Ishqbaaz 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye decides to fund old age homes

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Ishqbaaz 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says I have no problems with her, her miraculous kada has saved Shivaye’s life. Bhavya says she helped in ending distance between me and Bhabhis. Rudra says I slept peacefully because of her. Shivaye says I don’t understand the purpose of her coming, she stayed here, lied and left with our family photo. Dadi says don’t know who she was and where did she go. Shivaye says I know where she has gone. He leaves. He drives thinking of Devyaani’s words. He comes to chinese stall and asks about her. He asks more people and comes to her house. He sees many family pics on the wall. He sees Oberoi family pic too. Devyaani comes home and sees him. She worries and says I m not a thief, I didn’t steal anything. He says I know you are not a thief, but all this… She says life didn’t turn my dreams true, so I borrow dreams from others by telling lies, I go to stay with strangers, I feel that I have dear ones, all these are pics of those dreams, I knew what a family and home is, but I learnt to live with a family by living at your house, after I saw you, I got to know how a son should be, you came running with a shawl seeing a stranger in trouble, if you can think and do so much for stranger, I can’t imagine how much you can do for loved ones, I heard people say that…. my heart is overwhelmed, when you made me wear that shawl, I realized what it means.

She says after my husband’s death, I worked hard and raised my children, educated them and got them married too, I fulfilled all duties of a mum, but my children forgot everything, when I grew old, I became a burden on them, one day, they took me to hospital to get me admitted, they left me there and ran away. He asks how can someone do this with mum. She says there are all kinds of children in the world, good and bad, its hard to find a son like you, if every house has a son like you, every mum will be Kaushalya, my son has never shown me such affection, Lord should always keep you happy. She cries. He says tell me more.

She says hospital staff has felt sorry for me and sent me to old age home, but one day the ashram got shut down because of lack of money, since that day, I keep wandering here and there, and sometimes, I come here for shelter.

Shivaye says whenever she feels lonely, she goes to someone’s house, she lies and lives there for a couple of days, then she takes their family pic and returns to her world, just because she misses her family. Anika says she had hidden much sorrow behind her sweet smile and miraculous remedies. Bhavya says people yearn for parents and those who have parents don’t value. Rudra says I can’t believe there are such children who make parents out of homes, such children should be taught a lesson. Shivaye says we have to make them remember, release this news in media, Oberois got their Dadi’s sister back, who was separated at the time of partition, release Devyaani’s pic too, when her children know this, they will come running.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get Devyaani. Shivaye says I had told you Nani, your children will contact us when this news comes on tv, they are coming to meet you, I want to meet them, I know mum’s heart is big to forgive children, promise me you will make them realize their mistake. Anika says we have invited media, so that your children have to answer us in front of the media, then others will learn a lesson and respect their parents, don’t worry, give us a signal when you are ready, we will call media in. Shivaye says don’t worry, we are with you. Khanna gets Devyaani’s children and their spouses in. They see the big house.

They hug Devyaani and cry. They say we missed you a lot, we realized your tears. Anika says they are shedding crocodile tears. Shivaye says why is Nani not telling them anything. The girl says you didn’t tell us you are related to Oberois. The guy says they are rich people. The girl says you are wearing good clothes and necklace, they would have given you a lot of money and jewelry right. Devyaani says I m glad you came to meet me, you should go now. Her son asks why, introduce us to our relatives first. Devyaani says its a lie, Shivaye did this drama to call you here, he wanted me to ask you why you did this to me, he called media too so that the world knows how you abandoned me, I can’t do this, a mum can tolerate pain but can’t see children in pain, just go away. Shivaye says wait a min. He wipes Devyaani’s tears.

Shivaye says don’t say a word, you don’t deserve to speak, your mum saved you, else I was going to expose you, do you know who is she, a mum, a mum is the one who gives us birth, raises, nourishes, educates, cares and teaches us everything, what did you do, you left her alone in an old age, she still cares for you, I spit on you, you don’t deserve her, ask someone who doesn’t have a mum, be grateful that Lord gave you a mum, value her, the children who think mum is a burden, they forget that woman has carried them before giving them birth, she taught you how to walk, you left her, when you got to know your mum is related to Oberoi family, you have come, a mum can never curse children, as you sow, so shall you reap, whatever you have done with your mum today, your children will do the same with you tomorrow. Devyaani’s children leave.

