Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea gets an idea to separate Ranbir and Prachi

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The Episode starts with Prachi asking Sid to walk properly. Sid says the trolley is heavy. Prachi teases him for having his sight somewhere. He says our Manali meeting is cancelled and it is now in Delhi. He says there is a surprise, the project in which you have worked so much, it got approved. Prachi does hifive and hugs him. She congratulates him. She asks if Ranbir knows about it? Sid says no. Rhea thinks why is she getting so much happy, and gets an idea to kick her out from Ranbir’s life. She thinks this time you will go out from Ranbir’s life as Sid will help me. Ranbir brings the car. They load the stuff in the car decky and sit.

Gaurav tells Aaliya and Tanu that they shall understand his frustration level. He says he has a good plan. Aaliya asks what is the plan? He says it will be good for us, but bad for Pragya. He says Pragya has locked all my income source, and this plan is the key to that lock. Tanu asks him to talk in simple language. He says we will target Pragya’s pharma company, will keep illegal stuff in her factory and then will burn them. It will be spread in the market that she had kept illegal stuff and then burnt the factory to cover it up. Tanu says she is Pragya. Gaurav says her company will be closed and our company will work and will have profit. He says she will have loss and legal battles.

Sushma asks Pragya why she is upset? Pragya says I am upset, as something happens always whenever you are not around, you are my life savior and lucky charm too. Sushma says Aww, tells that she needs to attend the meeting, else wouldn’t have go. She says even I am worried for you since Tanu and Aaliya came here, they are unpredictable and can do anything. She says when I thought about Abhi, then I thought I shall not worry. Pragya says he doesn’t care for me and is hiding something big from me. Sushma says he may have some reasons and asks her not to judge him with his behavior. She says when you went out of the house, he went behind you and brought you home. She says he cares for you much and he doesn’t express, his support is enough. She asks her not to fight with him. Sushma says ok, when he fights then end the matter right there. He always tries to support you, and asks her to try to support him as well. Pragya says you are praising him a lot. Sushma says he cares for you a lot.

Abhi comes to the office to meet Gaurav. Watchman stops him and asks his name. Abhi says Sudhir. He calls Gaurav. Gaurav says who is Sudhir, I am busy in the meeting. Abhi says it is your fault, you should have told Sudhir sir. Abhi diverts his attention and runs. Watchman runs behind him. Pragya says how will he save himself from Aaliya? She is his real sister, and his enemy. She also does something and then apologize, and he forgives her. She hopes he sees her truth with his eyes. Aaliya says Pragya couldn’t bear this loss and will have to struggle to get back to track. He comes to Gaurav’s cabin and sees just him.

Sushma says I will leave and asks her to take care. Abhi asks where is Aaliya? Gaurav says who is Aaliya? He says he called her mistakenly. He says she don’t work with me. He recalls getting watchman’s call and seeing Abhi on CCTV cam. He informs Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya says how did he know that we are here. He asks them to go through window. Fb ends. Abhi says you should have called her, instead coming here. He says hero entry happens in films, where he tries to know if villain affair is with his sister. Abhi grabs his collar. Gaurav says villain is hero in films. Abhi asks him to stay away from Pragya and Aaliya. He says you shall know what a hero does with the villain, do you know what happens if the guitar is held upside back. He threatens him. Gaurav thinks my target is your entire family.

Pragya asks Shagun about Abhi. Shagun says he went somewhere in auto. Pragya asks where were you, seeing Aaliya and Tanu. She says your phone was ringing and asks from where you both are coming. Tanu asks did we ask you anytime? Pragya says this is my house and as I have given you permission to stay here, I will ask you. Tanu says it is an insult. Pragya says why are you taking it on your ego, and says I don’t trust you. She tells Aaliya that I am letting you stay here, even after knowing what you are doing with Gaurav. She says you shall tell me, why Gaurav is calling you. Tanu asks Aaliya to answer her. Pragya asks Tanu to stop. Tanu says I will not give you any answer. Pragya asks her to leave the house. She says if you can’t live according to my rules, then leave now itself. Tanu says if you ask me to leave, then I will take abhi with me. Pragya says you don’t have any idea, what I will do, challenges her to force her leave without him. She says my house, my rules. Aaliya says I had went to dentist. Tanu says Aaliya was feeling scared and that’s why I went with her.

