Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya helping people and then praying god to set Abhi free soon.

Day duty inspector reaches police station and sees reporters thronging outside. He asks constable about it. Constable says Abhi rockstar is in lockup. He asks not to joke. Constable asks him to check himself. Inspector gets excited hearing that and releases Abhi from lockup. He says he is his big fan and starts praising him. He says his wife is much bigger fan than him and says she watches his video daily. He calls and informs his wife who asks him to release Abhi first. He takes selfie with Abhi.

Corporator asks his puppet inspector why did not he give third-degree torture to Abhi. He says Abhi’s wife warned that she will go to media and says now new inspector has taken incharge and Abhi will be released if Pragya gives statement that you provoked Abhi to fight with you.

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Abhi’s lawyer says if Pragya gives statement that corporator provoked him to hit him, he will be released. Tanu and Aaliya reach police station and start showing fake concern. Abhi asks them to stop their drama. Pragya reaches police station. Inspector asks her to give her statement. PRagya says wrong statement that corporator did not provoke Abhi to beat him. Abhi gets annoyed hearing that and says she wants him to be in jail for some more time. She says yes. He says Aliya was right and I would not have helped your family. He says once he comes home, she will kick her out from his life.

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Sarla slaps Pragya and asks why did she give false statement and betrayed Abhi. She says she did not touch her since childhood, but she is ashamed of her now.

Aaliya brainwashes Abhi by saying that Pragya is taking revenge as she or her sister could not marry Purab, etc. She says she will get into jail and will release him instead. Abhi thinks he will punish Pragya once he gets out of jail.

Pragya asks Sarla why would she betray her husband asks if she does not believe her daughter. She tells her about the incident where corporator asks inspector to break abhi’s hands and legs via his goons once Abhi is released and says she got him into jail and now will bail him out at any cost. She says she did not what to do at that time as she was very anxious and gave wrong statement. Sarla says you saved him from this prob, but you will have to get him from jail also. Pragya says she will get him out of jail at any cost.

Precap: Lawyer says Aaliya that without PRagya’s statement, he cannot get Abhi’s bail. Abhi thinks Pragya gave two different statements and knows only to play with his life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wher is jodha akbar update

    1. the new updater is damn irritating -_-

  2. idiot pragyaa…

  3. where is jodha akbar’s today episode updates..

  4. and when hes out back to the misunderstandin game come on cvs atleast let him find out once why pragya did what she did….atleast that ll be one less thing he ll hate her for gosh…..I guess from next week back to ole track….he treats pragya like crap she takes it silently and aliya and tanu enjoys….im all for pragya and abhi to get together but how their characters are portrayed is borderline annoyance now and aliya and tanu well I have no words

    1. This show is going nowhere at ALL!!! It’s disgusting!

    2. Yes again the old track begins. Same thing , just when we thought something is changing in this serial.

  5. Thx sho ix nt worth 2 b watchd evn ax tym paxXX….!! Pragya Stop being Mothr TerexXa yar…

  6. This show is disgusting…

  7. Stupid ass show , redundant scenese and situations. Nothing is going anywhere. Its just annoying now

  8. corporator must have told something to pragya,if she doesn’t give wrong statement he’ll harm to Bulbul…

  9. Please for god’s sake…stop this bullshit… U are a loser pragya…. Women like u prove to the world that women are brainless and so meek and submissive that any one can threaten them… U don’t represent us…… And moreover which superstar on earth doesn’t have a security guard!!!!! Arey rockstars and singers have more security than a normal MLA in India ATLEAST!!!!

  10. Seriously disgusting show, this happens everyday. Abhi ko realize kab hoga that he made for Pragya only. Arre yaar koi toh tanu aur aliyaa ko bhagaao.

  11. Please change the writers of this show. The have set their mind to be on the same track.

  12. irritating show…very boring script nd brainless,irritating,
    sick writer…

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