Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya get out

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King asks Disha to look after Kiara while he searches for Pragya, she wonders what will happen if he sees the two of them together, Sunny asks if she is happy that they won, and she says that she is really happy.
Pragya and Abhi are both thinking in their minds about what would happen, Pragya says that she is okay, he says that he got afraid that he will die if she gets hurt, he says that if she asks questions then it will create problems then she must stay quiet, they both start to stare into each other’s eyes, Purab is looking and sees Abhi’s bracelet, he wonders where Abhi might have gone, he looks at the door of the store,
Pragya thinks that this room might become their salvation, she starts to think, he asks her what she wanted to say, she says that he is not only the chief

guest but as she is about to say, they hear Purab’s voice, he comes and they both stand up, he asks why they are here and that they must go out as it is getting very humid, they start to walk when Pragya stumbles and he holds her, he says that she must go with him, Purab is waiting for them outside, when they come out he asks why they were both in the store room, Abhi says that they were locked in by the peon, he asks him if he tried to call but Abhi say that there was no network, Purab ask Pragya IS Abhi did something with her, she says that nothing happened.

King calls Pragya and comes to hug her, he says that eh got really worried and was nervous because she has faced a lot of bad things and he felt that something might happen to her which will cause pain, she says that she is okay and that they must go to Kiara, eh says that she has won the prize and that he gave the trophy himself.
Pragya looks at Abhi who is standing behind her and seeing that she is with King,. He leave dishearten. King asks where Pragya’s attention is and weather they should leave, she agrees.
Mitali is talking with someone on the phone when Dassi comes and asks where Bubli is, Mitali says that she will soon come, Dassi asks that she must inform her as soon as she comes, Mitali is about to call her when she enters in the house and comes to hug her, she asks why did Mitali call, her from the hospital, she says that a proposal came and she wants her to get dressed, Neha says that she wants to talk with Abhi but Mitali says that she must not talk of this and she will not let her get married to any boy, the family which she has selected is very reputed and so she must not talk of this, Neha leaves after that Mitali prays that everything should go according to god’s wishes.
Abhi gets into the car and leaves without listening to what Purab has to say, he leaves and Purab is left stunned.
Tanu and Aaliya thank god that their plan worked, Tanu says to Aaliya that their plan worked and what they wanted to do happened, as they played all their cards very well,Puirab is going and they stp him, he says that Abhi went as he could not see and is angry.
King is siting when Pragya asks if he has something to ask her, he says that he wants to ask how she got trapped,. She says that she was looking for Abhi when King asks why she went to look for him, he says that he was very afraid and would have done anything to protect her, she gets amazed and ask why he is begin so concerned for her.
Abhi is driving and thinking of what happened with him and Pragya is the store room, he thinks of how King is so close to Pragya, his car gets out of control and is about to get into an accident, he car gets stuck on the road side.

Precap: Kiara says that she is not angry because Pragya was not with her but angry because she was not able to meet her superman. King sees Abhi drinking and goes to help him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Interesting music and mood change at the 2 minute mark. That was new. Maybe not fantastic, but ‘new’ none the less. Flashback of yesterdays episode. King, more music to stretch the moment and another flashback of yesterday. Did somebody put the writers brains in the fridge so they can only function in slow motion. Oh no. Ekta must have been partying hard while these episodes were being made And there’s Bubbly who has had a role/screen time after the leap. But there has been another leap within a leap!!! Within a matter of what …several days… no more than a week of KKB time, the Bubbly that we knew for four years managed to complete college/work and lose an incredible amount of weight to become her adult ‘Neha’ avatar. Ekta’s fantasy land quality of intelligence continues to prevail.
    Omg, another series of flashbacks! Of yesterday…again, and more bits and pieces of the actual past. No set-ups for future plot, excepting Bubbly/Neha. And we all know that the gossip video’s are pure distraction. They build up excitement (if you are so inclined as to be influenced by them) where the actual show should be providing the excitement, the story. It was nice that the Tuna toy and her Amazon handler has a little less screen space. Why not give them the near accident instead of Abhi. Can you imagine the party if the toy and the Amazon are eliminated from the script in one fell swoop. One must wonder, the relationship communication level of this production is from the dream of a Form 1 Student. About 11 or 12 years old. A traumatised 12 year old who’s body grew up but who’s emotional intelligence remains at age 11 or 12. We have to wonder what happened to Ekta at that age. After all, by that point she had been ‘working’ for three years as she began ‘work’ at age 9 according to her bio. What happened to Ekta at that age, that keeps her stuck emotionally and forever painting a world where everybody is like her. Either she creates/produces MALICE or she produces nothing.

