Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Prachi follow Sid and Rhea

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The Episode starts with Rhea and Sid seeing Jack and Jenny and hides. Jack tells Jenny that he will take his powder. Prachi is also on the road and asks a lady if she saw her, showing Rhea’s pic. The lady says she saw her here right now. Ranbir calls Prachi and tells her that Sid escaped from the hotel and the Police is taking him. He asks her to come to the PS. Prachi asks if Sid is fine? Ranbir says he didn’t know. Prachi says she can’t come right now, and tells that a lady saw Rhea here. Ranbir asks her to come to PS and search Rhea later. Prachi says ok and asks about the PS. Ranbir asks Constable and asks Prachi to come to Lal Bagh Police station. Prachi takes taxi.

Ranbir asks Inspector why is he searching Sid? Inspector asks why Police search someone and tells that he is a criminal. Ranbir tells that Sid called and told that he is in problem, so I came here. Inspector asks where did you hid Siddharth, and tells that he has drugs. Ranbir is shocked and tries to go, but constable stops him. Prachi comes there. Constable asks her if she wants to file missing complaint. Ranbir signs her to say yes, and asks her to pretend. They sit on the bench. Ranbir tells her everything and asks her to act like strangers. Prachi says if we take time then it will be late. She says they haven’t arrested you and asks him to leave, when she distracts the Police. She hears Police constable telling the address of the girl (Rhea). Prachi notes down and sends to Ranbir. A couple comes there fighting with each other. Prachi tells Ranbir that they shall grab this chance and reach the girl’s house before Police. They leave. Inspector comes back and asks where is Ranbir?

Ranbir asks Taxi driver to take them to Jayanagar. He says if I find Sid then I will take him to airport. Rhea and Sid are in her house. Sid asks if this place is safe. Rhea hopes that Police don’t find her address. She says if we tell Police then they will arrest us and if we tell Jack and Jenny then they will kill us. Sid tells that they shall marry and then take pics. He says then we can show to Police. Rhea says she don’t want to marry and get stuck in lifetime. He says if I had phone then would have called my brother and he would have saved us. Rhea says your brother, he must be like you. Sid says my brother is a hero and is about to tell his name, when he sees Jack and Jenny coming there. Prachi and Ranbir come in a taxi, but they don’t see them. Jack and Jenny come inside the house. Rhea and Sid escape from there. Prachi and Ranbir come inside and find the door lock broken. They understand that Sid escaped from the drug peddlers. Prachi finds Rhea’s bracelet and tells Ranbir that Rhea has such bracelet. Ranbir says there must be many bracelets like this and you are thinking about Rhea. He finds tea cup and says Sid was having tea 2 mins before, and must have saw the people from whom they have danger and that’s why escaped. He says we have to check the CCTV footage. They come out and see Sid sitting in the car and leaving. Bob informs Jack on the call that he is following them. Ranbir and Prachi also follow Sid. Prachi says why Sid is doing this? Ranbir says we will catch Sid and the girl.

Sid thanks the guy giving them lift. The guy says you have thanked me 5 times by now, I was going to airport to pick my parents. Rhea says he is habitual to say thanks. Rhea sees Jack and Jenny and tells that they want to get down here. They get down and run. Prachi and Ranbir also run behind them. Jack, Jenny and Bob are also after them. A traffic Police sees Rhea and Sid and informs Inspector that he found them on race course road. He says I will send you the entire address. Inspector says Sid is gone.

Sumit asks Sushma to leave car and tells that he will deliver the car tomorrow. Sushma says someone dropped juice on my car, clean that too. She says she is going home in another car.

Rhea and Sid come to the marriage venue of someone. They think that they can hide here. Jack and Jenny also come there. Jack says if I get my drugs then also I will kill that Sid. Prachi and Ranbir hear them and get shocked.

