Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi doesn’t come to the jagrata

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rupa’s friend comes and says we have planned a jagrata for my son. His health isn’t getting better. If jogi sings it would be great. My son might heal. Mahi calls Seema and Rupa. She says why aren’t they picking? They never called once they left.

Mukesh (the goon) calls Avnit. She says how dare you call me? I paid you. He says Mahi is calling on their phones. Avnit says are you crazy? Destroy both phones and sims. Never call me again. Otherwise you will get what you did to both of them. Lata (the woman) says please don’t say no. Jogi is a bigger singer now. I can’t pay him. Mahi says Jogi will come and sing. Lata says thank you. Rupa says ask him once before promising. He isn’t even talking to you. Mahi says Jogi knows his talent is God’s blessing. He can never say no to jagrata. Mahi says let me tell him. Rupa says he isn’t home. Mahi says I will call him. Avnit listens.

Scene 2
Jogi does all the paper work. Avnit comes to Jogi. Mahi calls him but he doesn’t pick. Avnit says you’ve to record 4 songs. Mahi calls again. Jogi says I am busy. Mahi says there is jagraata in the house. Lata aunty came and she wants you to sing and pray for her son. There is a jagrata. Jogi says to Avnit I have to go to jagrata. Arjun says you can’t sing everywhere. Your career would be ruined. Avnit says you have to focus on recording. Jogi says can we get free early? Avnit says sure.

Scene 3
Jagrata starts. Guru ji comes. Mahi welcoms him. He says where is Jogi? Mahi says he’s gone for recording. Lata comes with her son. She says Jogi will sing for you. Biji says I hope Jogi comes fast.

Jogi is recording. The director keeps his busy. Mahi says to Rupa he isn’t picking. Guru ji says Mahi why don’t you sing? She says Guru ji I can’t sing. He says if your heart is pure anyone can sing. Biji says he’s right. Lata says when will the jagrata start? Jogi records his song. The director says you aren’t doing it with the energy.

Mahi starts singing bhajan at the jagrata. Everyone starts leaving. Jogi records his song. Avnit smirks at Arjun. Mahi sings at the jagrata. Guru ji smiles at her. Women start leaving. Mahi gets upset. Biji gives arti to the remaining people. Lata says to Mahi you promise me Jogi will come and sing for my son. You are big people. Never play with anyone’s hopes and expectations. Mahi says I am sorry. They leave. Her son says so I will never walk again maa? Lata looks at Mahi. Guru ji says Mahi, don’t get upset. You did well. Your voice has innocence and purity. Just some surs are missing. If you ever feel like learning to sing, call me.

Episode ends.

Precap-Biji says Mahi go sleep. You have to bring kanjkay too. Mahi says I will bring them. Jogi says Mahi won’t go. Avnit will bring them. Mahi only ruins things. I don’t want any problem in kanjkay so Avnit wil go.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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