Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya, hit and miss in Police station

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The Episode starts with Purab apologizing to Aaliya and telling that she is so strong and he made her try to commit suicide unintentionally. Aaliya says she got weak without his love and asks him not to leave her. She asks him not to go away from here. He asks her to rest. Aaliya holds his hand and asks him not to go. Rhea thinks once Prachi goes away from her life, she will take care of Prachi’s mum and she will love her more than Prachi. She thinks Prachi’s mum must be angry on her and thinks to call and asks Abhi. She then thinks he will get doubtful and don’t call him. She thinks Dad will never support her in drugs case and says it is the game end. Shahana asks Prachi to apologize to God. Pragya says God is testing her. Prachi says she is tired of tests. Pragya assures her that she won’t

let her be here. Prachi says but why Mehra sir was arrested when he came to her rescue. Pragya asks her not to worry. Lady constable asks her to leave. Pragya says she will not leave her daughter alone. Inspector asks them to go out and wait. Pragya asks Prachi not to worry and goes.

Purab thinks Aaliya also knew that he never loved her and says don’t know where her one sided love is taking her. He thinks she is sleeping and says I can never love you. Aaliya opens her eyes and asks him not to leave her, be at her side.

Vikram tells Abhi and Ranbir that they will meet another lawyer in the morning. Abhi tells that he will go to the Police station and asks Ranbir to take Vikram home. Vikram asks him not to go there. Ranbir says chief is right. Vikram gives him promise that he shall not fight with Inspector. Abhi says I will just talk to him. Vikram asks him to call him after reaching there. Abhi drops them on road and leaves. Vikram asks Ranbir if he is his son or of Abhi. Ranbir says I am your son, but he is chief. He says mummy will scold us as we got late. Vikram says I am businessman and not waiter.

Purab thinks Disha’s life is eclipsed because of me. He thanks God to save her and making her meet me. He says one side is Aaliya who loves me even though I don’t love her and other side is Disha whom I love a lot, but I can’t express my feelings to her and she can’t see it. He thinks how to live now? Nurse comes and says your wife Aaliya panicked.

Pragya asks Shahana to go home. Shahana refuses to go. Pragya says Sarita behen is alone at home and asks her to go. Shahana refuses and says you are also alone here. Pragya says if you stay here then I will be worried for you. Shahana agrees and says she will come early in the morning. She asks her to call her when needed.

Aaliya panics and asks Purab where was you? purab asks Doctor if she needs something. Doctor says she needs you. she takes purab with her and tells him that Aaliya needs to be taken care of and her insecurities shall end. He says if she feel insecure then she might be depressed and then suicide. She advices him to take care of her and give her time. She says Aaliya loves you a lot.

Prachi gets worried and asks Lady constable to keep the drunkard away from her daughter. Lady constable asks her not to worry and asks if she will drink tea. Pragya refuses and cries. She says you are not with me, if you would have been with me then you would have saved our father. Abhi comes to the Police station and hears her crying, but don’t see her face. Sara jag chut ke…He goes inside the Police station, but his heart brings him outside near Pragya. He is about to keep his hand on her hand and stops. He thinks someone from her family must be here and she is crying. He takes his handkerchief, keeps it there and goes inside. Pragya lifts her face and sees handkerchief.

Precap: Prachi asks Abhi to meet her mum outside and asks her not to worry about her. Abhi comes out to talk to her mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Precap- like seriously we know what u guys want..still have same same precap to make it look like they r gonna meet…frankly speaking I don’t want that coz pragya will again start it and I hate her more than abhi….some mistakes r not meant to be forgiven. #watchbadla and especially when that guy wants u just bcoz he feels ur need….u should become someone’s desire and not need

  2. The music carried today’s show. We had the wimp Purab actually having feelings of guilt towards the woman who murdered his first wife and used trickery to destroy his 2nd wife. and Purab has been manipulated to beleive that he owes this criminal b*tch anything at all. How stupid could he have been to marry the wretch. Yet we’ll never know what turned a man into stupid pudding. That excuse for a woman should be dead. More characters acknowledge Abhi’s personality flaws. He’s not the brightest bulb around. Whoopee. Nothing new there. The music shouldn’t be carrying the show this much. Shiny bright covering, but only horsesh*t inside the box.

  3. srslu purab ik u don’t love her and I’m glad abt that but srsly y do u feel guilty if he starts liking aliya I’m dropping this show right now and other than that poor prachi hope rhea gets exposed soon

  4. I really love the work you’re doing thanks a lot for translating the episodes in English thank you soo much👍😁😍

  5. First of all thank you and hats off to ekta for ruined and floping a great actress sriti and her career like this who won many hearts in this serial through her hard work .Because of whom this series got charm and was running succes fully .I can’t even belive that ekta hates sriti this much or any one is behind to flop.ot destroy her .The lady who has been butchered ti the core and jas been sidelined like a calf noting for anything after this leap no scene for her only meri veri meri meri beti which isn’t even suiting her failed to the core .but only appears on scree to cry alone which doesnt eve suit het acting thanks you ekta kapoor for ruiming the women you hate the most .Y this much hatred for female lead in yor shows (but not everyone who are not close to you alone )should be butchered .Waiting for the day when wil sriti herself announCes that i m quitting the show .but she won’t because she needed money tto travel and everything so she wil accept any butchering throne i her face .And don’t want to say any thing about shabir who is playing abhi dominant character male lead in this serial proved that he s ekta fav we know that .He and his wife so he won’t be sidelined like sriti.i m happy that atleast vin hot another serie to remind his career thank ful to ekta that she didn’t select zee tv show and arjit also ft not selecting zee TV .I m very very proud to say about mrunal who quitted this seria and went to film siDe and developing her career proud of u mrunal for ur wonderful decision that u qyitted the serie .purab i m 100 percent sure that it is alia who butchers his life by making him fall in her and drug addict .Even though he was chamachagiri of disha he was and wil be the man who loves disha truly not like that dumbest rockstar calls abhi who has been butchered previous yr marrying tahtb*t*h couldn’t forgive him for that .The dumbest male lead ever seen.nixe stry .


    What you do to other happens to you, Purab what has Aliya given you and Mehras except pain and sadness Aliya murdered Pragya’s sister Bulbul your first wife then Disha came and she destroyed her..
    And god knows what she did with Sunny..

    Aaliya deserves much more bad then this And Mini Priyanka Chopra is turning out to be Mini Aliyah !

    Aaliya deserves to be in jail all her life! Criminals like her belong there.. If you didn’t understand till now then go get glasses..

    1. Not only pragya her family members were snatched fort ourvi bulbul and then taliya snatched pragya from abhi already usual track totally Arora family is being snatched by these but abhi is living peaceful in that mm with free loaders and criminals

  7. Negisanyukta

    Such a crap scene again…..i don’t know what the hell is happening in Ekta’s show.😈😈
    Kumkum bhagya’s trp is decreasing…but Ekta is not learning her lesson that it is a show..not an elastic ……to stretch…😂😂
    Seriously there was a time when my whole family watched the show during dinner…But nowadays when i on television to watch it.My sister says not to watch such a crap😤😤
    So, for KB makers…there is a dire need to change your storyline with meet of Abhigya..

  8. Not only kkb Dr kdb also like that atleast abhi was butchered only prev leap but there ldb fans are twiting that Karan and rishab wee been butchered since month timing same story for both kkb and kdb boring mowdays can’t tolerate this crap me also

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