She thanks Shivaye for respecting her words. Shivaye says we should thank you for giving us an opportunity to do something good, I have decided something, we will fund all old age homes that are in financial crisis, no elderly person will lose shelter, even if children forget their parents, the parents will not forget to live, the desire to live and support, it will be a place where elderly can live with respect and dignity. Dadi says you have done a really good thing. Devyaani says if every household has a son like you, none will need any old age home, I wish my son was like you. He says then consider me as your son, and this family as yours, there is just one rule, don’t spoil my hair. She says sorry. They all smile. Shivaye hugs Devyaani.

New story: Siddhi Maai ki Jag Hasai.

Shivaye is on the way. Anika calls him and asks him to come home soon, its a mess here. He asks is everyone fine. She says I can’t explain anything, just come home soon. He asks driver to take him home. Anika turns and sees a lots of people chanting and dancing. Tum hi bandhu….plays….Om asks is Shivaye coming. Anika says yes. Bhavya says what happened to Rudra, he wasn’t such. Om says I know Gauri’s devotion, but this is too much. Anika says I know Rudra is like a child and Gauri is naive, but what happened to Dadi. Om says don’t know. A lady sits on the red throne. Everyone takes her blessings. The man says Siddhi Maa will show her miracle for which you believe her. Dadi says Siddhi Maa will sit on her throne and it will raise on its own. Rudra asks what are you saying. Siddhi sits and signs to lift the throne up in the air. Everyone gets shocked.

Shivaye comes home and looks on. Rudra says she is like a superman. Gauri says superman is a guy, she is superwoman. Dadi says she is Siddhi Maai. They all say Jai Jai…. Shivaye asks what’s happening, Rudy what’s up. Rudra says Siddhi Maai is up, see how she is flying like superman. Shivaye asks Dadi who are these people. Dadi says she is Siddhi Maai, I visit her ashram, she has blessed our house with her presence. Siddhi gets throne down on ground. She says so he is Shivaye, I have heard a lot about him. She asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye walks ahead. She stops him.

Siddhi says I knew you will come to me even if it takes time. Shivaye says your misconception will be cleared when I throw you out of this house. She says that’s not possible. He says I know your truth, you are a fraud.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode.Really heart touchy episode.. I just got emotional when Nani said about her story.. Cv’s did good job.. That we have to respect, love & spend quality time with them..
    Andh viswas just started let’s what that Mata ji gonna do.. Poor Gauri, dadi & rudy… As per the insta post of surbhi, shrenu & mansi they said it gonna be fun.. Let’s hope for the best..
    Lets see where does faith and superstitious begins..? Happy weekend guys…

    1. Banita

      Yeh di this maataji track will be a fun ride….

      1. Hi Bani,
        Thanks you.. I hope it’s a fun ride.. Let’s see.. Me too track is good.. But, it’s a crucial topic no idea how Cv’s gonna handle it.. If they really portray well then it gonna be hot topic in TV industry..

      2. Hi Bani,
        Can you tell me the meaning of siddi ma ki jaag hasai.. The correct meaning of jaag hasai..

      3. Banita

        Dii I don’t know d real meaning of jaag hasai… But I think they use it for fun only…. After al it’s going to be a fun ride….

    2. Go Kadhambari Di Go!
      Congo on being first.
      Ya Nani’s story was really emotional and heart breaking ,I mean I can not imagine how can someone leave his mom in hospital alone?

      1. Yup.. It’s was really emotional to watch.. There are many ppl like that.. I even seen in my real life.. They became old now and their son left them and staying in U.S.. Their karma is paying off.. Now she is crying.. “you reap what you sow”.

