Aatma Bandhan 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti gets food for Cheeru


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Aarti requests Cheeru that Chaitra is really troubled. Cheeru shows his rage through flash of lights. Cheeru asks her to bring food for him, he is hungry. Aarti was happy that Cheeru demanded her food for first time in life. She rushes downstairs to Maatangi. Maatangi spots Rani come downstairs and takes Aarti inside the kitchen. Aarti shares with Maatangi that for the first time in life Cheeru demanded food from her. She does not even know what Cheeru likes. Rani asks Aarti what they are whispering about, was she crying. Aarti says she was only missing Cheeru. She asks Rani what Cheeru liked for food. Rani says this is pointless, because Cheeru is no more. She says Cheeru loved noodles she cooked for him. He also liked pulao, and cashew nut yogurt and rice. She says she did nothing else but to feed him in last five years and was tear eyed. Aarti looks around and prepares food for Cheeru. She takes the owl upstairs in excitement. Maatangi was upset and wonders when this game will end. Aarti is on wrong.

In the room, Aarti stood with the bowl of food. She calls Cheeru as she brought his favorite yogurt rice, with cashew nuts. The curtains and lights suddenly flash, the chairs begin to rock. Cheeru asks if she has known what he likes. He asks her to give her the bite. Aarti happily holds the bite for him and asks Cheeru to come to her. She will feed him with her own hands. Cheeru tells her to keep the food in the corner. Aarti requests to come forward, she wishes to feed him a single bite. He asks her to place the bowl with Asthiya. Aarti opens the door of cupboard and leaves the bowl there. The food bowl was at once empty. Cheeru says, it was a yummy dish. Soon, Aarti hears a knock at the door. It was Ashok. He asks why she had locked the door. He drags her downstairs for food.

On the dinner table, Aarti gives a strict look to Chaitra. Ashok takes the seat besides Chaitra while Aarti sits on the other end. Ashok asks Aarti why she is in a deep thought, she must eat. He moves Aarti as she was lost in a deep thought. Aarti says she is not hungry, but Ashok gives a bite in her mouth.

Late at night, Ashok massages Chaitra’s head and asks her to sleep. Chaitra says she is afraid. Ashok tells her to fight her fears. She requests Aarti to sing a lullaby to her. Aarti tells Chaitra she is not feeling well and feels restless, Chaitra must sleep. Chaitra falls asleep. Ashok takes Aarti to the room. Chaitra holds Ashok’s hand and Ashok holds Aarti back. Chaitra requests Aarti to sleep with her in the room and not to leave her alone.

There in the room, curtains flew, and lights flashed. Aarti hears calls from Cheeru who wanted to hear story from her. She turns around. Ashok notices Aarti felt uneasy. Chaitra asks Aarti to sleep with her. Aarti strictly tells Chaitra to sleep silently, she must remember what Vayda said that there is no ghost, or spirit. She must stop thinking Cheeru is in the house and fell asleep. Ashok wonders why Aarti behaves so oddly for two days, there is something wrong. Aarti silently apologizes Chaitra in heart. Ashok sits with Chaitra and offers to sleep with her. He lay down with Chaitra. Aarti turns the lamp off and leaves.

In her room, Aarti sits on the bed. The empty bowl of food shivers and falls on the floor. Aarti was alert at once as she picks it up. She hears some strange sounds from Cheeru as she goes downstairs to leave the bowl in the kitchen. On the stairs, she steps on a stuffed toy which screams as if a live cat. Rani watches from upstairs and asks what Aarti is upto. Aarti says she was going to the kitchen. Aarti says Ashok spilled ink on floor, she took water to the room in this bowl. Rani asks why she did not ask Maatangi for it, Maatangi wanders around the house as if a ghost. She will soon replace her with a better maid. Maatangi heard the conversation and says she will decide when she will leave the house.

Cheeru comes to Chaitra’s room and drags her off the bed. Chaitra screams for help. Ashok wakes up and finds Chaitra near the room door. Chaitra remembers her promise with Aarti and tells Ashok she had to go to washroom. Ashok stands outside the washroom door, while Chaitra cries inside.

The next morning, Aarti brings the aarti thaal to Tulsi plant. The plant dries up in front of her. She drops the thaal and screams for Ashok.

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