Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Tulsidas begins his journey to meet Shri Ram.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulsidas tells Ratnavali that now we have our different roles in each other’s lives hence I have to take Sanyas to sacrifice this life towards my actual motive to achieve Shri Ram while Ratnavali also says may be this was my motive of birth given to me by God to show the right path to you at this time but will always pray for your achievement hence he leaves while all of them bid him for his future journey.

Ganeshji narrates to Pushpadant & Jaya that this way Tulsidas began his journey of his actual motive to achieve Shri Ram sacrificing his normal life which humans lead.

Tulsidas moving chanting name of his Prabhu Shri Ram & at one time he sees his Prabhu in sea water feeling very delighted but the image vanishes & he thinks might be his devotion towards his Prabhu he is watching him everywhere. He is singing prayers moving on his path facing trouble of falling down also but his Prabhu helps him with his bright light for getting up & he realizes it was a great dream of experiencing his Prabhu’s blessings due his devotion for his Prabhu Shri Ram & he sees a crow chanting name of Shri Ram standing on a stone & wonders while Tulsidas also sees some big devotee Brahman’s sitting on another side hearing Paath from this crow & he finds God Garud standing besides crow & also watches Shri Hanuman in disguise whom he had met earlier. They all are hearing prayers of Shri Hanuman from that crow which he feels miraculous hence he also sits in them losing himself in prayers closing his eyes but later on when he opens his eyes he is stunned to find nobody is around hence he feels he was dreaming watching all the big people around him which also might be due to his dedication for Shri Ram but the crow shows him the right path which surprises him.

Ganeshji says Tulsidas was shown right path by Maha-Rishi Kalbhushungi who was also teacher for Prabhu Mahadev at one time.

Tulsidas moves towards that place where he gets message from Maha-Rishi Kalbhushungi for his achievement of meeting Shri Ram while he reaches at the place but finds God Garud giving him advise of starting teaching at this place while also he meets his friend Shrikant who also who guides him at that place.

God Garud meets Prabhu Mahadev informing him that he has done his work while Mata Paravati says to Prabhu Mahadev that it was you who did this for his guidance & asks him who will be the right person to make him meet Shri Ram & Prabhu says none other than Kesari Nandan Shri Hanuman.

Tulsidas is performing Paath of Shri Ram & Shri Hanuman in disguise is also sitting in those people while after finishing Paath Tulsidas watches Shri Hanuman wondering who he might be always attends his class?

Jaya asks Ganeshji how did Tulsidas realized it was Shri Hanuman who attended his Paath?

Precap: Tulsidas realizes Shri Hanuman & bends donw pleading him top show the right path for his achievement to meet Shri Ram & he suggests him to go to Chitrahupta. Tulsidas gets blessings from a child who is none other than his Shri Ram.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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