Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir Thrashes Sid

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Rhea asks Sid if Prachi is pregnant with his baby. Sid asks if your mind is fine. Pallavi asks him to just answer. Sid says no, Prachi is not pregnant with my child. Ranbir says at least they are asking you but they blamed Prachi and you came here to clear their doubts. Prachi thank him for clearing it. Sid asks how can they doubt his relationship with Prachi. Shahana says it’s proved that Prachi is innocent. Sid says to Rhea that she is the worst human being, sister, and wife. He asks why she hates Prachi so much. Rhea asks him to shut up. She says they called him to know the answers not to hear his scoldings. She says you will reveal the truth after seeing proof. She shows him the photos of them in the Bangalore hotel and insists him telling the truth. Ranbir asks her to stop.

Rhea says the DNA report is proving that Prachi’s baby does not belong to Ranbir so tell us or if you want us to get you tested. Tell me whose baby Prachi is carrying. Sid says it’s his baby. Everyone gets shocked. Prachi slaps Sid and questions why he is lying. Sid says stop it and you know that it’s my baby. Ranbir gets angry. He thrashes Sid infront of everyone for pointing out Prachi’s character. Vikram and others ask Ranbir to stop but he doesn’t listen and is about to stab Sid breaking the bottle but he stops when Prachi asks him to leave Sid otherwise he will die. Goons arrive near Kohli’s mansion to collect money from Alia by threatening her.

Ranbir hugs Prachi. He says to Sid that he is alive because of Prachi. Alia asks Sid to tell the truth. Rhea asks Sid to confess the truth. Ranbir threatens to kill him if he speaks lies. Sid says 2 months before you guys alleged me and Prachi and today I will reveal the truth. He says from day 1 of their work he started feeling for Prachi and I know she loves Ranbir thays why I never tried to close to her but when Prachi is separated from Ranbir as I separated from Rhea then we met in Bangalore hotel and become the support of each other but that was our mistake in life.

Prachi says she never forgives him the way he is lying. Sid asks her to not lie to herself. He says he can’t lie to his family. He says Prachi used to share everything with me and I’m the one whom she informed about her pregnancy in the first. Prachi says that time he is the one with her. Rhea says glad you guys confessed it. Ranbir holds Sid again. Pallavi asks Ranbir to stop it. Ranbir leaves him. Vikram takes Sid with him. He asks Rhea to take Ranbir. Pallavi asks Prachi to stay away from Ranbir for some days. Prachi goes to her room. Alia thinks everything is going in their favor.

Ranbir recalls Sid’s confession. Rhea cleans Ranbir’s hand. She says you may not get this betrayal if you listen to me and your trust and dreams are broken which you had with Prachi’s baby. Ranbir holds her hand. Rhea says stop thinking me as your enemy and let me take care of you. Ranbir allows her. He says he hates Sid. Rhea feels happy to make Ranbir realize that Prachi’s baby is belongs to Sid. She sees Alia and thanks her in the heart.

Alia thinks Rhea did it and it’s proved that she has my genes more than Pragya. She goes out receiving the call. Prachi cries in her room. Shahana comes there and asks her to not cry. Prachi asks why he blamed me without thinking about my respect. She says he lied with confidence. Shahana says Ranbir didn’t believe him. Prachi asks until when he can believe it and it’s like no one wants my baby to be born. Shahana hugs her and asks her to not think in this way.

Precap: Pallavi says to Vikram and Sid, Sid is just like Vikram’s elder brother, a dirty person. If you don’t call him dirty blood, then what else would you call him? Vikram shouts at her and raises his hand.
Prachi says to Ranbir, whatever Sid said do you believe him? Ranbir says, I don’t see any other option.

  1. What’s the indian relation between Prachi and Sidharth? Like Ranbir and Riya are Jija-Saali and Devar-Bhabhi, what’s Prachi-Sidharth?

    1. I’m asking cos i dunno about what they call these relations in india. I’m intrigued.

    2. They are called jeth-bhayo i think.
      Jeth (husbands elder brother)
      Bhayo (younger brothers wife)

    3. It’s the same. Sid is Ranbir’s brother and Prachi is his wife. So brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

    4. @Fandomora I think she’s asking what it is Indian language.

