Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malishka asks Mukesh to run from here otherwise he will be trapped. Mukesh agrees. Malishka asks him to escape from the backside. He runs out from the backdoor. Malishka thinks Lakshmi and her bhagya are defeated in her hands. Ayush and Lakshmi join customers and clients in the hospital. Ayush goes aside and informs Virendra about the incident. Lakshmi prays to God to not let her family face backlash. She cries for breaking trust of Rishi and ruining the reputation of Oberoi’s family. Virendra asks Ayush to leave the hospital immediately with Lakshmi and doesn’t answer any questions of Media and I will send Mahesh to handle the situation as you guys don’t have experience. Ayush informs the same to Lakshmi and they leave the hospital.

Neelam on call gets to know what happened at Hotel. She says Lakshmi is inauspicious and hopes the media doesn’t know about it. Malishka is shown to be the person Neelam is talking to. Malishka calls the media to capture the live of the scandal which happened at Oberoi radiant. She thinks the job is done and Lakshmi is finished. Neelam calls for Lakshmi. The worker says Lakshmi didn’t return. Virendra and others come there. Neelam says you know what happened, Lakshmi is inauspicious to us. Karishma asks what happened. Virendra asks how she knows. Neelam says everyone will find it as Lakshmi kept our name and reputation at a stake. Sonia asks what happened.

Neelam tells them how Lakshmi ruined everything. Virendra receives Mahesh’s call. Mahesh informs him that poison has been mixed in the food and that’s why everyone got hospitalized. Virendra asks how it can happen as Lakshmi is responsible. Karishma says it’s a criminal offense. Neelam says they are going to face problems because of Lakshmi and she is a curse to our lives. Virendra says Lakshmi can’t do anything wrong and there is something fishy. Karishma is about to say something but Virendra asks her to shut up.

Malishka constructs a scene where everyone is going to accuse Lakshmi without trusting her words. She smiles and decides to share her happiness with her partner. She calls Kiran and tells her that Lakshmi’s chapter is ended and Oberoi are going to throw out Lakshmi. Kiran asks what she did it to remove Lakshmi from her way. Malishka asks her to come to Oberoi’s house to watch the live. Kiran asks the driver to take her to Oberoi’s house. She asks Malishka what she did to change everything in her favor. Malishka tells her what she did and asks her mom to watch the live of her success. Kiran agrees.

Lakshmi asks Ayush to talk with Doctor to know what we have to do next. Ayush asks Lakshmi to call Rishi to take his suggestion. Lakshmi and Rishi call each other at the same time. They get a busy tone. Ayush asks Lakshmi to relax saying everything will be fine. Balwinder tells Guddu that Malishka is not answering his calls. Guddu says Malishka used him. Balwinder says he will kill Malishka if she doesn’t pay him. Rano overhears it. Balwinder notices her. Neelam says Lakshmi snatched their happiness and peace from their lives. Virendra tries to stop her but Neelam doesn’t listen. She asks if he is trapped in Lakshmi’s magic seeing the pooja she arranged for his Dad. She says he did mistake by trusting Lakshmi.

Kiran comes there. Everyone stays silent. Kiran asks them what happened. Karishma and Sonia tell how Lakshmi ruined their respect. Kiran asks why they allowed Lakshmi to manage it leaving Malishka. Karishma says these people are mad to trust Lakshmi. That time Lakshmi comes home with Ayush. Karishma stops Lakshmi and asks her to celebrate for ruining their reputation. Lakshmi says don’t know how it happened. Neelam calls Lakshmi as inauspicious. Ayush says don’t know how it happened as we checked everything. Virendra says everything will be fine. Neelam warns him to not support Lakshmi as she did a mistake. Ayush says Lakshmi didn’t do any mistake. Neelam warns him to shut up.

Precap: Malishka’s mom says to Malishka, I’m so proud of you, finally you removed Lakshmi from this house. Rishi drags Lakshmi out of his house. Lakshmi tries to stop him. Rishi shouts, shut up, from now on we are not related to each other, I’m throwing you out of this house and my life. Rishi is dead for you and Lakshmi is dead for me.

  1. When will malishka be exposed it’s too exxagerated As if such businessmen do not have common sense

    1. The writers of this show have no common sense, the plots are so stupid and unrealistic

    2. It won’t happen. This show of Bhagya Lakshmi got distracted and not catch a culprit by police????? It means it won’t exposed Maliskha 🙄. I am very very fed up of watching that.

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