Precap: Rhea goes past Prachi and her hand touches Prachi’s hand. She stops. Later Pallavi refuses to accept Sid’s wife, when Rhea pulls her veil and calls Pallavi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thankfully I only read, and was able to save some time because the WU reading is already boring how is it when I watch. 🤔
    i just wonder how they want to win back the audience and trp with a second generations episode. 🤔🙄
    lol Precap- Divya-Drishti style, seriously. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    somehow I have the feeling before Rhea says something, or before Sid comes. Pallavi spills her frustration again on Prachi. I wouldn’t be surprised if she blames Prachi for Sid getting married.
    and after the blame games I think Rhea will show herself.

    1. Only the good and innocent characters in this serial get blamed for everything and have bad things happen to them. . I wouldn’t be surprised if Prachi is blamed.

  2. Malavika

    so rhea has officially re-entered Prabir’s lives. Thank god today’s episode was fully about Pranbir and not abhigya.

    1. Same here !!! So happy to not see abhigya crap today at least… they’re just getting on my nerves..
      So at last Finally pallavi got her so-called fav (dil)..i hope this rhea becomes positive soon🙄

  3. The fall of KKB’s ratings is accelerated, it’s equal to earth’s gravity, if they go on like now thier strike on the ground’ll be soon and so harmfull

    1. correct 👍

    2. Well there were speculations that because of KKB’s dropping TRP , the new show Bhagya Lakshmi might get KKB’s time slot and KKB will be pushed aside to some other time slot. But Bhagya Lakshmi got time slot of Tujhse Hai Rabta and THR is going off air.

      This shows , no matter what the status of TRP , KKB is still prime for zee

    3. #Colin, the progress shows that they will have ZERO viewers soon. That is equivalent to be off aired :)). They keep it on or off doesn’t matter

  4. Don’t get me wrong I love Abhigya but it was nice to only see Pranbir and Sidrhea this episode as it’s less confusing have showing so many drama in one episode. But yeah Rhea is definitely playing a game 😂😂I don’t think her and Sid are actually married maybe they had to fake it in front of the police or something and Pranbir take her back home and they tell everything to Pallavi. Rhea wouldn’t just marry Sid like that. This is all her plan – she wanted to return and so she will tell Pallavi to accept Pranbir back in the mansion and she will continue her mission secretly and seperate them. After all she was obsessed with Ranbir. Sid is so innocent tho I feel bad for him I just hope one day Rhea falls in love with his goodness but now of course that won’t happen not now at least! And I don’t want pranbir to stay there for gods sake 😭 couldn’t the writers continue to let them live alone. Even not happily but still that mansion is toxic for them.

  5. Rhea is another ALIA! She will not let pranbir happy.

    1. Oladipupo khadijah


  6. Why ppl complaining now bout rhea? Werent some of u were too bored with ranbir and prachi non drama boring romantic life.
    Rhea role is just so horrible and fake.
    No need to watch ranbir n prachi again with borig rhea in the same screen space.
    No need to

  7. What I would find interesting is (yes, I know, just a dream thought😅 )
    how Pragya reacts if she finds out, 1. how Pallavi treats her daughter Prachi and 2. how she reacts to the wedding of Rhea and Sid.
    I think it would be fair if Pragya treated her son-in-law Sid the same way as Pallavi treats her daughter-in-law Prachi. that would be a fight between mother vs mother – mother in law vs mother in law
    like King Kong vs Godzilla 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    1. @Meli Singh
      We have yet to see Pragya’s reaction to revelation that Rhea had blackmailed Prachi to sacrifice Ranbir’s love. When Pragya and Rhea come face to face , do you think Pragya will question her about it ?? What will be Rhea’s response ??

      Again , as I said a few days ago , eye for an eye will make the world go blind. Just because Pallavi treats Prachi likes shit , is no reason for Pragya to treat any of his sons-in-law the same way. Pragya has come back to avenge injustice done to her , NOT to do injustice to other innocents. Sid and Ranbir haven’t done anything to wrong to warrant the kind of treatment given to Prachi by Pallavi. And if Pragya does want to teach her ‘samdhan’ a lesson , it can be done in ways that doesn’t involve hurting either of her sons-in-law.