  2. Despite the fact that the obsession with the creators of Prachi has already destroyed everything good that was in the series, leaving all the worst in it, despite the fact that I have been deceived more than once hoping for the best, I still want to believe that at least they will not spoil Sid and his lies are due either to blackmail or some secret plan of his. If we take the first version, then Aliya is clearly not involved in it, but is Riya so dodgy as to do this without her? And one more thing – Sid did not admit that the incident at the hotel was true, he said that the relationship between him and Prachi began after the destruction of their marriages. What is it for? Maybe he, having not found the evidence then, will try to find them now?

  3. And if prachi stay away from ranbir for some days what will change. Why pallavi said like that?

    1. May be she thought that if Prachi stay away from Ranbir then he will see the truth shown from all the proofs – that Prachi’s child is Sid’s and not his. But just because Pallavi thinks that doesn’t mean it will happen.

    2. I know RK trusts Prachi but why he didn’t go to prachi after Sid accused her???? May be because they might be wanting to show Prachi got kidnapped.

  4. When Mugdha was talking about upcoming “bada twist aana wala hai” and all, Krishna looked at her confused it gave me a sense that it’s false. They only say these things to get viewers to watch. Cos they know no one is going to watch this track if they don’t give positive updates. Frankly I don’t blame the actors, these ivs they are supposed to promote their show whether it’s good or bad. But they should leave. Cos this story is going downhill each time and tracks just get worse and worse each time.

    1. Mahabubul Alam

      ranbir was laughing lol.riya was ri8.everyone will be against prachi

  5. If makers show that Prachi has brain then she can prove her innocence by showing period of pregnancy. She is pregnant before seperation and Sid said they came closure after seperation and child is outcome of that. Sid denied all allegation of hotel Kand so he made clear to everyone that hotel Kand was a misunderstanding so by showing duration of conceiving she can prove that child is of RK.

    1. Yeah. She can show that she was in Dilhi during 1 month leap and only went to Bangalore on the same day she found her pregnancy and returned. But for once she can’t prove it without Susma aunty whom they won’t bring due to AbhiGya departure. Also I think it has been proven that Prachi’s brain functions are highly affected by her pregnancy hormones.

    2. Why she needs Sushma aunt for that??? Rhea has hotel register record, CCTV footage with date and time. If Rhea can use CCTV footage why not Prachi. But I know they would not show this.

    3. I don’t understand, how prachi’s kidnaping track would help her???? Why are they repeating kidnaping track????

    4. Although I did not want to ever see Ranbir next to Riya, and even more so in the performance of Tina, when they both went too far for their joint scenes to cause positive emotions, however, when I saw their scene almost by chance, I was once again convinced that they ” couple” there is more chemistry than between Prambir. However, as with any other actress in the role of Riya. If the creators did not write the script for one actress, but soberly assessed how their favorites would look on the screen, they probably would not have brought Pranbir to the point that Pranbir fell in love with each other even when Ryu played Neina, but they would have done so that Riya would eventually changed and became better, and Prachi would introduce a different hero.

    5. The statement is not mine, but in my opinion it is very accurate, and probably even Pranbir fans agree with the last definition “Sorry, I thought how I would call the parts of the series: the first part (before the death of Kiara) – A Tale of Love; the second part (from the jump to 20 years before the coma) – The Mafia is immortal; the third part (after the coma) – Notes from a lunatic asylum.

  6. Despite everything I hate how they destroyed such a pure and great bond in KKB. Sid and Prachi were close friends, he was her supporter and now just to glorify their witch they will turn him into a villain. Why turn everyone against the FL? Honestly they might aswell turn Dida and Sahana against her too. What they do, do you call that “support”. They literally stay mute all the time. Other time they just follow Prachi around like a lost puppy. At the end of the day, Dida is a main figure in that family. If she says she loves Prachi more which she has said, it doesn’t matter because those toxic people are her very OWN FAMILY. Prachi in reality actually has no one. No real family. Sahana will soon marry in that toxic environment but she will never have the same fate as Prachi. The FL, will still be alone. That’s why it’s better to keep her away from EVERYONE and let her raise her baby alone. Ranbir who knows he might later distrust her. So even more reason.

