Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya reach mass marriage pandal in a village

Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya hiding from goons in jungle. Goons search for him. Tiger asks Chandan if he found them. Chandan says no. Abhi and Pragya have an eye lock..while the song main phir bhi tumko plays….Abhi hears some sound and tells Pragya that it seems there is a nearby village. They move from the hideout and reach the village. Tarun and Neha see Abhi and Pragya. Neha calls Abhi. Goons come there. Tiger tells that they shall hide their swords as the head of the village is my tawo ji. They hide the gun. Abhi and Pragya ask Neha and Tarun to wear villager’s clothes and hide in someone’s house. Goons see Abhi and Pragya. They run and hide again. They hear about Mass marriage happening there. The goons come near the water pot and tell each other that they shall kill them on

spotting. Tiger’s Chachi see him and asks him to work. She bends down and peeps inside the curtain, sees Abhi and Pragya. She thinks she is imagining people due to marriage stress. Abhi and Pragya get out from there. Someone comes and asks them to get ready. Tanu waits for Disha to come. Aaliya hopes Disha doesn’t come else they will be killed. Disha comes there and asks where is di and jiju?

Aaliya asks her to run. Goon snatches money bag from her and ties her. Tarun wears clothes of a villager and says today is my sister’s wedding. Abhi says don’t know what Neha saw in you. Tarun asks why you dislikes me. Abhi changes his clothes. Tarun makes him wear turban to hide his face. Pragya dresses up like a bride. Abhi and Pragya look at each other and song plays Allah wariyan plays….He says you are looking beautiful. Tarun says Di always looks beautiful. Abhi says did I ask you. He tells Neha that Tarun is not right for her. They hear goon voice. Pragya says we shall go to the place where marriage is happening. Goons see them and ask to stop.

Disha asks why did you lie to me? Tanu says I didn’t lie. We all are kidnapped. Disha says you lied on phone that Pragya di is here. Tanu says if I had not told you then you wouldn’t have come here. Disha says you would have told truth. Aaliya says you would have used your mind and call police here. Disha says I got message from kidnappers asking me not to call Police. Aaliya argues with her. Tanu says Abhi eloped from here and got us stuck here. Disha thinks Dasi is outside and hopes nobody see them.

Goons are about to come near Abhi and Pragya. Chachi stops them and asks Abhi and Pragya to go to marriage. She asks Tiger to go to Tawo ji. Goons plan to kill them. Dasi thinks what to do now and gets worried. She gets an idea. Tanu tells goon that he is a street side cheap goon, took money and not leaving them. Goon asks her not to distract him as he is counting money. He asks how you bear her. Aaliya says now we are accustomed to bear her. Tanu says she will disturb him until he frees them. Goon threatens to cut Tanu’s tongue. Just then they hear Police jeep sound and panic. Goon says I will kill her (Tanu) and then leave. Disha asks him to run and save himself from Police. All goons run from there.

Tiger’s Chachi asks Abhi and Pragya if they want to get married and says she will tell Tawo ji. She asks what they like in each other. Abhi says she is best from top to bottom and says she is understanding, caring and have all the qualities which a good wife have, but she has many bad points also, and says she is arguing and makes me listen, she stares me with her big eyes. Pragya says he is scared of cockroach and fights with me when he doesn’t get his clothes from almari. Chachi says these complain happen after marriage. She says love increases with fights and says you are made for each other. Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Tarun and Neha smile. Chachi says this is your love which you are speaking. Neha says Di was scolding me. She looks at Abhi and says I have seen you somewhere. Abhi diverts her. They come to the mandap.

Tiger and Bhupi stop someone thinking him to be Abhi. Abhi and Pragya get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i love this site. is very helpful to me…..thankuuuuuu

  2. no comments form anyone, this mean it sucks.

    1. Well, you could entertain yourself with watching Tuna’s weight go up and down. I mean she had the pregnancy track as an excuse at one time. And all the main actors tend to put on weight. Some lose it. But Tanu is definitely a yoyo dieter. She was back to slender just before the leap and well, the weight has been creeping back on. That’s what is sad about this production. Your mind wanders a lot, so you begin to look at other things.

  3. Pragya does look beautiful as a bride.
    It was great to see Indu Dasi! So, not as boring as the last few days but definitely boring. We’ve seen this marriage stuff how many times now. Omigawd. Same old stuff. These goondas seem to be the better/best set of goondas than the other bunches of goondas in past scenarios but for frog’s sake how many more goonda scenarios will we have to see?!! What is Miss Ekta trying to preach here? That she’s a well dressed secret goonda and she doesn’t want anyone to figure it out!? We already know that. Anyone with a brain knows that. (That’s everybody… with a few bits of information and understanding)
    Is everyone else as tired/bored as I am of hearing others telling Pragya and Abhi how much they love each other? And that fighting always leads to love? Who writes these false beliefs? Sure, if you have a counselor hiding in your closet (kinky) or if one of you thinks and behaves like an adult and is willing to wait for your partner to grow up. Then you’ve got to wonder if you are a masochist. Sure. It’s as if the producer wants to keep everyone sitting at a teenager level, of what love is all about, in the modern world. Well, that’s right, keep viewers stuck at a 12-15 year old emotional level. Real Cool. If you are wanting to take advantage of that for monetary or political power. If no one has stopped Miss Ekta, then obviously she’s making some big money for other power-brokers.
    So as usual, a marriage advertised, teased about, which could have been completed by Monday last, may very possibly happen on Friday? Good luck. Possibly next week. Didn’t anyone teach Miss Ekta and her crew of writers about anticipation… about foreplay? About how when the foreplay gets too boring and long and goes nowhere that your lover/viewer is either going to get up and go away or sit around and pretend or be me and turn it into the weirdest science project ever?
    Naz, I’m just now going to answer you for yesterdays message on yesterdays comments.

    1. Akituster dear, I’ll pass on your message to Cathy concerning Nov 9th… Yesterday you made a very vital and good observation although you were a witness to such, it’s true that people withhold information and whatnot as a power broker’s key, it’s does give ppl in such positions, a sense of superiority, this could be their own way of achieving an orgasmic win…it must be a heady feeling especially for Ms Ekta to withhold a vital relevant detail in order to achieve a greater sense of power over her audience… How did King really enter Pragya’s life? What were their living arrangements before for them to viewed as a married couple to the ppl around them?? Even Kiara views him as her father!! How did Pragya reach at this point in her life with King, remains a mystery. Anyways.. I’ll be on and off too on the forum, only when I can muster the mental strength to comment, I’ll do so… However, I’ll be here on the prescribed date…Nov 9th….

  4. I’m starting to hate this show. I’ll give it a week’s time( by when they would still be hiding from the gundas). After that I’m done forever. Like now I stopped watching it. I juts read it once a week. But i really think its time to ditch this once and for all. Goodbye Kumkum-Baghya-not-really.

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