    3. GKG,congo on being 1st ,have a happy weekend ,,

      1. Thanks Tania..

      2. Happy weekend to you.. ?

  2. Hi everyone .
    How are you all?

    Firstly, mujhe Nani ke bacchon ke bacche ,unke bacche Lage hi nhi .
    I mean yaar they were of same age.

    Anjaan Nani bani sabki pareshani.
    But I don’t think that Nani created any problem.

    But I am sure .
    Siddhi Bai ki jag hasai
    One hundred and one percent will happen.

    Seriously ,Rudy you believe in such type of superstition.
    I mean he is educated enough to differentiate between vishwas and andhvishwas.
    But Gauri,dadi and Rudy danced very well.???????????????

    And by the way which type of Devi play song like .
    Tum hi din chade,
    Tum din dhale ,
    Tum hi ho bandhu sakha tumhi ho.

    Eagerly waiting for Monday.

    OK bye.
    Good night.

    1. Banita

      Ishu , at 1st i felt actually confused that Nani have 2 children nd those two r their respective partner… So yeh i also felt like U…
      Sidhi baai ki jag hasai… Hahaha…. LOL dr…

      1. I am also fine Di.
        Yes, last lines of my comment,is a song from Hum Saath Saath hain.

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals.
    @CHELSYdear…welcome to PKJ..akka paglon ki jhund…keep commenting and enjoy the fun
    @Renimarenju di….400+pkj name….yiu created a history di..but most sad part is 96% pagals left show…and also left pkj…..??????
    @Tani…..Thank you dear
    @Ishu..ok i am clam but still scared.
    Come to episode
    -HS you rocked today. . ..what dialogues are..i am flattered. …You gave a really good message through Shivaay..We should respect our parents bcoz what ever we are today only bcoz of them..there are so many lives are suffering with these issues…Even Omce I visited a Old Age Home…And I listened some of old people story..I broke down there..No one can stop their tears after listening their heart breaking story.A Man his wife died earlier..He alone cared for his child and made him highly educated…without anyone’s support But His went to America got citizenship of that country and maaried a girl and didn’t come back to his father..His father bcame so weak and at last He started to live in Old Age Home….?????When I listened his story i cried..but unfortunately he died 8 months ago.WHAT WAS HIS FAULT?????????.
    Both Parents and children has some duty towards each other…they are most imp part of society. I got very much emotional and Angry today by seeing those selfish children’s behaviour want to SLAP THEM.BADLY…how can some one left their elders in hospital to suffer like this?????
    P.S-It will be actually good if all those lines could be said by Annika or Gouri or Bhabya …..bcoz they actually faced the alone ness without a mother….

    2ND PART.
    —?????????????????????????it cracked me up sooo badly..what was that????????
    1.When everyone were doing Namaskar type pose.i felt like they were exercising in a row snd when drill master is busy they are chiling.?????

    2 who played a song TUM HI DIN CHADE from cocktail movie..kirtan ho raha he ki party???????????,???????They were behaving like drugged person..

    3 are like child ok.but you are getting out of character..stay in yiur pace.. plz.

    4.Dadi..I am fainted. .what was that??????????????????????

    5 .Gouri….my ….chireya..plz sayani chireya ban jao.. and stop believing on these fake people

    6.Annika Bhabya and Om’s expression was chery on cake..?????????Tino ke tino bhokla gaye.. ..

    7.JAI JAI JAI..??????Nara laga rahe ho ki Prachar kar rahe ho. JAI JAI JAI.JINDA BAD..JINDA BAD..MURDABAD…

    8 precap- WAITING Now two days torture ..monday come soon.

    Why Pkj was silent yesterday only 38 comments kaha gaye sab???

    Today Noks bhaiya was live with raj bardhan..I felt he loves ishqbaaz more than us
    Whole cast are doing their work to entertain us now its our time to give them happiness So Guys..Plz be ready for SPA 2018…. competition will be very tough…….