  7. The first thing that peachi should have done is to check DNA report. She should be curious How come it can be negative??? If it is some mistake on medical ground,still she should have inquired, why so happened????

    1. Well, now about the reason for which I continued to read the notes of a madman all these days … Finally, I saw Krush and Tina in one frame))) I liked the way they looked together purely visually, they could make a beautiful couple. I can’t say anything about the chemistry, I still liked his interaction with Pooja more, but all the same, the plot was different there, now if Sid has some feelings for Riya, they will not be seen so clearly at the moment.

    2. Sorry, I wanted to write a separate comment, but it turned out as a response to yours)))

  8. May be all these drama and everyone against Prachi to show Ranbir trusts her despite any proof so he can be redeamed for hotel incident. With Sid accepting he always liked Prachi they are trying to justfy Ranbir’s behavior during hotel incident.

  9. Now, the only way this can turn worse is, when Prachi goes missing she gets in trouble, Siddharth finds her first, and Ranbir sees both of them together

    1. Yeah, I remember Sid actor posted a story of him in the rain at night. Same day he was shooting I thought it wasn’t on sets but hearing news of Prachi running away and also same day when he posted that story, Appy shared one too in the car with Krishna. So it’s a night outdoor scene. Sid probably cooked up some excuse “I was worried about Prachi and my child” blah blah

    2. Untill Prachi accepts that she is having affair with Sid, Rk would not believe and I don’t think they would again create mis understanding for same reason. And in today’s episode Prachi accepts that till when RK would trust her???? So now if RK doesn’t trust PK, she is OK with it so how story would proceed???

    3. To be honest with all these proof against just Prachi’s word, it is acceptable if Ranbir doesn’t trust Prachi and she won’t be upset with Ranbir.

  10. Well, now about the reason for which I continued to read the notes of a madman all these days … Finally, I saw Krush and Tina in one frame))) I liked the way they looked together purely visually, they could make a beautiful couple. I can’t say anything about the chemistry, I still liked his interaction with Pooja more, but all the same, the plot was different there, now if Sid has some feelings for Riya, they will not be seen so clearly at the moment.

  11. Even if he lied,hes jst proven that everything was his idea only,Prachi loves only and only Ranbir….so everyone is in shock and putting the blame on him…it can maybe be out of blackmail from sumone bt its clear that Prachi isnt at fault abt all wat he said….the dialogue of pallu seems awkward bt to her it is also clear that Sid is at fault….rhea is celebrating prematurely bt lets hope that it will end well

  12. Fiddausy Kurfee

    I read in twitter they’re saying rhea blackmail sid to say all this,maybe it will shown in flashback on Monday epi

  13. Although I wrote that Krush’s game, in my opinion, is one of the best of the BP line-up, however, I’m not sure that one can draw unambiguous conclusions from Sid’s facial expression. however I will try. It seemed to me that when Sid told Ria that she was the worst person, sister, wife, he was quite sincere. Moreover, it seemed to me that he was expressing disappointment at how disgusting his once beloved wife could be. When Riya started talking about “evidence” and then when she presented them, a certain confusion was read on his face. If we could accept the idea that Prachi’s evidence and betrayal are real, the expression on his face could mean that they were exposed, but in this case it is not. But what could make him bluntly lie? It seems to me that if they bought him, then his face should have been more cold-blooded, although perhaps he just gathered his courage to lie … One thing I can see quite clearly is that he had no resentment from his lies, which means if the actor played the right way, then Sid did not want to lie, and lied under the pressure of circumstances about which we have yet to find out.

    1. Thank you for put8ng my thoughts in words

  14. you write a comment i don’t say anything

  15. I don’t see the logic in all this. How can you blame one but not blame the other? If Sid got mixed up with his brother’s wife and made her a baby, that’s bad, but if Ranbir got mixed up with his brother’s wife and made her a baby, that’s good. And if Sid lied he had an affair with Prachi, both should be blamed, not just Sid. And now Prachi should not approach Sid at all and not have any conversations with him, otherwise she herself will confirm all Sid’s lies with her action. Now Sid has ruined the life of Prachi and her child with his lies, he has deprived them opportunity to have a family and have rights in the Kohli family. Now it’s just a hopeless situation, what exactly should happen to resolve it, and not further aggravate it.

