Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Disha invites King’s family for Karwachauth

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The Episode starts with Pragya waking up in the morning and checking the time. Kiara asks where is she going? Pragya says kitchen. Kiara says it is still not morning and sleeps. Chachi comes to Pragya’s room and asks her to come. She takes her to kitchen and asks what is it? Chachi tells that when King tried to convince her for Neha and Tarun’s marriage, she refused as she dislikes Neha. Pragya says Neha eloped with your son and not with someone else. Chachi badmouths about Neha. Pragya defends her and says she is Mehra family’s daughter. Chachi says she wants to see her reaction. Pragya asks what she wants to say. Chachi says you both want to get Neha and Tarun’s married so that you can get together. She says the proof is the sargi which Suwarni Dadi has sent. Pragya is surprised. Chachi

asks her to answer.

Tanu asks Dadi why did she send sargi to Pragya and says your bahu is me. Suwarni Dadi asks her to turn. Tanu turns and then turns to Dadi. Dadi says I asked you to look back. Tanu says you didn’t ask me to see in mirror. Dadi says you can’t come in family’s pic and says Abhi’s wife is Pragya. Tanu says I am his wife. Dadi asks her to tell the driver not to come for job. She asks her to leave too. Tanu says I am Abhi’s wife. Dadi says I am his Dadi and asks her to leave. Tanu threatens to make her slip from stairs. Dadi says I have Pragya’s number and she will teach you a lesson.

Pragya says there is no use of giving explanation. Chachi asks her to say? Pragya says Dadi must have sent to me also as she loves me. Chachi asks her to tell. Pragya says if I would have been bahu of Mehra family then would have been there. Chachi says you are trying. Pragya says if you want then nobody can stop me. Chachi says King..Pragya tells about husband and wife’s bonding. She says King will not stop if I want to go. Chachi says I don’t understand. Pragya says you don’t want to understand the truth. Kiara comes and says she is not getting sleep. Pragya takes her to sleep. Chachi thinks to ruin Pragya.

Aaliya wakes up and sees Tanu staring at her. Tanu says I was relaxing seeing how you get sleep. She says did you do right by stopping me from telling King. She says Dadi sent sargi for Pragya. Aaliya asks her to go and sleep, and says it is not important. Tanu says she said that Pragya will return and will kick me out. Aaliya says if you had told king then he would have forgive Pragya, and Bhai would have asked you to live your life and he will live his life. She says Abhi and Pragya will be together then and not be afraid of anyone. Tanu asks why are you irritating me? Aaliya asks her to be quiet and says make everyone believe that you think Pragya is moved on and not to show her insecurities to them. She says you will lose money, name and everything. She says just pretend that you are losing and says you will win. She says I will go to washroom and asks about Abhi. Tanu says he went out.

Abhi comes to the jewellery store. Manager takes him to his cabin and says you are great singer etc. He asks salesgirl to bring the rings. Salesgirls bring the rings. Manager asks him to choose from the best collection. Abhi says I don’t know size, but I can see and tell. He buys a ring for Pragya and thinks if she will wear will I make her wear it.

Neha tells Disha that she is feeling hungry. Disha asks her to divert her mind and asks her to plan about her marriage and honeymoon. She asks her to rest. She asks her if she calls Pragya as di. Neha says she calls her Di as Tarun calls her Di. Disha smiles. She calls King and asks if everyone is fine at home. King says yes. Disha invites his family for Karwachauth and says it is Neha’s first karwachauth. King says we will definitely come being a family. Pragya comes. King tells that they are invited for the karwachauth and asks Pragya about it. Pragya tells him about it. King laughs. Pragya says it is their devotion, trust etc whoever keeps the fast. King likes the words she uses. Pragya laughs.

Abhi comes home. Tanu sees gift in her hand and asks if it is karwachauth fast. Abhi says it is for someone. Disha says he followed her advice. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi brought gift for her and hugs her.

Tanu asks Servant why he didn’t serve the breakfast? Servant says Disha Maam told….Tanu gets angry and asks him to make breakfast for her. Aaliya comes and asks Bahadur to go and takes juice glass from her hand. She asks Tanu to keep fast. Tanu says she can’t do and can’t try. Aaliya says Bhai don’t accept you as his wife because of your attitude. She says disha followed Pragya and now everyone loves her. Tanu asks why she don’t keep fast for Purab. Aaliya says he is already married. Tanu says she doesn’t care as she is married. Aaliya asks her to feigns goodness and keep the fast. Tanu asks shall I pretend all life. Aaliya says Pragya is winning from you and asks her to do her way. Tanu looks on.