      Moreover if Pallavi can be stone-hearted enough to disown her own son , I doubt Pragya treating either Ranbir or Sid harshly will affect her , since she will already have broken all ties with them

    2. @Colin
      1. I don’t think Pragya will ask Rhea anything about what happened in the past, when she sees Rhea and learns she is married. Besides, Prachi has her love back, so there is no need for Pragya to ask about her past and what she has done.
      Pragya has come back to avenge injustice done to her- me: right, but then I don’t understand why some people are crying about Pragya not looking for their daughters, If that is the reason for which she came back
      2. I was only talking about Sid and not about Ranbir.
      And, I wasn’t talking about Pragya treating her son-in-law SID like dirt intentionally. I was talking about Pragya should teach Pallavi a lesson and showing her how she is (like a mirror image) and only if Pallavi is present. Because I think Pallavi will play the good mother-in-law in front of Pragya and the bad mother-in-law behind Pragya’s back.

    3. @Meli Singh
      In your original comment you said ” I think it would be fair if Pragya treated her son-in-law Sid the same way as Pallavi treats her daughter-in-law Prachi ”

      In response you said ” I wasn’t talking about Pragya treating her son-in-law SID like dirt intentionally ”

      How can both be true ?? Pallavi is treating her daughter in law Prachi like dirt , so if you want Pragya to do tit for tat then she too has to treat Sid the same way intentionally. Both of your statements cannot be valid.

      And Pallavi’s game of two-faced behaviour , i.e. playing good MIL in front of Pragya and bad MIL to Prachi won’t work anyways , because the fact that Pallavi had ousted both Ranbir and Prachi after the marriage and they were living separately , cannot be hidden from Pragya once she gets into their contact. This alone will tell Pragya about Pallavi’s behaviour towards Prachi.

      And moreover I don’t know why Pallavi needs to pretend anything in front of Pragya. Why does she need to show even fake love for Prachi in front of Pragya ?? What hold does Pragya have over her ?? What’s the worst that Pragya can do if she does find how Pallavi treats Prachi ??

      Force Prachi to not live with Pallavi ?? That Prachi is already not doing.

      Force Prachi to terminate her relationship with Ranbir because he is Pallavi’s son ?? Well , that’s what Pallavi wants. If Pragya does that then Pallavi will thank her from bottom of her heart.

      File the complaint of domestic violence against Kohlis ?? Hard to prove , once the court learns that PRANBIR weren’t even living with Kohlis. And it’s not a crime if a woman throws both her son and his wife out of her house. The house belongs to Pallavi , she has full right to decide who lives there and who doesn’t. And Pallavi can tell the court that she never wanted Prachi as her DIL so the court cannot oblige her to accept Prachi. Moreover , Ranbir himself willingly left the house , so Pragya cannot even claim that Kohlis were treating her daughter unjustly , since the son of the family himself left the house.

      There’s nothing Pragya can do. Pallavi doesn’t need to pretend anything.

    4. Also , how Pallavi treats Prachi matters because Prachi , being daughter in law , has to live with Pallavi 24*7.

      How many opportunities will Pragya get to humiliate Sid , even if she does want to ?? Sid is not dependant on Pragya in anyway. He doesn’t even have to live with her

    5. @Colin
      poor Seriously you know I also said that it’ s just a dream thought. So why are you dragging this discussion out?
      right, it’s fair if Pragya treated her son-in-law Sid the same way as Pallavi treats her daughter-in-law Prachi but only in front of Pallavi.
      Do you know the difference between “pretending to treat someone badly and treating someone really badly”?
      So Pragya doesn’t have to go the same way as Pallavi does with Prachi, but she can pretend to do it so that Pallavi thinks Pragya hates Sid and behind Pallavi’s back is everything ok between Pragya and Sid. remember the Abhi-Tanu wedding she also pretended in front of Tanu so that Tanu thinks everything is ok.
      Besides, we don’t know at this point if Prachi-Ranbir will keep living separately from Pallvi.
      And we don’t know how Pragya reacts and learns how Pallavi treats Prachi, we also don’t know how Pallavi reacts about Pragya’s return and how she learns it.

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