  16. Better kill prachi problem solved in kumkum bhagya then proceed whatever they want.
    (Note:Haters don’t take advantage of my comment)

  17. The statement is not mine, but in my opinion it is very accurate, and probably even Pranbir fans agree with the last definition “Sorry, I thought how I would call the parts of the series: the first part (before the death of Kiara) – A Tale of Love; the second part (from the jump to 20 years before the coma) – The Mafia is immortal; the third part (after the coma) – Notes from a lunatic asylum.


      Very useless film

  18. This Sahana is useless…she only knows how to spoil the good moments of pranbir idiot and when it’s comes to supporting Prachi ….she never does that and Aryan also I thought being a brother he would support his sis Prachi as he knows how Prachi is but just standing like a fool as if nothing happened…I thought Sahana and Aryan will take stand for at least but no they were just standing like idiots…. hopeless character this two are …..only sticking with pranbir in their good moments… manerless , …good for nothing this Sahana she thinks Prachi as her sister…best friend… idiot nothing good she will do only knows how to spoil everything

    1. How can Sahana, Aryan or anyone say anything? Only Prachi and Sid knows what happened between them in that hotel after 1 month. They can choose to believe Prachi over Sid but Prachi didn’t tell her side of story to anyone, not even Sahana. In that case what can Sahana or Aryan do other than hitting Sid just like Ranbir?

  19. Aryan being Prachi’s brother and the only REAL family member she has left, stayed still and silent whilst his sister was being badly humiliated. What kind of brother is this? Isn’t he on Pranbir’s supporter? Absolutely dreadful. I really don’t understand the point in bringing him back.

  20. Fiddausy Kurfee

    Prachi surrended by useless people around her,shahana,aryan and dida is better if prachi is along instead of this stupid people and ranbir can be trusted

    1. That’s what I’m saying and I’m not saying what happen between Sid and Prachi .should be known by Sahana and all .. at least they can defend her by saying ur speaking rubbish about her and it’s all lie 😤 but they stand silent 😡

  21. so this disgusting episode where a woman is being stripped off her dignity will air on tv on the day when people here celebrate janmashthami.
    shameless makers.

  22. Iam no more interested in this horror movie how are they going foward with the story they have disgraced an innocent pregnant woman and and unborn child i do not care what happens anymore even if they get ML to stay with Rhea it is fine only want FL to go live on her own writer and director well done

  23. Aryan and shahana are useless in the serial and I don’t really see how aryan’s return has changed anything , he has became useless as the others. It’s a total mess 😫😫😫 .

    Everything is so mixed up in this serial between Rhéa false pregnancy which the writer seems to have forgotten , prachi character assassin which all possibilities of proving his innocence are closed to her . Writers don’t want expose and don’t want also move forward , we turn in circles .

    1. From the past 3 yrs Rhea , Rhea and her drama I don’t know like what problem they have to bring new cast and all …keeping aliyas character which is totally useless and Rhea toh I don’t know when they will end her character it’s just frustrating the same people with same story ….guys infact say me one thing if you had seen any other track instead of two wives track , Prachi humiliation, planning plotting against Prachi and rubbish scenes between Rhea and Ranbir….they even didn’t showed any kind of rivalry like business or other things …just sticking with one topic Rhea and Rhea ….what is there in the name kumkum bagya nothing related had shown after 2 yrs leap …..bezatii bagya name suits more ….bcoz only the things are happening with Prachi only they are only planning and plotting against her it’s honestly frustrating now

  24. I still have hope something positive will happen. They just can’t show RK’s child as Sid’s for whole life, Rhea is celebrating prematurely. When she came up with her fake pregnancy idea she was on cloud nine but she herself accepted that her fake pregnancy is of no use.
    So according to me makers are using every possible way to humiliate Prachi for drama purpose but then Rhea is going to loose.

    1. Rhea is not celebrating prematurely actually she won in all the cases. DNA✅ Sid✅. So her celebration is after winning not premature.