Soni opens the door and finds Ranbir-Prachi, Sid-Rhea standing. Ranbir says we came early. Pallavi asks why did you come so soon. Rhea says that resort was not good. I didn’t want to stay there. Sid says we talked to Ranbir and he said ok, lets go back together. Rhea says Rajeshwari aunty did this for her friend’s publicity and you have sent us there for your PR. She says the trip’s start was bad. She says when we started, the car stopped as the petrol was over. She says my mood was upset, and then when we reached resort, more mood spoiled. She says it was not my type of place. Sid asks her to see who is standing. He says I like the place. Rhea says you should have stayed back and made some memories. She goes. Prachi asks Pallavi not to feel bad about Rhea. She says it was not bad, and we enjoyed. Pallavi says when did Rhea say this, you are calling her bad. Sid says she is defending her sister. Pallavi says you are defending her. Ranbir says we missed you and tells about the flower there. He says we will have something special together.

Gaurav calls Pragya and asks his driver to drive safely. Pragya says you don’t have courage to talk to me directly. He tells that her husband came to office for spy and to show his hero giri. Pragya says he has only threatened you, and says he breaks such people’s mouth. He says I have left him. Pragya says you shall talk to him with respect, he had left you and is like a God to you. Gaurav asks what will you do, if anything bad happens either with one of you. Pragya says your condition will be very bad and asks him not to call her, says she don’t need to ask him where her husband goes. Gaurav thinks one’s tongue works fast and one’s hands. He thinks to give them an answer.

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi that bad things happens with good persons and asks why are you so good. Prachi tells Sid that she will go and check on Ranbir. Sid asks her to sit with him. Rhea takes their pic. Abhi tells Pragya that due to his mistakes, his relation is such. Pragya asks how is our relation. Abhi says we do have the relation, but no emotions.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hmm.
    So instead of now publishing her relationship with Ranbir and manipulating Prachi into leaving Ranbir, Rhea is going to frame Sid and Prachi’s affair to manipulate Ranbir into distrusting her.

    This reverse attempt is going to be a lot difficult

    1. The real ? is will Ranbir believe Rhea and distrust Prachi?? If he does then the Ranbir we all know is gone but yea will Ranbir be manipulated and believe Rhea and doubt Prachi o boy if that happens his character is gone 4 good the best trait of his character was his trust

  2. Oh god what is this devil rhea upto anyways I am not feeling bad while reading this update nor I felt happy or sad

  3. It was a pleasure not to see immoral 2nd generation people today.

  4. It will be difficult for Rhea to embody all this. But Sid is also good why put hands on someone else’s wife. I hope that after this honeymoon Rhea will get pregnant, and her plans will finally spoil. Because screenwriters lake to make all bad female characters pregnant, depriving the positive heroines and giving them children only when the couple is separated.

  5. So they went from Rhea and Ranbir 2 Sid and Prachu srsly these makers r beyond ridiculous and now I’m wondering will the makers ruin Ranbir’s character now will he doubt Prachi and believe Rhea and be manipulated??? if he does Ranbir is ruined 4 good and his best trait is gone

  6. I knew Rhea would do this!! She will make it as if Prachi and Sid are having an affair. So I guess that’s the new storyline for the second generation. Sid and Prachi are already good friends they will have many scenes together and Rhea will manipulate the situation each time and the last for this will be an incident in which Sid and Prachi are seen in a particular ‘situation’ and that’s when Pranbir will seperate or I don’t know. One thing for sure is that at first Ranbir won’t believe it of course he won’t but Pallavi and Vikram might believe it.

  7. Honestly I ain’t even shocked. It was kinda expected after seeing Rhea’s plan repeatedly failing to get closer to Ranbir. To be honest I guess now there won’t be many close scenes of RR but instead of SP (Sid-Prachi) well Rhea will get them closer by doing her usual tricks. I won’t lie id prefer this over seeing RR. Yuck I can’t even see them together. SP have a good friendship that’s all so we can bear it.

