Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Abhi that Purab is using Pragya and will leave her. She says I am thinking about Pragya as she loves Purab. She shall get sweet and nice guy like her. She says if Purab breaks relation with her, then God knows what will happen. Abhi says Purab will not ditch Pragya as he knows him. She asks Tanu to say something. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya is a middle class girl and she saw such girl’s suffering when her boyfriend left her. She says if Purab ditches her then who will marry Pragya. She says you have never behaved this way, and says what will be Pragya’s state of mind. Aaliya says I hope our thinking is wrong. She says if Purab dumps Pragya then what will happen to her mum and dadi. She praises them. Abhi says they are so good and I felt like having relation with them. She says Dadi is a rockstar Dadi, play online games and made me lose also, and Sarla feeds delicious food.

Aaliya says you have to do something to make Purab and Pragya relation committed. Abhi says I have to do something for fuggi. Aaliya asks what? Abhi says I gave her nickname. Aaliya says you have to do something. Abhi says we have to do something to make Purab committed to Pragya. Aaliya suggests her plan. Tanu also says something which is muted. Abhi gets thinking. Aaliya asks if you don’t like my idea and says we were just concerned about Pragya. Abhi says okay, I will see what I can do.

Pragya asks Purab, what he told to Dadi as she was excited. Purab says nothing. Pragya says it is my war and I will fight, I can’t give any more sacrifices. Purab asks her to listen to him and says my plan is….Mitali comes and asks what is their plan. Pragya and Purab tell her that there is nothing to hide. Mitali says okay and says Abhi called you right now and says he is planning something.

Abhi calls all his family members. Mitali and Tai ji discuss that Abhi is going to do some big announcement. Taya ji asks them to keep quiet. Tanu asks Aaliya, why did Abhi called everyone here. Aaliya asks her to wait and watch. Abhi says I am waiting for someone. Pandit ji comes. Everyone discuss that Abhi might be fixing his marriage date etc. Dadi is shocked and asks Abhi why did he call Pandit and from where he got his number. Abhi says you are surprised as if I called police. He says he called Pandit ji for everyone and specially for Pragya. Pragya says you haven’t told me. Abhi says you will know in 2 mins. Mitali tells Tai ji that she couldn’t hear Abhi. Abhi comes back after talking to Pandit.

Pandit ji checks his books. Mitali asks Aaliya if this is your plan. Aaliya asks her to keep her mum shut. Aaliya thinks don’t know what Bhai is doing, I told him something and he is doing something else. Purab asks Abhi to tell what he is doing? Abhi says I will tell you as you are my best friend. He says you might be thinking why I am talking to you nicely, and says my anger is gone and our friendship will get more stronger now. He asks him to promise him. Purab promises him and says but……Abhi looks at Pragya and goes to her. He says you are close to me like Purab and have to do some work. Pragya asks what? Pandit says I am done, and tells that date after 2 days is good. Abhi asks him to lock the date. Tanu thanks Abhi and says you gave me a good surprised, I can’t think that you will fix our wedding date. She says she will call her designer and parents. Abhi asks her to stop, and says he is not talking about his marriage. Aaliya asks then who is marrying? Tanu asks who? Abhi says someone is here who wants to marry. Dadi asks who?

Abhi says I am talking about Purab and Pragya’s engagement. I want them to get engaged. Dadi and others are shocked. Dadi says this can’t happen. Taya ji says this can’t happen. Abhi says they love each other, and shall marry. Taya ji says Pragya’s family will decide from her side. Dadi says Pragya’s family shall decide and not you. Abhi says they are ready. Dadi asks him to talk to Sarla. Abhi asks them if they are having objection. Pragya says yes.

Purab says we don’t want to marry at this point. Abhi says I am just fixing engagement date, you can fix marriage date after getting approval from elders. He asks if you don’t like her or seeing someone else. Purab says no. Abhi says she is a marriage material and asks him to marry.

Tanu congratulates Pragya and says it seems you will marry Purab before I marry Abhi. Aaliya asks her to give good news to Sarla.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Pragya should marry Purab ….And start new storyline.
    And leave that 5 year mental age Abhi..
    And Let Tanu and aliya die …

    Other wise finish this soap

    1. Noooooooo,if pragra marries purab,that means tanu gets to marry abhi,that actually makes her the winner,isn’t that so?

  2. Abhi way have lost his memory but however who gave him the right to decide to when should Pragya get married to Purab while he Abi is neither her brother or mother
    Holly shit dont full viewers

    1. What do you mean who gave abhi the right to decide who pragya will marry or not??? Let me remind you if you forgot that when tanu was pregnant with nikhil’s child she told abhi to marry tanu and she knew abhi loved her because he confessed his feelings for her but pragya wanted to be great and sacrifice. IF pragya can decide that abhi should marry tanu than why can’t abhi??? So illogical!!!!

