Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi feels betrayed and gets angry

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with King pointing towards Abhi and tells Pragya that he is the one who is troubling me. Pragya asks who? King says he left. Abhi comes out of Police station and is still shocked, thinks of Pragya’s words. He recalls their romantic moments. Layi bhi na gayi song plays… fb scene.Pragya tells that our togetherness is written by destiny. ….Abhi asks Purab to stop the car and gets down from the car. He tells him that he has to talk to him and don’t know what is happening. Purab asks what he is talking about? Abhi goes. Tanu comes out and asks what happened? She says we shall go and her heels get broken. She asks Purab to help her. Purab says I have to go to abhi else he will land in problem.

Pragya scolds King for fighting with him and says if you do the same then what is the difference between you both. She says road side fight doesn’t suit you. King asks her to try and understand. Pragya says you have some responsibilities towards your fans and asks him to change himself. She says you gets upset and drink wine. She says I had to lie for you, and says I am your manager and I handle your work and can’t handle you. She says I won’t be quiet everytime and asks him to accept his mistake. King says I don’t need to hear your lecture. Pragya asks him to change for his career if not for Kiara. Pragya says fans are also yours and asks him to handle his life. King says career and fans both are mine. He says he will handle his life. Pragya says your life is not of 4 mins like your songs and asks him to change for himself. She says then I can’t lie for you and says sorry. King gets upset and goes.

Pragya stands on road. Abhi reaches Police station and asks Constable about Pragya. Constable says may be she is talking to inspector. Inspector tells that she left. Constable says I saw her behind police station. Tarun brings car and asks about King. Pragya says he took taxi and left. She sits in car. Abhi comes there and sees her going in car. He tries to stop the car and shouts Pragya. He cries and shouts Pragya aloud on middle of road. Pragya reaches hotel and sees King going to his room. Tarun asks him to open the door. Pragya says leave him alone for now. King says I don’t want to talk to you. Pragya thanks Tarun for being with him. Tarun says he is my idol and brother and thanks Pragya. King drinks in his room and thinks about Abhi’s words. He gets angry and asks why he is interfering in my life and entering my brain.

Pragya comes to room and says good night to Kiara. Kiara says how can night be good without you and calls her Janu. Pragya recalls Abhi saying the same thing. Abhi is in his room and cries thinking about Pragya. Purab and Disha knock on the door. Purab tells her that Abhi was crying on road. Abhi opens the door and says I need to sleep. Disha says what happened in the Police station. Purab says he has a meeting tomorrow, we shall not disturb him. Abhi is sad in his room and looks at cookie toy.

He says Purab tells that I have changed and became big businessman, but you are real business woman. He asks why did you do this and says I was yearning for you every moment and you did this. He says you forgot me, your teddy bear. He says you fought with goons for me, jumped in fire, saved me from bomb and court case, and even drank the snake poison as you used to love me. He says then why did you betray me? He says I was angry and that’s why left you, but why did you leave me? He says I was never broken, but you broke me today. He says you are responsible for my loneliness and says if you don’t care for me then I will also not care for you. He says to tell you the truth, you did right and found new happiness, as I snatched your happiness. He says well done fuggi and asks her to tell one thing. He says if you was in Delhi, you would have come to meet me and to tell that you are happy.

He says I didn’t know where was you, but you know my home. He says you would have scolded me and made me realize my mistake. He says I wait for you in that house for 5 months and thought you forgot the way. He says today when I saw you, I felt peace which I never got which was lost. He says I felt that I will live, but you brought poison for me, you became of someone else and says I wish your marriage was a compromise like my marriage. He says you made kumkum mixed in the ashes and says I hate you fuggi, chasmish and says I hate you.

Pragya asks King where is Kiara? King says she went downstairs. Receptionist thinks of them as father and daughter. Kiara says they are new in hotel and calls Abhi as pops.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. As expected, Pragya did a wrong by “moving on” although she didn’t and Abhi did.. but he’s the man he does no wrong. He gets re-married and she’s responsible for him being miserable…… What pisses me off is the statement he was angry when he sent her away but she should have been a puppy and run behind him

  2. Ekta please end this stupid serial ;now also Abhi is thinking hell of Pragya & why can’t he understand that she still loves him and he is the one who broke Pragya totally but today he is saying that she broke him & being a lady how could you write like this Ekta ??? I’m really requesting you on my every comment please end the serial as soon as possible

  3. Cathy

    Well no surprise there!! This is all Pragya’s fault she was supposed to know that she was required to crawl back and beg for forgiveness and heal himself, if this show has any decency then they will make Pragya be strong let him know the when, the where and the why she didn’t come back and this show better tell her story and not just some 15 second flashback..

  4. Akituster i agree with everything you said 100% because we all know that alliyah and tanu always sets pragya up for the fall and dotish as abhi never gives her the benefit of the doubt so it is best for pragya to move on with king and kiara and have an enjoyable and fulfilled relationship/life before the two old hags alliyah and tanu try to kill kiara and set pragya up again and abhi of course will believe them throw pragya out like a dog on the streets; if ekta wants to make a viewers happy this is the ideal storyline for her to give us down with abhi and up with king for pragya. alliyah and tanu got away and is still getting away with too much evil and not being exposed but always being forgiven no way hosay and now what makes matters worse is dadi is DEAD so there is no one to back up abhi and throw their asses out on the streets for sure.