  2. Hahahahahaha Akituster you’re right

    1. Hullo Geeta, Do you see what I mean when I talk about how she uses her actors?
      Was Bubbly eliminated because of her weight? This is visual work, this production. This is why I see Ekta as a malicious ‘… multiple swearwords…’ She hired the toy and the Amazon in order to make fun of their physical attributes. She made sure that they had the right personality types (astrologically) and then only used the most negative and ugly versions of those personality types. The toy and the Amazon were taken advantage of, due to their particular appearance. And now, an insult to anyone who is heavier/health issues. Ekta hates men and women, both. All this Ekta person, knows is malice and money. Which shows the viewer that this cesspool mind of Ekta’s is actually a hate of herself. The little girl Ekta never had a chance to grow up emotionally…never needed to do so. She was born into money. Damn lucky that the little girl has wealthy parents. (Actors, no less. Likely not that concerned about their daughters education and upbringing. Hell, they had her ‘working’ at age 9. What? Did they realise that she wasn’t good at anything…so they decided to make sure she would have something to call herself?) She wouldn’t have survived any other way. I truly hope that the previous Bubbly (actress) is well and I wish her every success. It continues to blow my mind that Ekta’s crew continues to work for her. All that talent, wasted. All for a wastrel type of person… their ‘boss’ LADY (????). This Ekta character, who is not inhabited by a demon…oh no… this is what she is, all by herself. Malicious, greedy and not very creative after all.

      1. DannyComments

        Sigh…I tried..I tried so hard not to comment..had to breathe..I held it in when you insulted Ekta’s father the other day for no apparent reason ..held it in when hateful words kept on spewing out of you..And then I realise..You are not even worth it! You see, anybody, and I mean anybody who will just decide to wake up one morning, actually sit down to watch a 30mins drama and still come online to actually attack the actors and actresses and Producers of the show(not the fictional characters) , is definitely a hateful, bitter, lonely person. But you see, once in a while, you gotta be called out on , So you know, you ain’t sleek! You are not smart, you just enjoy being miserable. Know why I am saying this to you Atikusar? Because if you really find so much problem with the show, why watch it? No body forced you to watch it. There are way Much better shows out there why not go and watch them? Why must it be kumkum bhagya? Damn it! What is wrong with You? Why are you like this? Now you are attacking her upbringing? Why? Why are you so bitter?

  3. I wish that Pragya would get that stupid look off her face whenever King touches her or hugs her, it was relief he felt when she was found why can’t she show concern for his worry and comfort him back without it looking like she’s cheating on Abhi.

    1. You are so correct Cathy.. She has that look as if she’s cheating… WTH,.. Pragya doesn’t deserve a man like King ,he’s too good for her, Abhi should make her his 2nd wife, it’s not unheard of right? In this way, Pragya would know how Tuna felt when he was forced to marry another woman instead of her..and now it’s come full circle…if Abhi was forced to to marry Pragya and fell in love with her years later, then there is hope for Tuna, it’s the shoe on the other foot now. I’m not advocating for Tuna to stay married to Abhi till death do they part, all I’m doing is trying to put a tad bit of logic in the mix.

      1. But Naz, was Abhi forced to marry Pragya? Wasn’t it pure emotional blackmail by Aliyah and an unwilling but finally agreeable Tuna and Abhi who wishing to resolve her mistaken belief that Pragya was Purab’s girlfriend? Pragya was the victim and did fight it in the beginning. The day she decided that her abuser husband was cute and his ‘punishments’ were ‘love’ was the day that she embraced her Stockholm Syndrome. And a life which included a murderous sister-in-law and Sautan.

      2. Cathy

        Now as i recall, didn’t Tuna turn down Abhi cause she was to busy being a “supermodel” and didn’t want a husband..Hmmmmmmm yeah i also recall Dadi forcing Abhi to marry Pragya.

      3. Both akituster and Cathy are right. And DAdi love her and also ABHI was attacted to her . but he is a party person also.

  4. It either she want abhi back or king now n tell the damm truth

  5. Well, even though I had decided not to read his/her comments… I did. Curiosity. Oh oh! Looks like something I wrote was hitting too close to home! They have sent in the distraction (Dannycomments) to change the conversation/information into another discussion about me…. instead of about the KKB production. Tiresome yes, but an indicator that what I write just may be exposing something that they do not want exposed. So, today I wonder again if the ‘distraction’ is the cause of the breach of security that I have faced.

  6. The thing is Akituster, Dadi loved Pragya at first sight and wanted her for her darling grandson ,at that time Abhi was Tuna’s boyfriend, he couldn’t disappoint Dadi and unwillingly he agreed to the marriage. If I remember correctly, Aliya and Tuna had joined hands back then to give Pragya a hard time and till this day, they are still giving her hell. Anyhow you look at it, he was coerced into marrying Pragya. Do you remember how he went to Tuna on his wedding night, although nothing happened. Abhi is a wimp, I’d never want a man like him, not even for my enemy.