  8. I’m glad for one thing at least. There will be more of Sid and Prachi than Ranbir and Rhea. I like Sid and Prachi scenes anyway they have a good bond be it friendship or bro-sis bond but it’s sweet. Ranbir and Rhea are cringe. I’m glad they are pausing the plot of Rhea getting close to Ranbir and instead doing an ‘extra marital affair’ of Sid and Prachi. Although I know in between there will be Rhea trying to continue to get close to Ranbir but her current main aim is to get everyone to think that Sid and Prachi are having an affair. I feel like this may be the reason for Pranbir’s separation. Although I do agree to one of the comments on here saying that Ranbir won’t believe it but everyone else will except Dida too. But Rhea will continue the tactics even if she fails. At some point we know she will succeed so that’s why I think she will succeed in this but it will take time for sure. And by the way there’s two very important festivals coming up (Karva Chauth and Diwali). Shouldn’t there be any mentions or any preparations for that by now? It’s literally around the corner or are the makers planning to not celebrate it this time? But I really want to see Prachi and Pragya fasting for their husbands 🥺 and they always celebrate Diwali it’s a big event and in KKB something big always happens. I was hoping a family reunion just like last year.

  9. Could this be prachi & sid plan to divert Rhea from getting close to Ranbir & expose her? Maybe Ranbir is part of it to?

    1. @TK
      If Ranbir, Prachi and Sid , all know Rhea’s truth then there’s literally reason for scheming, then can just expose her : Pallavi may think Prachi to have influenced Ranbir but Sid can just plain tell her how his relationship has been with Rhea since beginning

    2. @colin can’t wait for pallavi to know rhea’s truth. Poor Sid how long can he put up with rhea’s behaviour

  10. Ok , so makers new move is sid-prachi , great rhea’s this plan will also backfire 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 as you all remember ranbir told prachi that trusting you is same as bowing my head before god 😘😘 , so i just hope there will no R R bakwaas from now onwards 😤😤

  11. I have just one fear that pranbir sceane will become less 😭😭 , plz dont do that we know that sid-prachi are good friends & we will enjoy the twists in this track as no one has feelings for each-other 😜😜 , we pranbir fans want atleast one sceane of pranbir in each episode then show sid-prachi 😁😁

  12. Good news! Kumkum Bhagya will go off air😉😉 bakwas serial!

    1. how do u know???

  13. think the series will stop soon and Abhi will find out the truth about his sister and Tanu soon.

  14. The closure of the series is only rumors that intensified after the actors who play Pragya and Abhi had a new joint project. I don’t think they will close it so quickly, because so far no one has been exposed. There are two options for the development of events. The first is to expose and punish all criminals and the main characters then live happily ever after. And the second is if the criminals kill all the good characters, and their grandchildren begin to take revenge on them. But, neither Prachi nor Rhea has children and is not expected yet. It is unlikely that they will finish this series, and given the feed rate, where the day lasts for a whole week, or even more, it will go at least until the end of this year.

  15. The union of Kira, Pragya and Abhi was the realistic end of KKB. The greedy producer has extended the show with the story of nothing. Since then everything was illogical, immoral and shameful abuses of human rights and values. By making an innocent woman a sufferer, the producer has tried to prove the validity and suprimety of primitive religious believes

  16. I am sure if Prachi complained of the place being bad then Pallavi would have screamed down to kingdom come but Rhea said nothing bad…i hope Rhea gets pregnant…that will be a wonderful twist

  17. In the next presap, Rhea will tell Ranbir that friendship between a man and a woman does not exist, and then she will see Sid and Prachi together and take their photo. I’m already really worried about something. It is possible that Ranbir will trust Prachi, but will doubt Sid, because he knows that Sid was in love with Prachi. Or maybe he will begin to doubt both of them, although he should not doubt Prachi. What can be expected from these scribblers is not even known. Another dream of Rhea or reality. In any case, another drama is coming, from which everyone is already tired.

    1. Again with this track rly now the real ? is wat will Ranbir do will he believe rhea or wat?? or will he doubt them that’s the ? and will they separate due 2 this?

  18. It’s hard to say who will believe whom here. I am more concerned about Prachi, who was made too naive, stupid woman, which cannot distinguish between truth and falsehood. She knows that everything that has happened to her since arriving in Delhi is the work of Rhea. Almost the same thing is happening to her now, but for some reason she thinks it’s all her fault. She doesn’t even have a hint of doubt that something is wrong here. That’s what worries me the most. Now she lives by the principle of “I don’t see anything, I don’t hear anything, I won’t tell anyone anything.” I do not know how it is with Ranbir, maybe he will figure out what’s what faster, but even then the question will arise whether Prachi will believe him or not. Now it looks like Rhea is at the head of everything and manipulates her puppets, well, except for Dida. I can’t understand why no one has said anything about Rey’s past, what kind of relationship she had in the past with Prachi and Ranbir.

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