    And Now Ishqbaaz is taking very big risk by bringing #ME TOO issue…which is totally a controversial issue…don’t know how Cvs will manage with it.
    But plz support ishqbaaz
    Keep watching on tv.
    Keep commenting on pkj..
    And those who are in twitter be active
    Ok love you byy


      1. Banita

        #Me too , it’s about s*xual harassed or assuaulted issue…

    2. Banita

      Hlo Arpu….
      Yeh Aniya mein se koi bolti toh aur accha hota….
      2nd part ,
      1) Same time only my mumma came to watch nd she asked me why all r exercising here??? It cracked me more…
      Did U saw d whole stry of Nox bhaiya with Raj?? If yes then from where u got it?? I m searching for it….
      I think SP bhul gaya hain ki SPA vi hona hain…
      #ME TOO is d most sensitive issue now a days all over world…. I think for this only they banned media on set…. Hope it go well…

    3. Hello Arpita Di.

      Yes you are right ,parents and children both have their responsibilities towards each other.
      But according to me only parents are full filing their responsibilities towards their children .
      Even children doesn’t bother for their parents suffering .

      Wahi to Arpita Di ,
      Siddhi Bai ko kitni siddhi prapt hai wo to uski choice of song se hi pata chal Raha hai.

  4. Banita

    Hlo Pagals….
    Siddhi maai ki jag hansai…???????????????????????
    Okkk control Banita control…. Hahaha… Can’t stop myself after watching this part…. It’s ????
    So today’s epi was good…. First part was emotional one nd 2nd par was hilarious…..
    From starting…
    We should respect our parents or grandparents always…. Their position is very important in our life….
    Shivay was right… Whatever we did it will comeback to us as fruit of our own KARMA…. People should remember this before throwing their parents….
    I don’t know what to say much about this topic…
    Nani’s son nd daughter in law….They thought about jewellery nd al… Greedy people…. Nd I don’t think at d last also they understood anything….
    At last of this scene dadi – Nani hug was sooo cuteeee…..
    BTW Shivay told “Partition ke waqt bichad gayi thi” Did he meant to Indo-Pak partition?? Wow… Dadi sacchi mein old hain yaar..???
    Nd when her son nd DIL came nd started their drama…. That part was hilarious ????
    Now coming to 2nd part…..
    Siddhi maai ki jai…jai… Jai…???????????????????????????
    AniOmYa ki expressions r toooooo funny…..
    Dadi seriously she visited her Asaram for satsang…… Seriously….
    I’ll among dadiriru… Dadi’s expressions were Superbbbb……??????????
    Gouri – Yeh toh Chhhiiirrraaaiiiiyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa hain….. Hahahahahahahahahaha……
    JB maatee uper uth gayi that time Om was??????????????
    Okkk whatever all these but this is one of a big issue now a days… Many people bilnd believe on those fake mastaji nd babaji…
    Precap – More chamatkar of Siddhi maai ????
    @Nila _27….Ohhhh so U r my Nila 3…. Acchi baat mujhe toh Laga Nila version 4 banana padega…
    GN PKJ….

    1. Hello Banita Di.
      Kese ho aap?
      Yes you are correct Shivaye was right ,whatever we do it will come back to us as KARMA.
      But the problem is ,hum humesha kuch bhi accha karne se pehle use phal( fruit or result ) ki chinta karte hain.
      For example ,if we are preparing for some competitive exam ,we always worry for results.
      But we forget about result ,whenever we do some cheap mistake . Like insulting our parents .
      At that time we forget that parents are the another Roop of God .
      In the end I just want to say,

      I hope you will understand ,what exactly I am trying to say .

      Love u Di.❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Banita

        Hlo Ishu….
        I m good dr… How about you???
        Yeah I understood what u want to say…. U r absolutely correct dr we think about our fruit /results before doing any good work , but totally forget it before doing some cheap works…. Nd we should change our mentality on this…
        Hume yeah humesha yaad rakhna chahiye ki humara parents humara liye kya kuch kiye hain… Nd they don’t deserve this type of cheap behaviour….
        Ur ending line…. It reminds me of hum saath saath hai movie… Totally agree with it…
        Love u dr…

  5. Can anyone please say what is happening in ishqbaaz? Everything is out of my thoughts….trp is increasing? What is gng on? 1st part 2nd part blah blah blah…..please say

  6. Rithu17

    “Rudy,what’s up?”…”Siddhi maa is up”..?????

