Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya shooting at Prabhu after asking him the meaning of 2310. Prema makes the arms at home, as no one is at home. Meenakshi comes home and says she will get the hot water bag from storeroom. She goes upstairs and opens the door. Prema turns hearing Meenakshi’s talking to the cat. She says what is Meenakshi going here, how to hide now. Meenakshi comes inside and Prema hides. Meenakshi looks for the hot water bag and Prema hits on her neck from behind. Meenakshi faints. She holds Prema’s dupatta and the ghungroos get in her hand. Prema hides the arms faster. Prabhu smiles. Sandhya shoots near his ear and he bleeds.

She says I can kill you in force firing, tell me what is Operation Grahan and 2310 meaning. Prabhu says don’t shoot me, I will tell you. He says the Dusshehra blast was a trailor, 2310 means Diwali day, means the date, where serial blasts will be made and they will threaten to free RK from govt, else many blasts will be done. He defines the wrong meaning of the 2310 code. He says either govt has to agree or Pushkar will be destroyed. He gives all the addresses. Sandhya asks Kolhi to call bomb squad and defuse all the bombs fast. He says he did not meet anyone, he spoke on phone.

She says you don’t worry for your life, fine, and aims at him. Mata shoots Prabhu and Sandhya is shocked. Sandhya sees Prabhu is dead The staff runs to catch Maya. Bhabho comes home and sees someone sleeping. She sees its Meenakshi and asks her to wake up. Meenakshi wakes up. Bhabho asks why is she here. Meenakshi says how did I come here, I was in store room, I went inside and someone hit on my neck. She says she was Prema there, she has hit me from behind. She cries. Bhabho says stop it, Prema is there at the shop, don’t blame her, so Vikram hates you.

Meenakshi says I m not blaming her, I swear on Vikram, trust me, she was there. Bhabho says leave it, go and get ready in Emily’s parlour. Meenakshi smiles and leaves. Bhabho says Meenakshi is saying right this time, she can’t swear fake about Vikram, Prema is fishy, what was she doing in storeroom, I have to find out. Sandhya calls SP and tells about today being Diwali night, and they have planted many bombs in city. The police and the bomb squad reaches the address to defuse all the bombs.

Sooraj comes in store room and asks Bhabho what is she doing here. She says what Meenakshi told her. She says she does not feel Prema is right, Meenakshi can’t lie, I would have made Sandhya make Prema say the truth. Sooraj says take rest, maybe we are thinking wrong. Sooraj gets a small packet and checks it. Bhabho asks whats this. Sooraj says its drugs. Bhabho is shocked. He says who does this in our house. Bhabho says its Prema after this, I will get proof against her, I will not leave her. Sandhya tells SP that she could not save Prabhu, but they succeeded to defuse all bombs and 2310 secret is out, as its today’s date. They wanted to free RK, and we have failed their Operation Grahan, but we could not save Prabhu and could not catch the other people.

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SP says its big achievement for police department, make high alert in Pushkar and find out how bombs came in Pushkar. He says bring Zakir here with respect, I want to welcome him well. She smiles and leaves. Zakir thanks someone and says let them celebrate Diwali and fake victory, I want to meet you now. Sandhya comes to him and says welcome back Zakir. Zakir smiles.

SP welcomes Zakir and says we are proud of you, you did not lose your self respect in this tough time. He says a police man gets respect when he is in his uniform, and we are returning everything back to you. He fixes the badges back to his uniform. Zakir and Sandhya smile. He puts his revolver and salutes to SP thanking him. He says I want to thank all department to give me one more chance to proof my honesty. SP says thanks Sandhya for this, she got this chance by convincing me. The info was right, as you have given the info to Sandhya. Zakir has written everything in the file for Sandhya.

Zakir thanks Sandhya. Sandhya gives all credit to him and says Zakir gave the gift to everyone, Operation Grahan is not over, this step of Zakir joining hands with them will take us to Operation Grahan, they will be fools to think this. She says keep friendly with them and I will do my work, give them greed that you will give them the arms back, and they will trust you. Zakir says good plan, but we have to think when and how to give this offer. He says I promise I will never let Operation Grahan succeed. Everyone do the Diwali puja at home. Sandhya prays to be strong to save her family and country. Maya tells Disha and Prema that Sandhya and police got rid of 2310, but we will now hijack the flight 2310. A plane is shown.

Sandhya and Sooraj spend some romantic moments. Tu Sooraj mai saanjh piya ji……………….plays…………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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