. Neena says DV’s life, his feelings, his dreams have shattered because of Saanchi. She says whatever she wants to say is good for her and DV. She says they both are not made for each other and asks her to leave DV if she wants his happiness. Saanchi is shocked to hear that and starts crying. She asks Neena what misake did she make and says she cannot live without DV even for a day. Neena asks Saanchi if she can correct her mistake, if she can reduce her age and give his son a kid. She says if someone goes against nature, always wrong happens. She says it is her mistake that she allowed DV to marry her against everyone’s wishes for his happiness. She says Saanchi that she is a good girl, but is not made for DV. Yash tries to tell her this repeatedly, but she did not understand till now.

Anvay and Suparna come there. Suparna asks if Saanchi made any mistake. Neena says she made a mistake by marrying DV to Saanchi and has asked Saanchi to lave DV and go from there. Anvay asks Neena what is she doing. Neena says he should not interfere in her decision. Suparna says Neena is right. Anvay asks Suparna to shut up. Neena asks Anvay not to scold Suparna and says she will handle DV. She asks Saanchi again to leave DV. DV comes there and calls Neena.

Precap: DV asks Saanchi not to think about Neena’s words. Suparna asks Neena to be adamant in her decision to get Saanchi out of DV’s life…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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