    1. thx Sapphire. Who knows what the writers will do. the whole series has been about normalizing abuse. It is accepted that Abhi can have temper tantrums and no one takes him seriously. Even his victims (Pragya) should ‘suck it up’ and automatically forgive him, not even knowing if his ‘decisions’ were real. Pragya has been trained to accept abuse as an act of love. The writers push that theme throughout the series. As well, Pragya was ‘acquired’ by Dadi in order for her to help Abhi mature, grow up. He hasn’t. He doesn’t have a chance to heal ever as long as he subjects himself to his psychopathic relatives and his personal thief, Tanu. Pragya needs to get over her Stockholm Syndrome and consider the very generous and non-abusive man who has been supporting her and honouring her. The writers cannot allow the main couple to heal.
      There would be no show. Then there would be no money. The producer here is very much liking the status quo. It is far more profitable than to actually creatively think and produce programming that is entertaining, exciting and also supportive of viewers
      personal enrichment. You know, be a different kind of ‘leader of worth’ in the industry.

      1. ps I think that Ektas astrologer has assured her that she really doesn’t have to work that hard and pull out some ‘enriching’ acts of creativity from her happy and wealthy little heart/mind.

      2. So true.All is money.Money is all.
        However, there must be a basic uncritical audience out there.Otherwise why bother.?

  5. Aisi kaun si majboori thi ki characterless tanu se shaadi ( so called samjhauta ) karni padi ? I’m sure ghar waalon ne toh force nahin kiya hoga ( woh bhi that b*t*h ke liye )…Apni marzi ko samjhaute ka naam mat deejiye abhi ji…abhi ke isi karni ki wajah se, aaj characterless tanu me itna attitude hai…dadi ke liye abhi ne pragya ko ghar se nikaal diya, woh b*t*h ( tanu ) toh kisi ko ( ghar me ) respect nahin deti…kya yeh abhi ko dikhaayi nahin deta ? Abhi toh kisi se nahin dabta tha toh tanu se kyun dab raha hai..iska matlab toh yahi hai ki abhi ko tanu se koi problem nahin hai..chahe woh ( tanu ) kuchh bhi kare… I like pragya, I hate abhi , I hate abhi-“that” relationship ( so called samjhauta )…

  6. How can he get angry when he was the one who threw Pragya out of the MM and his life. Maybe Pragya shouldn’t have moved on, or maybe she should’ve spent the last 7 years moping around and licking her wounds. This will probably teach Abhi a lesson or two.

  7. I dont like this king. He seems to drink too much. Pragya does not need anymore abuse. Pls end the series with pragya and Ahbi happy. Since good Dadi died. Let evil tanu and ahlia die too. Evil Should not win. We want to see happiness in mehra house for a change.

  8. Why is the dumb abhi feeling sooo much for Pragya when he made her leave him. Stop this crack pot ok. He can marry someone den y not pragya. He was too dumb to listen to his stupid sister and marry the devil. Y can’t he c her another man when that dumbass can b wid another women

  9. He stayed married with tanu since 7 yrs , n now when he saw pragya married with someone else and he feel bad how discusting, if he love her so much then y dont he search her in 7 yrs

    1. Ur right

  10. They are repeating the kasam serial…….are they run out of ideas…….?

    1. is it goinh like kasam ah the dame series

  11. Akituster you said it right . I don’t know this kasam ,but I have watched a few series by Ekta and all of them have the same storyline and She is a woman herself .Why is she portraying women in this way. I always wanted to know this , can someone else beside the married individuals file for divorce in India?. Abhi deserve all the hurt in the world . The second things don’t work the way he wants he throws tantrums like a kid and he forgets all the promises he made , the hurt , the things she did to save him . I really wish pragya could come to her senses and not forgive him he doesn’t deserve this girl. Can they give us a twist we not expecting for a change.

  12. Better not think about the storyline… I watch this serial just for Shabir and Sriti’s acting, nothing else .. The kid Kiara too is super talented….

    1. the thing is that a ‘story’ is supposed to have a plot. I too, admire the level of acting by the two main characters. In fact a well-imagined plot is a big part of being a good writer and producer. If you are told that you have just purchased a designer bag, you expect to receive a designer bag not a fake. When it comes to writers and producers this Ekta Kapoor is sold like she is very talented. Really? The program offers a brilliant music director, a brilliant director, good or better actors but the plot? If Miss Kapoor, earns what she does…wouldn’t one expect an actual plot rather than ‘copying’ from other peoples story-lines? In schooling that is called cheating and is not honoured.

  13. What the hell abhi is talking abt that pragya ne kumkum ko raakh Bana diya… Chalo let’s assume that abhi comes to know that pragya is not married, but then how is he going to take pragya home, since he is married to the b*t*h tanu and do you think now that she ia married to abhi will she leave him, especially when foe the past so many years even though when she was not Married to abhi she tried to kill pragya and killed hee sister and did all to separate abhigya and like a shameless woman was staying in mehra mansion…. So what all the fuss is about by abhi… Let him also go through the pain which pragya was subjected to by him and his family… Nice to see abhi I this state… Anyways who would want a person like Abhi who can’t stand up for his wife… Not a man but a joker

  14. i can tell u now what will happen in future
    1. abhi realises kaira is his daughter in another 4 to 5 months
    2. both will fight in court for another 4 to 5 months
    3. then they realise their mistake in next 2 to 3 months
    4.they unite for one episodr
    5. entry of new villain and again separated
    and the cycle goes on

    1. To Ss
      true this will happen also Kara will be kidnapped at some point
      Milking the same story lines as always .I guess scared to deviate from
      Tried and tested

  15. I am happy, abhi got what he deserves, let him think pragya is married to king, he deserves to feel the pain when near ones betray,just like he did to pragya, he knew aaliya hates pragya still he supported her, can’t wait to see when abhi knowing about king & pragya,

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