Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with mami telling mama not to get emotional if his sister does not agree to give marriage hall papers as she needs the papers badly. She goes in and calls Sarla. Sarla asks her to sit. Maami asks possession papers to her. Sarla says she will give hall papers, but whenever property division happens, even relationship divides, she does not like breaking her relationship with her brother. She asks her brother if he does not break their relationship, then she will give the papers. Maami takes papers and gives them to lawyer. Lawyer asks Sarla how much time she needs to vacate the marriage hall. She says 4-5 days. Maami asks to take 4-5 days more. Sarla says 4-5 days are fine. Suresh comes and says mamaji has right of marriage hall according to hindu law as he is a son. Maami asks if he is on her side. Suresh says he is on the justice’s side. He gives her BMC and service tax papers and legal notices. He says BMC has sent a notice for constructing the hall without their permission and also show loan papers worth 2.5 crores. He says she has to pay it as property belongs to it. He also gives bills of caterers and shopkeepers and says she has to pay the bills. Maam gets shocked. Suresh says shopkeepers are demanding money now and she will have to clear 4.5 crores after getting possession of this property. Maami thinks how will she get so much money. Suresh then praises mamaji for taking all the responsibility of clearing loans. Bulbul and Pragya smile listening Suresh’s conversation.

Maami gives back papers to Sarla and asks her to clear the loans first and then give the papers. She asks Sarla to come with family on vacations and goes from there. Mamaji thanks Suresh for helping his sister and him. He says Suresh is man of the house and goes from there.

Sarla thanks Suresh and says he is man of the house. Suresh says this house runs because of her and she is man of the house. She says she prays god to give a neighbour like her. Suresh smiles and asks her to serve him tea. She says she will serve tea and pakoda. Maid comes and gives tea to Suresh and praises him.

Suresh sits next to Pragya and starts having tea. She asks him to have buiscuits. He says no, but then starts having buiscuits saying he goes to walk daily. Bulbul taunts Pragya and Suresh with song tum ladki ho main ladka hoon, aaya mausam.. Suresh and Praga sing aaya mausam dosti kaa. Sarla brings pakoda and asks Suresh how will they clear the loans. Suresh asks her not to worry as area corporator is his friend and he will forgo the taxes. Sarla gets happy and goes to bring more pakoda.

Bulbul says now that all the problems are solved, she will go to rock concert of Abhi. Suresh he does not like Abhi as he just shouts on drums. Sarla asks Bulbul to take Suresh with him. Suresh says he will go with Bulbul. Pragya says how will he go to college tomorrow then. He says he will sleep for 4-5 hours. Biji says bulbul that they both look like Bharath Bushan and Niruparai. She asks who are they. Biji says they are rockstars of her time.

Pragya asks Bulbul to get ready and go with Suresh. Bulbul taunts Pragya that they both are like 70s hero heroine and starts joking about Suresh’s loose pant, etc. She also taunts Pragya to wear nice clothes tomorrow so that Suresh wakes up seeing her.

Bulbul’s friends come and ask her to get into their car, but she says she cannot go without Suresh as Sarla has told her. Suresh scooter won’t start and they all start cribbing. Scooter starts and they both leave. Bulbul asks Suresh to ride fast. He says road’s speed limit is 40 kmph and he cannot go beyond that as he will get a challan else. She asks if he broke any rule in life. He says he did not do any wrong thing in life. She says except love and starts signing aaya mausam….They reach the concert venue. Bulbul meets her friends and they all start praising rockstar Abhi. Suresh sees youngsters drinking alcohol. He asks manager to asks people not to drink alcoholin public event. Manager says it is ok and goes. Bulbul’s friends asks who is this uncle. She says he is Pragya’s friend. Suresh calls Pragya and informs tht he is taking care of Bulbul and will call her later.

Sarla says Pragya that Suresh is a good boy and is helping her family a lot. She says she should find him a good girl for his marriage and starts telling about her friend’s daughter. Pragya says she is not educated, etc. Pragya rejects all her suggestions and says Suresh needs a girl who can control Suresh. Sarla asks what about Pragya Arora and says she knows Suresh loves her. Pragya blushes.

Rockstar Abhi enters the venue. Crowd starts shouting Abhi. Even Bulbul an dher friends shout. Suresh starts quarreling with manager and says he is doing illegal work. He says he will file case on his company. Manager asks security to throw him and his friends out. Bulbul scolds Suresh for that and says he is a sad man and cannot make anybody happy. She says he likes struggling to see Abhi as he is worth it. She says Suresh is not worth anybody’s love. Suresh cries hearing that.

Pragya sees Bulbul come in her friend’s car and asks why did she come alone. Bulbul goes in angrily without saying anything. Suresh in distress. His friend asks him to go and say gododnight to Pragya. He says he does not deserve anyone and asks him to leave him alone. Pragya comes at the window and looks for Suresh. He swithes off the light without saying her good bye. Sarla thinks Bulbul does not like Suresh, but Pragya likes her a lot, she loves him. She thinks Pragya did not get marry yet maybe because she should marry Suresh.

Rockstar Abhi gives a speech about destiny and says poeple say it is desinty, but he says do hell with destiny. He waves his hands to the crowd and throws his jacket on them. Crowd gets mad seeing him.

Precap: BMC people come to seal the marriage hall. Suresh tries to stop them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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