Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira want to protect family

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying how can anyone be so lucky, you all made me feel so special, I also want to promise, I won’t do foolishness, I want to make one more promise, that I will do my best for the sake of my relation and happiness of family, to keep my family united, its my duty as bahu, I will always fulfill it. Suwarna asks Kartik to show the new house to Naira. Manish says its same house, Kartik will show you the changes, so that you can make it the way it used to be before. Kartik takes Naira. Dadi thinks why do I feel afraid, Lord protect us. Naira says so much changed, I didn’t see this during Mansi’s marriage. Kartik says your focus was on me. She says you are hero right. He clicks her pics. She slips near stairs and says one thing didn’t change, I still slip

here. He says why don’t you slip on me. She says our room… He says it awaits your arrival.

Akhilesh says you didn’t even start packing, Bhai also said its right time. She says I m feeling nervous, I didn’t think of this, don’t be stubborn, everyone is very happy, I can’t hurt them. Akhilesh says we always thought of their happiness. They see Manish and Suwarna at the door. Kartik holds Naira’s hand. Raahatein…plays….. He lifts her and takes her inside the room. Kartik says Naira can trouble me, she started it right away. Naira asks her to show room fast, they have to sit in havan. She sees her medicines, wifi password, family pics with names chits. He says don’t take me wrong. She says thanks, none could think of this, my memory has been affected, why are you forgetting something.

He asks what, I remember everything. She pulls him. He says there is havan in sometime. Lav and Kush come. He says my dear cousins can never change. Lav asks why are you laughing. Kartik and Naira laugh and fall on bed. Lav and Kush go. Kartik says I missed you. Naira says I missed you more. He says don’t go away from me. They get close. Manish says I know there is some matter, tell me what happened, I know you well. Suwarna asks what’s the matter Surekha, did I do any mistake, I know I have hurt everyone, I feel guilty, you always supported me and tolerated me, give me a chance, share the matter with me, why are you both so upset. Manish says sorry, just tell me, fight with me if you want.

Akhilesh says nothing, I m not well. Surekha says his mood is bad as he isn’t going to gym. She goes. Kartik gets a file. Naira asks what’s this. He says I stayed away from dad, Akhilesh was my friend and guide, he always supported me, he still gets emotional and says sorry for Akshara’s case, he doesn’t share his heart. Naira says I know he is good at heart and loves you a lot. He says I also love him a lot, I want to do something for dad and Akhilesh, this US project is Akhilesh’s dream project, I want him to manage this individually, I spoke to mum, dad and Dadi, they agreed. She says he deserves this, I m happy that you thought about him. He says relations should be kept from both sides, I will give file to him after havan, he will be glad. She hugs him and says everything is going on fine. He says yes. His phone reminder rings. He gets medicine and feeds her. She says its bitter. He kisses medicine and asks her to have it now. She says you are so cheesy.

She says you remember what doctor said, there can be relapse anytime or any other side effects. He says we shall see later, don’t worry. He jokes. He says its a happy day, forget this, we will deal with this if it happens. She says we have to prepare for havan and surprise Akhilesh. Everyne sits in havan. Suwarna says Naira can get saved by smoke by sitting away. Naira asks Kartik to sit ahead. Kartik says we will always take a step together. Dadi thinks I want my fear to end. Suwarna prays for happiness. Manish prays for Naira’s recovery. Akhilesh prays that he gets courage to demand his rights. Surekha prays to Lord to stop Akhilesh. Kartik thinks we will become Ram Sita. Naira thinks we will save our family.

The lights begin to get down. Everyone closes eyes and prays. Kartik and Naira see the lights and get up. They hold back the platform and fix it. Surekha says much happened since morning, maybe its a sign, let it go. Dadi thinks its same fear, I felt such many years ago. She prays. Kartik and Naira ask her not to worry, they are there. They hug Dadi.

Akhilesh says enough now, please give me my share in business, property and everything else. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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