  7. I started slowly so dislike this serial……its all the same track
    Someone interesting the OB minsion with a hiden agenda and later became someone who wants to destroy the relastionship of the bros and their wifes or want revenge….
    Totally the same again and again…

    1. IKR..!!!all the time same…now this lady will be back of Shivaay so eventually Anika will pulled into. Then the brothers and their wives will come to solve the problem( side characters?). Just not making any sense nowadays..?

  8. I think yesterday epi was really nice ,,as i can’t watch yesterday for electric problem ,,but i can imagine it was superb after reading all of your comment guys,
    I badly want to see those sceans and expressoins ,,i definately will watch it today at repeat talecast,
    Cvs doing great job ,,keep it up ,,this topics are really important now a days in our life ,happy weekend guys ,,
    Tow days without IB is really hard ,,

    1. Hello Tania.
      Happy weekend to u too.
      Two days without Ishqbaaz is really very hard.
      But what can we do in it .
      The only thing which we can do is just wait………….
      And u just tell me Tum muhj se gussa ho Kya.

  9. Episode was just owesome .gauri,Dadi and rudra’s dance was just funny ??.I love it

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is indeed a very good episode…. Superstitions message is in the row… Excited for the this track….

  11. Boring serial…they are only focusing on Shivaay and his love life…?OM and Rudra are totally wasted..!! Rikara is my fav but ishqbaaz isn’t such a lie to Rikaara fans…?

    1. Agree ? am new fan of Rikara and seeing them get ignored really Piss me off ?? it is best to stop watching this ? show and keep watching old episodes of DBO ? unfortunately there is no room for Rikara in the show this is what it is seems ? they trick us last week to watch the show when they give us short scenes just to increase TRP but let’s act smart than them and stop watching till the TRP drop and the show go off air ??

      1. IN has better trp than next week .Agar episode pasand nahi tho math dekho IB is the most popular show on the Indian television.Agar true rikara fan kabhi IB offair hone ki bare main nahi sochtha.Rikara Ruvya and shivika are the leading couples of the show.Ab tho IB main social issues ko present kartha hai.

      2. Really they are lead !!!? So why Rikara and Ruvya are sideline in the show ??!! Can u answer me ? No because of course u are a shivika fan and ur satisfy that ur couple get the whole screen space in the episode and we only get 2to3 sec Scene and no Tracks. And who said am IB fan I hate IB from the day it started I only watch it for Rikara and am DBO fan ❤️ not IB fan ?, The show will go off air sooon as they keep ignoring Rikara and Ruvya no longer the show will get good TRP than no longer IB will be air.

  12. IB entered on top 10 shows.Isliye trp ke bare main darana band Karo.Agar show off air hogayetho rikara,Ruvya,shivika ke liye Ladna bandh hoga.phir kabhi apane favourite onscreen couple ko dhekne ka avasar ko intesar karma hi ache hai

  13. Aarosh
    see this hilarious post on rikara if such cute jealousy track comes it would be fun watching

  14. Agga4102

    I think they are showing the social issues to increase the TRP rates…But I think so IB deserves more….

  15. Too much Shivika is just too boring ?. I truly started to dislike the serial. And about social issues, it’s fine…still they will make it soo hypothetical

  16. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

    Interesting to watch IB now a days…. Without any villains…. portraying normal life…..

    infact this is how our lives 98% times….. Loving IB now a days….

    but sadly It had been nearly a month since I watched it in T.V…..

    And why so less comments now a days guys??? that on a friday’s epi???

    1. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

      *this how our lives ARE…. 98% times so normal……

  17. Plzzz may I also be a part of this page….

    1. Banita

      Of course dr…

  18. Thnks dear??

  19. But my comment is still awaiting for moderation…

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