Abhi tells Pragya that he got diverted by her looks, jhumkas, necklace and slipped. He blames her. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hey Cathy and everybody, This is what I observed today and there is a lip rant that I just have to let out! They are clearly making Aliyah into a nice person. Well they are trying. Everyone who suspected this, is perfectly correct. The crew used cute, friendly, happy music when the b*tch woke up. That’s a huge change from the frightening, doom filled music they usually use when Aliyah enters a room. How is this character able to pull off ‘love’. She’s a psychopath. The producer wants this actress with a very specialized quality of acting to be able to do love? Back to the character who’s a psychopath. They do not do love. They lie. They are malevolent. Then I noticed Aliyah’s lips. The rant is below. Pragya remains beautiful. Chachi joins the low minded, heartless nut job females (Mithali, Slimey Tuna, and the Murderer/Theif Aliyah), Abhi goes shopping, Tuna forgets that’s she pretending to be an adult and becomes the s*x kitten for a moment when she thinks she’s getting some jewelry. Aliyah basically tells Tuna fish that she is never going to be like Pragya but should at least try. Pretty much more set-up conversations. We already had received all of the information from the pre-cap. Nothing new here. Miss Kapoor and her writers think the viewers are dumb. Robin is still not back and if we don’t see him then we will forget that here is an unfinished plot. Isn’t it weird that we are all watching a show made by a woman who hates us? We are each a penny. And she wants to vacuum all of the pennies into her personal bank account. That is all a viewer is, to this pretend tsarina who has the emotional capacity of a five year old. Remember, a creator helps you travel to their own creative level. This is Miss Ekta’s creative level. Trash.
    These writers must think that they have the best job ever! They don’t even work! Just replay, replay, replay and make sure that there is a clothing designer to keep the outfits changing so that it looks different every few weeks.
    And personally, I find everyone’s pumped up lips to be ugly. As if all these women are in a race to look the most lascivious. All because some whacked out idiot somewhere decided that all women are s*x objects only. The only way to be a real woman is to get your lips pumped up so that you are ready and willing to use those lips skillfully. Put to use by pleasuring a man or someone. In this age of MeToo, I find it wholly ridiculous that on one hand a few women are trying to stop women from being thought of as 2nd class citizens only good for the pleasuring of men and then at the same time you have these actresses stuffing their lips with poison so that they can look like they are really really good at any oral work a man/whomever may ‘need’. Yes, I’m shaking my head. I hope you are too. Naturally full lips, are beautiful. They fit and work with the person. These pumped up lips (tuna fish hasn’t had half of her lip freeze for awhile… damn, at least that was good for a laugh) just look out of place and strange. It doesn’t fit with the rest of their features. Mind you, they may be using it to minimize the size of their noses. It is strange and telling as the cast becomes lighter skinned than when they started and as more of them get lip jobs. Sure tells you a lot about the priorities. Are the viewers being trained to think that these falsehoods are beauty? Are the viewers being trained that they are ugly women until they ‘become’ white and have overly fat lips? The producer is a vile piece of work. She’s doing this training but publicly claims that she’s trying to modernize India…right by telling women that they are not good enough unless they are white ….and fat lipped because some westerner decided that fat lipped (pumped up) women made better s*x objects than real women. And now they are selling robotic s*x dolls. O.K. women, isn’t it time to recapture your dignity and stop this effort to turn you into meat? Just as you are being trained, men are being trained to think of you as meat. Preferably five year old meat. Like Tuna fish. The pedophile training bot, demanding that all women are only real women if they stay at the age of 5. Very easily controlled. (tuna’s aging skin is going to make her lose the role of s*x-bot trainer)
    Thank-you Miss Ekta for the illuminating exercise on how you think, regarding women. Everyone is a commodity, not a person. And you get a cut, baksheesh each time you damage or destroy another growing human’s heart and mind.

  2. Tuna fish and Aliyah… the characters… should seek out a new income source. Get ALL of their lips pumped up and go apply to become models for the s*x dolls. Wouldn’t that be just too hilarious? s*x dolls that look like Tuna Fish and Aliyah? These actresses are completely unaware of what their roles, their jobs are doing to their energetic/soul presence. Miss Ekta should know. She has an astrologer who helps her look after her spiritual being. (Very loud laughter in the background). Miss Ekta doesn’t care who she hurts as long as the pennies keep flowing in. Even more laughter. I miss-spelled pennies originally. Yes, it’s corrected but you can imagine the word. Take out an ‘n’ and add in a ‘s’.

