Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Vikram fix Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage


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The Episode starts with Beeji coming to Pallavi and Vikram and says you couldn’t wait for me and drank tea. Vikram says we will have tea with our tea partners. Abhi comes there and is upset. Pallavi goes to make tea and comes back, asks if she will get bonus for on time delivery. She asks Abhi what happened? Vikram asks Abhi to say. Abhi says I didn’t know how to talk about something and tells that he wants to break his relation with them. Pallavi asks what happened? Vikram says if he wants to break friendship with him as he went to conference. Abhi says I want to end friendship and become your samdhi. He tells that their children might like each other. Pallavi says I knew it that Rhea and Ranbir like each other. Vikram says I would have prepare myself. Beeji thinks I thought Ranbir likes someone else and thinks even Rhea is our child. Vikram declares Abhi to be his samdhi. Pallavi asks Abhi to drink tea. Abhi goes to give this news to Rhea. Vikram asks Pallavi to bring his phone as he wants to talk to Ranbir. Ranbir is in Prachi’s house and thinks today is the best day of his life, thanks to Prachi.

Vikram calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks when he is coming back? Vikram says 7-8 days more. Ranbir tells that he is missing him. Vikram asks what do you want, tell me, I will send. He then asks him to come home and have tea with him. Ranbir says it is a surprise. Vikram asks him to come home and talk. Pallavi and Beeji ask Vikram to talk to Ranbir about marriage. Vikram asks shall I get him married on phone. Vikram says he heard everything. He asks him to come home. Ranbir tells that his answer is yes for his question. He says today is good. Vikram tells Pallavi and Beeji that Ranbir is willing to marry Rhea. Pallavi and Beeji get happy. Beeji says you have not done your duty. Pallavi says Ranbir didn’t waste time. They dance happily.

Abhi calls Rhea, but she is standing somewhere and is lost in thoughts. She thinks of Ranbir and his family liking Prachi for him. She cries and receives Abhi’s call. She says Dad, I love you a lot. Abhi tells that everything will happen as she wants. Rhea says she can’t hear her. Abhi says you will marry Ranbir. Rhea couldn’t hear him and ends the call. Abhi thinks she might have felt heard. Rhea says I love you Dad, but I don’t love my life anymore and that’s why I am leaving. She walks towards the cliff and is about to jump down, when a lady gets down from the auto and sees her. She calls her to stop her.

Prachi talks to Rani of new show apna time aayega and tells about the accident and how she got saved due to her mother’s blessing. Rani says you said right and tells that her father is a Manager, but she assures her father that their time will surely end. She tells that she will increase her status with her hardwork. Prachi says Baba’s daughter will become Palace’s queen.

Pragya comes home and is sad thinking about Rhea’s words. She thinks how can Rhea know that I have left my daughter in childhood. She recalls their moments. She thinks Rhea…even I have equal pain like you, of losing my daughter. She thinks her daughter will be happy with her father. She thinks she has accepted her as her daughter and has to take out solution for her problem. Shahana asks Prachi to listen to her. Sarita behen says if you trouble Prachi then will get beaten by me. Pragya tells Sarita behen that she is going to meet Mr. Mehra, as someone is teaching her wrong things in the house. Ranbir comes there and tells that it seems his family came to know about them and will bring shagun today. He leaves. Sarita behen says it is wonderful and tells that she shall make the arrangements for evening. Shahana teases Prachi and she shies away.

Rhea comes home and recalls trying to commit suicide, but the people stopping her. A guy calls police while the other identifies her as Abhi’s daughter. Rhea thinks they are not letting me die also and goes back to car. She sees Pragya’s call and thinks if she had not called then she would have died by now.

No Precap. Prachi promotes Zee TV New shows.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Why its becoming bade ache lgte hain? Ekta has such a boring taste regarding shows..nd she treats girls like a shoe..pragya, prachi, Rhea, aaliyah all r either bad or gud..do indian mom’s have no control on their children do dad’s love their child like this then I’m sry it’s far away from reality

  2. 2020 and this is the crap that they still show so in India is either do or die no one asks Ranbir what he wants so they going to force a next marriage on him better they kept Maya and Aliya still Zeus can’t be touched and of cause to please Rhea Pragya will ask Prachi to walk away I bet why shows like this and Kdb still airing is beyond me I really believe Ekta buys off these stations because good shows ends and her crap stays

  3. Mehreen Hassanali

    U don’t have stories. So please close your serials

  4. Amal

    Is funny how they never recognise Reah being Abhi’s daughter other times 🙄 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Is that how you fix marriage without letting the one involve knows. Is it also part of india culture. How can parents just wake up and fix marriage.

  6. Abhi thinks she might have felt heard.
    Does this line makes sense?
    You only tell me… Looks so odd reading the update… The rest of the thing is fine… Dear team and writers plz correct this line and don’t post my comment…I really don’t believe to get insulted cos I believe that I am doing good by letting you correct the mistakes and serve quality of work to your readers
    Abhi thinks she might have felt HAPPY.


    1. There was never any insult intended. None of my words would indicate insult. There are actually many lines which require grammatical correction in the updates, if you were a teacher sent here to correct proper English usage. You could have used apostrophe’s in your first line, if you were sincerely concerned about making English usage correct. Many of the writers who are doing us a favour (British spelling vs American spelling of the word ‘favor’… but gee, American English is an off-shoot of proper British English!!) by offering these updates are working with a 2nd language. Further, I do think that when someone is correcting writing, one should be fully capable of expressing themselves in proper English… before they correct the work of others. Still, no insult intended from me. Simply a reminder to be fair. Even if you have decided to ‘help’ the production team… which is a wonderfully fine sentiment… perhaps it would be worthwhile to work out, internally, why and how you are qualified to take on this role? Your own writing can be identified as having a few grammatical issues, yet I understood fully, your message.

  7. Dear Team Tellyupdates. I thank you and I’m sure that I would be joined by others in congratulating YOU on your very fair and wonderful updates and commenting sections. I see you as being brilliant in offering space for budding writers to develop their skills through the fan fiction areas and in the updates. I have enjoyed watching new writers develop their skills and their creativity. I do hope that you never hire ‘word/grammar police’ to vet the work of your writers. I am aware that my grammar skills are horrible so I promise I will not apply for the job… if there is a job. And if Saisha reads this comment… No. This is not an insult. This is asking you to check your own motives/emotional needs and to ask, “Are you truly qualified to be in the position of grammar and syntax corrections for the English language?”

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