Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update:Preeta gets suspicious

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Preeta is thinking about what is wrong with that Pandit, Manisha comes and sees her, she asks her to stop but Preeta moves on, she says that she was very happy to see that her grandmother was hurt, Preeta warns her to not indulge her family, they start to talk at which Manish’s says that they both want something which is same, Preeta and Manisha argue about what will happen when she marries Karan, Preeta asks why she is reacting this way, as she should be happy because she is about to marry Karan who has everything, Manisha says that she is not stupid at which she says that she is about to marry Prithvi and is always ready to help Karan, Manisha say that she is in love with Karan and is double minded, Preeta gets angry when she hears this and says that Manisha cannot understand what this kind

of a relation is at which they could sacrifice everything for a relation of friendship, she asks her to shut up.
Pandit is trying to poison the food when Karina comes and sees his gun, they both pretend and when Karina is about to leave he says that he knows that she has seen his gun and so he will make a deal, he say that she will lose all of her family if she does not let him take what belongs to him which Karan has taken otherwise he will kill everyone, Karina say that she will not let him go as he has threatened her family, when she looks down he hits her after that she gets unconscious.
Preeta asks how does she know Prithvi, Manisha makes a plan after that she says that she should keep both Karan and Prithvi, Preeta is about to hurt her but says that she doesn’t want to lose her self-respect by hitting Manisha as she is a very bad girl, just then everyone including Rakhi come and take them away.

Samer says that she has tied Karina only because he wants to take what is his and will kill Karan if she tries to make any sort of noise, just then he hears Preeta and says that she must not make her come to know of this otherwise he will kill Karan, Preeta comes in and looks for Pandit, Karina hides thinking what will happen if she sees her, Preeta thinks of finding that fake Pandit, Karina prays to god.
The gangsters are about to enter when they think that what will do to enter then they see the waiters.
Everyone is ready for the roka of Karan and Manisha, he thinks of where Preeta is and why is she not here, Manisha looks at Prithvi at which Shrishti spots her and Prithvi says that she must do all that he can to stop this.
Karan thinks that Preeta was right and ask for some time, he leaves with permission, Pandit asks for some Mathai,.Sarla says that she knows this and will take care of it, Shrishti also asks that she will go an leaves, Samer has prepared everything to steal the diamond and says that he must take someone as hostage and leave with the best thing.
The gangsters enter dressed as waiters, Samir looks for the fake diamond, the Pandit says that he saw Samir the first time and felt this intentions were not right, just then they were talking Shrishti comes and they say that someone came disguised as a Pandit who has bad intentions.
The Pandit starts the Roka and asks the family to call Karan, Rakhi says that he is taking with the elder and so they should wait, the waiters worry when everyone will leave and wonder when everyone will go someplace that is away, they plan execute their plan,.
Sarla takes the sweets and turning sees Karina who is wrapped.

Precap: Shrishti says that Karan feels that the Pandit is wrong, they all also agree that something is not right.

Update Credit to: Sona

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