  3. Hullo Gyan, I did reply to you on the 30th, but just in case you don’t see it, here is a copy.
    I did the research and it is a fake FB. It was the outfits that gave it away for me and also the Tuna fish’s weight. I do pay attention to the fashion and jewellry. Can’t help it. I was a fashionista type before my accident. And the ring! I remember that ring but do not have the time to do the research on the ring. Pragya did not wear that ring daily.
    Real Kurwachauth was on Oct 8 2017. I began to read the updates from #940, Sept 28, as per your suggestion. Yes there was an episode on Oct 25, beginning the story. So I started watching… with a lot of fast forwarding! October 31, 2017 , episode #962 Tuna is wearing a light blue coloured one shoulder affair, mimicking a sari sort of. Tuna fish is slim during this time. Pragya is wearing an orange-red sari. Normally she wears blue-based red. It is Pragya pretending to be Munni. You are correct about that! Aliyah is wearing a dressed up salwar chemise dark or black coloured. Tuna brings in Chutka and Chutki just as Abhi and Pragya are about to exchange morsels of food.
    Episode 963 on Nov 1 2017 fight whether Pragya is Munni or not.
    Episode 964 nov 2, 2017 Episode 965 Nov 3 2017 ends with Dadi crying asking Pragya/Munni to tell the truth about her identity. #966 ends with Tuna fish and Aliyah mocking Pragya/Munni #967 Nov 6 2017 ends with Tuna and Aliyah still in the same outfits.. driving to look for Munni #968 and #969 same outfits, the family is in the hospital thinking that Abhi had a car accident. Pragya has gone in search of Munni. . #970 Nov 9 2017…next day, new outfits. That FB did not happen. Obviously, when the fake FB was being filmed Pragya changed her voice to sound like original or early Pragya. She’s slimmer now than she was back then, but she is the consummate professional. Tuna fish is heavier now as compared to then. The FB features a heavier Tuna fish. Thank-you! I like mysteries!

  4. Hi Akituster….just touching base to find out how you are keeping my friend? Taking a break, can’t bear to watch, it feels like I’m wasting my time wasting this adolescent drama, if I wanted to watch something like that, I’d have gone to the Disney channel instead…forgive me for not being here but I’ll be in and out just to chat a bit with you and if I see some improvement, you know I’ll put in my two pence as necessary. Hopefully you are well and thinking of ways to put some sense into the dense brain of Ekta Kapoor… Have a blessed and wonderful weekend 💐🍸🍸

  5. Cathy

    Akituster!! Hey, how are you enjoying the decent into winter? LOL, i’m glued to the t.v and american politics and that mid term election that more then anything will set the tone for the next 2 years living next door to that maniac…now i heard that border patrol has instructions to conduct on the spot drug tests on Canadians wanting to visit the states since our new pot laws came into effect….what can i say except “Jealous much?” LOL…

    So they are trying to humanize Aliya? i think it’s a little to late in my books, her character is way to established on that show, if she wanted a new story she should have found a new show…it’s not like western soaps where a evil character goes through events that shapes a change like a trauma or a brain tumour or the ever popular “Coma” etc, something that the audience can go though with. character and the change.

    As with Naz, i have to let go of this show now, it brings nothing but frustration for me and spikes in my BP…as i said before i will check into visit with everyone and read the updates…if i think i won’t stroke out.

  6. Hey Naz and Cathy! Thanks! My commitment to watch is fulfilled as of today (friday the 2nd).
    And it’s obviously a little lonely here! And Ekta Kapoor, well I don’t write for her. I’m sure she is unaware of my existence/words. The woman does not need to care. So, me too… . And now I can focus on other stuff. So if you don’t see me…be sure to check on the 9th. Cathy I will be trying to contact you, before then, through this site. And this behemoth crazy show? I am hoping that my words have prompted some people to ask some new questions of themselves and the world around them. And Cathy and Naz it has been a delight to have been in ‘touch’ with so many new voices, here. Thanks to both of you for keeping an eye on me and insuring that I wasn’t the lone voice… This is good! People are losing interest!!

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