Nazar 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ansh saves Piya

Nazar 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Avi points gun at Naman. Naman takes out knife and says shoot, he is about to attack Avi but Avi shoots in his head, all are stunned. Naman falls down, all think he is dead. Shekhar says what did you do? Avi says I didnt have any other option, Chitali says he didnt have any other option.

Piya is surrounded by water and screams for help. Ansh is running around to find her. He comes outside house and sees from window that Piya is getting surrounded by water. He opens door and comes inside.

In house, Naman suddenly wakes up and becomes a witch, all are stunned to see his braid and long nails. Naman says what you people will do? it will be fun as there is not devik or davansh here, Mohana is of no use, Ruby have given her braid to me so nobody can take me on.

Ansh holds

Piya’s hand and pulls her out of water. Water is about to attack Piya but Ansh stops it, water vanishes. Piya moves away from Ansh.

Shekhar asks Naman what he wants? Naman thanks Ruby for making him powerful. Ruby says I gave it to you to go behind Piya, Naman throws her away.

Piya asks Ansh why he is here? I asked you to stay away from me. Ansh says its fate, we should leave from here, someone has a trap here. Piya says your mom must have done it, I cant forget that you tried to kill my father. Ansh says someone was controlling me, Piya says it must be your mother.

Naman says to Mohana that you were making me marry Piya, you beat me but any mother would do so I have no animosity with you, this Vedsheree is behind all problems so I wont spare her. He uses his braid to get water glass.

Scene 2
Piya says to Ansh that I am here to find my mother so I will not leave without her, go from here. Ansh tries to stop her but winces in pain, Piya sees dagger in his stomach, she says how you got stabbed? Ansh says I was just listening to you so I had to use my davansh powers thats why I stabbed myself to find you. He falls down.

Avi thinks that they have to throw Naman out. Naman says to Vedsheree that I will not spare your family. Ruby, Kajal and Neha runs and locks themselves in a room. Naman goes behind them but family members go and lock themselves in other room. Vedsheree says he didnt come behind us? Avi says what if he is hurting kids?
Ruby pulls Rishi in room too. Neha asks her to stay away from Rishi, this is happening because of you. Ruby says he cant attack Ansh, he would need more power to attack Ansh.. Neha says it means he is behind Mohana?
Vedsheree says he needs Mohana’s powers.

Sushant looks at Piya’s childhood photo and says my baby was infront of me and I couldnt recognize her? if Piya is alive then maybe Divya is to.. its my duty to protect my girls after Divya, how could I fail? I wont let anything happen to my daughters now.

PRECAP- Ansh says to Piya that dont go anywhere, you might be in trouble and I wont be able to help you. Piya takes out dagger from him and says you saved me, I saved you, we are even. She starts leaving, Ansh screams Piya.. Piya stops him using her powers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba Love Ansh hate Piya

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba Love Ansh hate Piya
    Kbhi kbhar demagh se kaam le lena chahiye waise to demagj hr ksi k paas hota hai phir b agr na hoto doosron ki baat maan leni chahiye aur w/o b jb doosre aap se pyaar krte hoon aur unka munh bnd nhi krna chahiye

  3. Now its really irritating😤😤
    This piya she is stupid or smtn y cant she udstd ansh… sabki baatein maanti hai par ansh ki nhi🙄
    Ansh again saved piya and she again attacjed him😑

  4. The highlight of the episode when chaitali wondering about naman dayan just like viewers; and naman & ruby conversation.

    Starting to think extension for the show is effecting story line.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Piya is sooo stupid, brainless and stubburn, how she became devik is beyond my understanding….. I think like Dayan first child become dayan or davansh just same piya became devik, but she is most dumbest in show…. Poor Ansh always bear her anger…

    1. U hav said d same thing which i was telling a long tym

    2. The dumbest in the show goes to ruby. I am surprised to see ML getting treated like shit in this show.

  6. Sm in case of me really Priya is irritating dumb character at least she should understand Ansh her love one. Else than this i like the overall serial. Now what Mohona will so to save her Power waiting for tomorrow episode.
    *Like Ansh can feel Priya’s presence and can also feel her danger even when she is not in front of him and Priya being a Devick why she couldn’t understand Ansh danger when she stay far from him even in front also she is to late to understand Ansh pain and Danger.

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