Hey everyone..I’m writing my first OS on Kriyyam..Hope u all like it..I haven’t been watching d show since d beginning n started watching it jst before a week or two. So I’ll explain d story, how much I know, n then I’ll start.
Sambhav had raped Suhani bcz he “luvd” her. Suhani burnt him alive. Yuvraj went to jail, to save Suhani when he came to know dat she had conceived n was pregnant wid sambhav’s child. After her delivery, Suhani abandoned d child n left him in an orphanage. After 20 yrs, Saiyyam, sambhav’s son, had come to birla house to take revenge. He hated Suhani for abandoning him n did everything possible to hurt Suhani. Soumya’s daughter Krishna lived wid Suhani, after sambhav killed Soumya. Krishna had started to like Yuvaan n was even getting married to him, before Saiyyam married her forcefully, by blackmailing Suhani. Saiyyam was not interested in Krishna, but Krishna hated him, bcz she thought dat Yuvaan was going to propose her. She n Saiyyam nvr ever talked properly, always fights, taunts n hatred. Within some days, they came to know dat sambhav was alive. Saiyyam blindly trusted his father bcz he did not know abt sambhav having raped Suhani. But wid d happening of incidents, Saiyyam came to know abt d entire truth n sambhav was jailed. Saiyyam was feeling guilty for having hurt Suhani. He went to d jail to confront sambhav n had choked him, but d police saved him. Then he tried to kill himself, by pointing a gun towards himself, but Yuvraj convinced him not to do so. So dis was all I know, now my imagination starts..

Saiyyam has come home n is totally devastated by sambhav’s betrayal. Even though he does not show his pain n tears, he’s broken from inside. Bhavna, Pratima, Sharad, Yuvraj n Suhani hv accepted him, they wanted to talk to him, but he wanted to b alone. He went to his room without saying anything to anyone. Krishna, after reconciling wid Suhani, went to her room.

As she entered d room, she saw Saiyyam sitting on d couch. He was drinking. He had emptied more than half of d bottle. She called him “Saiyyam”. He looked up at her, his eyes red. He wud not admit it, but he was crying. Krishna walked towards him, but was stopped by Saiyyam saying “Mujhe kisi se koi baat nhi krni, to tum plzz yahan se chali jao”. Krishna said after a pause,”baat nhi krni, thik h..Mat karo. Kisi se baat mat karo. Lekin khud se to karo. Sharab peena kisi problem ka solution nhi h. Tumhe dukh h to use apne andar mat rakho, ro kar use bahar nikalo. Let it out. Aur haan, rone se tum kamzor nhi ho jaoge”. They used to hate each other, but it’s been almost a month after their marriage. If u stay even wid an animal, u begin to understand him in a month, n Saiyyam was a human. Krishna had understood dat Saiyyam will nvr express his pain. He’ll nvr share his problems wid anyone. But atleast he can cry his heart out to himself. Actually, both had started understanding each other. But Saiyyam nvr accepted dat too.

Saiyyam said ” Tum mujhe mat sikhao ki mujhe kya krna h kya nhi. Mujhe akela chhod do”. He was abt to drink alcohol from d bottle, but Krishna stopped him by holding his hands. She said “main janti hu tum meri baat nhi sunna chahte, lekin main tumhe aur drink to nhi krne dungi. Tum apne saath saath Suhani aunty ko bhi dard de rhe ho. Kya tumne kabhi bhi socha h ki tumhe aise dekh kr unhe kitna bura lagta h. Kam se kam unke liye to aisa mat karo. Unke liye to apne andar ka dard bahar nikalo. Plzz Saiyyam, apni MAA k liye” her voice became pleading towards d last line, listening to which, fresh tears formed in Saiyyam’s eyes.

Krishna was shaken, when suddenly Saiyyam hugged her from her waist. She stood still like a statue while Saiyyam was crying. He said ” main bohot bura hoon Krishna, bohot bura. Maine apni maa ko itna hurt kiya, unhe itni chot pahunchayi. Unhe kya kuch nhi kaha. Maine sirf apne papa ki baat suni aur unhi par vishwas kiya, maa se kabhi ye jaanna hi nhi chaha ki sach kya h. Kabhi unki baat nhi suni. Bina kuch jane bina kuch soche, har baat k liye unhe zimmedaar thehraya. Main bohot bura hoon”. He cried tears of guilt.

Not knowing wat to do, Krishna rested her hands on his shoulders. After sometime, when he realised dat he had cried his heart out in front of Krishna, he left her waist n stood up wiping his tears. Krishna could sense dat he was feeling awkward. Saiyyam, who nvr shared his problems wid anyone, had expressed his feelings infront of Krishna. So it was natural for him to feel awkward.
Breaking d silence, Krishna said “Saiyyam, har kisi mein feelings hoti h. Har kisi ko bura lagta h. Aur har kisi ko apna dukh jatane ka haq hota h. Tumne kuch galat nhi kiya h”. Saiyyam gave a faint smile n said “nhi Krishna, ye sab meri hi galti h. Suhani birla ki sari problems ki wajah main hi hoon. Lekin aaj main unki sari problems khatam kr doonga”. Krishna was confused on wat he meant. She asked “Kya matlab?” Saiyyam said ” Suhani birla ko mujhe chhodna nhi chahiye tha, mujhe maar hi dena chahiye tha. Lekin tab nhi to ab sahi”.