    2. WHAT?? You are the illogical one! The situation was completely different. Think before you speak.

    3. Its not,pragya as at that time as the right because she was his wife,with what right can abhi make such decisions.

    4. leisa s morris

      Exactly as his wife she had d right to tell him to do wat his right and marry his child’s mom but abhi has no rights as he only tinks of her as a friend and doesnt remember his past so dat not makin any sense. Only family has d right to fix a persons marriage. But dst said it will backfire on tanu and aliyah. Purab should have a woman come while hes gettin married to pragya and have her say she is his gf and shes pregnant,let abhi take it upon himself to marry pragya to save face sfter all he was d mastermind behind dem gettin married. Jus fd for thought for these useless writers

    5. Thats the annoying part…if I were Pragya i will tell him off and walk our of the whole stupid drama…Blame the writers though…

  3. kumkum-bhagya

    What rubbish is going on here ABHI are you mad engaging your wife with someone rubbish serial baddy idiot behaving like a stupid aaliya and Tanu just to kill them both making idiotic plans pragya don’t accept please purab please say objection to this if your plan fails also no problem but please object it pls writers some superb twist in story but not this idiot please plssssss stop their engagement announcement pls dadi or family members do something please.

  4. GOD????

  5. Its boring

  6. even now this family is silent why cant dadi ope her mouth and say it cant happen because she is you rwife.

    1. I very like you realy am from pakistan

    2. leisa s morris

      There was never any body found plus d character bulbul had more strenght to jus off herself like dat. Atleast if d writers follow their character’s traits it just isnt lodical dat bulbul would actually kill herself more likely dissappear to save her family bout worryin bout her wen dey had to focus on savin pragyas marriage.

  7. totally rubbish!!! it is the worst i have ever seen!!!
    even in some serial at some point there will be some positive thing happen.but this is the only serial which nothing good happens for 2years…
    first of this is one of my favourite serial but now i just hate it….
    pls end this crap…why the writer s don’t think about fans….in this serial taliya is a lead and pragya is a sidekick… bakhwas serial..

  8. Such bullshit it’s becoming very sicken can’t even watch the episode after reading this rubbish

  9. Kkbcrap….no offense taken at all. It’s just that I’m so damn frustrated with this serial so whatever comes to my mind, I type. I will take your advice. Another thing I agree with your observation that there are too many fan fiction stories on kkb….my bp goes up when I have to pass so much clutter to find comments on daily update page….gosh, it’s irritating!!! We already are so pissed off here and we have viewers writing more spinoffs of kkb…. They need to go to a publishing house and stop taking up spaces in this forum. Right now I don’t care anymore who Abhi marries. I enjoy the comments though

  10. Sowji

    I agree with your comment…they talking serial without brain…this serial is totally damage relationship between people…seriously I hate this serial…I am waiting for this serial finishing day…nowadays I hate abigya romance also…abi will romance with her secretary…but he think her as only friend…he will do every function doing with tanu..but he want her presence always…without logic they taking serial…al are know that he likes pragya…few month abi was accidents they said because of pragya…he got accident..lots of things like this way..same thing repeating till the end of this serial…boring dialogues…how many time we hear same dialogue…most disgusting serial…actually I want this pair in some other serial…this lead actor wasting their time in stupid serial…he is Rockstar…no one knows and asked about abigya marriage…seriously say I am awaiting for this serial end day…when this serial end I feel very happy…director and script writer should know how to create a best script…your script is most disgusting script…u thought marriage is kid game in real life…i requesting see channel finish this idiot serial… again they will repeat same track…i thought next engagement drama,marriage drama…abishek is very strong lead role…but in this serial that role is waste role…I will write better script compare to u…I am not joking sir…not only me…all the KKB tele updates viewers will write better than your stupid drama script….I banned see channel because of this serial…actually i like zee channel because of this serial…now I hate zee channel because of this serial…I am big fan of your serial episode 1 to 300..when tanu pregnancy drama started that itself I decided stop to watch this serial…now memory loss drama…nothing different samething repeating till the end of this serial…u never feel ashame…u never respect and obeying fan words…I lost my patient now…I changed my channel…I know that commenting here is completely waste of time…

  11. The way they are dragging this is unbelievable.All of today’s episode could have been not more than 2-5 min material.

  12. is serial ka name kumkumbhagya nahin durbhagya hona chahiye tha

  13. Vry boring episode

  14. It’s better to stop watching illogical serials like this ..

  15. Really nowadays. .its boring…. kindly bring bulbul back …. so that pragya can hav some support. .. r introduce a new pair for purab .. whose appearance will lool like bulbul… r kindly end the show…

    1. How can bulbul come back, she died way back.

    2. They could just say the sea washed her to the shore and a rich family saved her and that she is back having done a plastic surgery.

  16. What is real plan of aliya?

  17. Seriously does Ekta HV any respect for relationship….being an Indian??? Strange…this is complete crap…can a boss decide when u HV to marry…what nonsense bull shit!!!

  18. Come on what the hell is going on in this serial……shit I thought it might be something interesting… but it became worse…..pls stop the serial as soon as possible…….or else get a new relationship between abhi n pragya… which will be more interesting…..pls do something fast….or else there will not be any views for this serial…

  19. What a crap stories and crap ideas from the witches.. get lost… I wish this serial must be banned immediately.. spoiling relationship s ..

  20. Really disgusting abhi always used to say dat he is hero rockstar but I have seen his hero role in serial btr if he wear bangles that should be btr he always listen aliaya. And such stupid sister no where we can see btr kill her…

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