    1. I agree Naz. He was also fulfilling Dadi’s wishes. Remember Dadi had originally even agreed to his choice vs her choice, as she was consumed by wanting to see him married. He did bring an engagement ring to Tuna, who refused it. Also after Dadi became involved, Pragya did go to his home and gave him her refusal. She knew what kind of man he was. However Sarla and her manipulative health issues changed Pragya’s mind. Pragya did accept the proposal to keep her mother alive, so to speak. About nothing happening on the wedding night between himself and Tuna? That’s what was claimed much later by him, but on that night Pragya saw him in a dressing gown that wasn’t properly done up, bare legs, feet and bare chest exposed. And remember a few days/weeks (KKB time) later when shopping, the designer asked him “When did you come?” and Abhi happily replied , “Last night”. I believe that the producer/writer changed the direction later, because much later Abhi was claiming that he stopped being around Tuna …after the first kidnapping? I think that at that point they (writers/producer) changed their minds about Abhi’s personality and so created a new track for him in regards to s*x, because it would fit better with their new need to make him a ‘good’ man who was recognising the difference between a Tuna type of person and a Pragya type of person. I could be wrong on this but I believe that if the character is shown half dressed, it is an indicator that the aromas of s*x are alive and functioning. And let’s face it, the producer continues to change the direction for convenient writing regardless of rational. Was it you or Cathy who spoke recently about how insultingly dumb the producer thinks the viewers must be. How does Bubbly become Neha in a matter of days? Every person with health/weight issues in the world… wants the answer!!

      1. Uh huh, we know how these writers have a penchant for leaving out tiny but important details but these is what gives the story its cohesion so knowing how our critiqued minds works, we definitely would find a detail missing here and a detail missing there and questions would arise. When Tuna had declined the ring, I would like to believe it’s because she wanted Abhi in her perimeter but didn’t want the commitment and wife’s status because her modeling career would have been curtailed, as if a model’s career is for life, she wasn’t intelligent enough to realize that marriage was the better option and just like she twiddling her thumbs these days, she could have been doing that since back then. You know Akituster… When we have something, we don’t see its importance until we see that the very said thing is covetted by another, then the value of that thing rises so this is what happened to Tuna, I remember her bringing her parents into the scene and her parents being shocked that Abhi wasn’t going to marry their daughter..the rest is history. Right now, I don’t care who Abhi ends up with. Few episodes ago, Pragya is acting as if she’s having an affair with Abhi, steups…. For me, the greatest thing accomplished by Abhi is working hard to conceive a baby with Pragya, which doesn’t take much effort any way..he ain’t much of a rockstar in my book. Sometime back someone had mentioned that Pragya is known to his fans as his wife because she used to accompany him on trips, how come King not aware of this fact? It’s a small world and even smaller one in the musical world so King being unaware of this fact, is kinda surprising. I would like to add, that Kiara’s paternity is the secret of the century, in soapland…AMAZING how this fact keeps dodging the characters in this serial.

  7. Naz, Agreed with what you have said. And would like to add (I remembered!) Abhi did accept Pragya , finally after the incident where Mithali, Aliyah and Tuna set Pragya up to be accused of having an affair with Suresh. Abhi insisted (with Aliyah’s very able manipulations) that Pragya must marry Suresh. It was then he announced that he accepted Pragya as his wife.
    I have believed that the missing details was simply a plot device to keep doors open for the writers to be able to change directions easily and quickly. After all the conversations are well written in this production (excepting Aliyah’s past monologues…boring to the 9th degree). However the plot itself disappeared and became re-run heaven. And for those who make ill-considered decisions (Tanu’s “no” to marriage), fine one should be able to change one’s mind. Regardless of the reason, I admire those who are mature enough to make a decision and then be responsible for that decision. If one does change one’s mind then responsibly, make that known. It might be too late for a reversal but you have done everything within a position of integrity. I absolutely have a problem with this show because of the normalisation of the lack of integrity. The characters although in adult body’s think and behave like badly bred 5-7 year olds. Normalisation of childish behaviour. This show ‘sells’ and well, normalises a number of false societal beliefs which do impact viewers even if they are unaware of the impact. As in, ‘Having wealth, means that you are always good and always right’. However, I do believe that a production of this nature provides a perfect place to explore internally and externally with others, so many elements. As others have said, ‘it’s not the show, it’s the conversation after the show’ that I too, look forward to sharing.

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