Krishna, who was scared by now, asked him “Tum kya krne wale ho Saiyyam?” He didn’t say anything n took d alcohol bottle in his hand. He hit it on d table, causing it to break. Krishna was more scared now. He took a glass piece n tried to cut his wrist. Krishna held his hand n stopped him. She said “pagal ho gye ho kya tum!! Ye kya krne ja rhe the??” Saiyyam said “pehle to mujhe Yuvraj uncle ne rok liya tha, lekin ab plzz tum mat roko”. Krishna said “Suhani aunty k bare mein to socho” trying to convince him. But Saiyyam said “unhe mere marne par itna dukh nhi hota jitna dukh unhe maine diya h. To mera mar jana hi thik h”. He was abt to cut his wrist, but stopped when Krishna said “agar tumhara baccha mar jata to tumhe kaisa lagta?” Saiyyam looked at Krishna shocked. She took his hand n kept it on her tummy n said “agar tumhara baccha mar jata to tumhe kaisa lagta? Kya tumhe bura nhi lagta? Kya tumhe dukh nhi hota?” Saiyyam was silent. By now Krishna’s eyes were also brimming wid tears. She continued “to tum khud hi socho tumhari is harkat se Suhani aunty ko kitna dukh hoga!! Unhe kitna bura lagega!! Aisi situation k bare mein soch k hi tum chup ho gye, to Suhani aunty k sath jab aisa hoga to unpe kya beetegi!! Wo maa h tumhari, tumhari maut unhe tod k rakh degi. Unhone bohot dukh sahe h, ab aur nhi Saiyyam. Plzz”. (guys, don’t b happy, Krishna is not pregnant ?. She’s jst trying to make Saiyyam understand Suhani’s pain.)

After few minutes, when Saiyyam was done wid his realisation, he took his hand back. Krishna too moved away from him n wiped her tears. Saiyyam was abt to leave d room, when Krishna asked him “kahan ja rhe ho tum?”. She sounded concerned. He said “ek bohot zaruri kaam h”. He didn’t even look back towards Krishna. He jst walked out from there. Krishna followed him.
Saiyyam entered YuvAni’s room. Suhani was sitting on d bed. Saiyyam came near Suhani n softly said “maa”. Suhani stood up n before she could say anything, Saiyyam hugged her n said “I’m sorry maa. Mujhe maaf kr dijiye. Maine aapko bohot galat samjha, aapko bohot hurt kiya, aapko kitna bhala bura kaha. Maine to aapki mamta par bhi hamesha sawaal uthaya. Un sab k liye mujhe plzz maaf kr dijiye maa”. Suhani hugged him back, tightly n said “hamara beta”. She broke d hug n said “maafi to humein maangni chahiye, humne tumhe kabhi maa ka pyaar nhi diya, tumhe paida hote hi chhod diya, apne se alag kr diya. Apni maa ko maaf kr do beta”.

Krishna witnessed dis mother-son union from outside d room. She smiled, while wiping her tears of happiness. She went back to her room. After a few minutes, Saiyyam came in d room. Krishna was sitting in front of d dressing table, removing her jewellery. Saiyyam moved towards her n she looked at him, through d mirror. With each step of Saiyyam towards her, Krishna was becoming more n more nervous. He stood behind her n tried to say something, but was vry hesitant. Krishna looked at him questioningly. He finally said “th..Thank y..You..” His voice not louder than a whisper. Krishna was so shocked dat she immediately stood up n turned towards him n said “Kya kaha tumne?” Saiyyam said “thank you” but dis time he was bit louder. Krishna looked at him wid wide eyes at first, but then smiled. Seeing her smile, Saiyyam said “zyada smile mat karo. Maine sirf formality k liye bola. I didn’t mean it”. He turned to move towards d washroom, when Krishna said “Saiyyam”. He stopped but as usual didn’t turn towards her. She said “I know we don’t love each other. But.. I’m there for u”. An unknown smile crept on Saiyyam’s lips.
Thank u for reading guys. There may be some changes in d story but it’s bcz I didn’t watch d show, so plzz overlook those ?

  1. This was awesome…krishna’s explanation was crazy but it worked..cute 😀

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  6. That was incredible man..dey shuld srsly hire you to write the script…if this happened on the show dat would be the best day for kriyyam fans…luved it to the core..u ryt so well…pls try writing a kriyyam ff…if u have tym…i wud luv to read it…

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      Thanx dear..M not dat great yaar..Jst like shinchan days ab main itni bhi kuch khaas nhi..N I agree, it wud hv been d best episode..Until CVS showed something more than dis??..N for now, I’m not thinking of writing any FF, coz I’m already writing one on Devakshi, so I can’t manage two together..I’m vry bad at time management..

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