  25. I seriously want Mughdha to leave this show. The way her character is being shown and the potential that she has is not matching at all.
    Yes I agree it is not easy to leave Ekta’s show, as she can ruin her career like Naina. But according to me this two are different case. Naina was new to industry where as Mughdha is an established actor, as far as I know KKB is her first Balaji show. Before that also she was acting with other production houses. She is active in Marathi industries also. Now a days other platform are also open.

    So atleast she can discuss with production house that she is not happy with the way her character has been developed.
    Party and Erica also left KZK2 because they were not liking their character progression.
    So many examples are there.
    Muhhdha is just wasting her time here.

    1. I’ve been waiting for this for 3 years, but I think she paid too high a price for filling the series completely. I don’t think her talents behind the scenes are so wide that she would have to start all over again somewhere else. She just has enough influence on the creators to dictate to them where to direct the storyline. The script is written for her and for her, so she determines what to play. I don’t know what she likes to play? It is possible that you need to strain less, although she still doesn’t portray anything … But maybe she decided that her always the same face with such a mcenarri would be better to look … Or she doesn’t want a jump, so this moment delays. But the fact that everything in the series just depends on her whim is a fact.

    2. You are correct…she is just wasting her time here …bcoz I can’t see any kind of progress u know she is a good actor and if you give her bold avatar then she would do it so smoothly which we had seen during Rhea -ranbir marriage when she came back to take her rights back …..but nowadays they are destroying her role so badly…they can show her as like yrkkh actress, where girls are given strong character to potray …actually mugdha is a very humble actor she doesn’t wants more , what she gets she works hard on it either it’s small or big also it’s all in writers hand but they are making her weak …the character before Prachi was so bold and cunning and most probably after marriage with Ranbir they ruin her character fully …if she would done another good project then she would get a better role bcoz most probably balaji lead female are shown weak only where else other production house female leads are shown as so strong ….

  26. When will the trp come??

    1. 12.00-1.00Pm

  27. OR Siddharth is deliberately lying to make Prachi leave the Kohli family because he ‘genuinely’ thinks that Prachi will never be happy there…. just like Udariyaan’s Angad Maan who tried to separate FATEJO because he was convinced that sooner or later Fateh will inevitably hurt Tejo again, so for her ‘betterment’ it would be better if she got separated from him before she could get hurt again

    You know, kind of twisted protectiveness where a person gets so convinced that only their method of ‘protecting’ someone is right, even though ‘right now’ it’s hurtful to that person but ‘eventually’ they will realize that it was for their own good only

    1. But he has witnessed RK and PK’s love. During anniversary party he was happy that RK and PK are together. He saw that RK trusts PK. So I don’t think it is out of protectiveness but I have a strong feeling that Rhea is blackmailing him.
      I have doubt on that police inspector. Something must have happened in cab ride after inspector met to Sid.
      Initially he said to Rhea you are the worst sister, human and wife. And Rhea was seemed to confident even when she went to call Prachi in her room

    2. But after seeing the inspector rhea got scared. If she hired him why will she scared ?

  28. Another night shoot that lasted all night long. What’s happening. Last time they had a night shoot repeating till very late was Prachi’s kidnapping track. What track is there for them to be shooting so late for many days? Or does Prachi get kidnapped again

    1. Yesterday they were shooting at midnight?

    2. Yes. Appy’s story and vandana 15 tupe (kkb creative ) insta story

  29. Fiddausy Kurfee

    How can kidnapping track work in this situation,is better if they bring memory loss track for prachi,this is the only way prachi can be happy

    1. Do you watch yeh hai chahatein. In that serial preetha was pregnant then some one changed her mind and she forgeted everything. We can say similar to memory loss whether she is pregnant now or not.

  30. Maybe the goons will say they were hired by Prachi to kill/ kidnap Sid or Rhea.

    You don’t need to apply much brain power to make these predictions

    1. 🤣. Excatly the very first day of goons episode I too said this that goons will blame prachi and they will disappear from kumkum bhagya.

    2. It means they would repeat same Nick track???? I don’t think so.

    3. Sanam, for almost 10 months they are repeating the same crap then why not with nick track.

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