Maharana Pratap 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 17th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Phool walking and talks with herself. Gohar point out aim on pratap and ajab reaches there. Ajab says, what you want to say? Tell me fastly. Pratap says, think it previously before sending this letter. Atleast let me decide some secure place. Now lets go. Ajab cries and says, i came here for you and you are shouting on me. Pratap says, i didnt give you letter. Then pratap understand all the things. Pratap heard a voice and pratap and ajab hide themself. Pratap says, sorry to ajab. Pratap says, dont come on anyone letter. Ajab says, i will not coming for anyone. Pratap says from himself, why i am doing fool type activities. ajab also says, i am doing foolish work. Gohar says, now pratap again traps into my trap. Phool also reaches there. Pratap says, now i know you wrote this letter for me. Phool says, you called me not me. Pratap says, you also misunderstand about letter. go and hide with ajab. Then jalim singh also came and ask, what are you doing here? Pratap says, who gave this letter to you. Jalim says, no i will not tell you. Pratap says, ok you stay here, i am going. Pratap reaches towards phool and ajab and says, you go from secret way. Ajab says, where is your sword? Pratap says, i didnt need sword for it. Surtan singh says, i came here to see, when will you kill pratap.
Gohar make fool to surtan singh, then surtan singh says, give me your dupatta. Surtan singh put duppata on his head and move towards jalim singh. Jalim singh says, come come. I want to see you.
Jalim singh says, pratap…..Pratap says to surtan, dont move. Surtan singh ran away. Gohar fall down the pot and pratap heard the voice and move towards gohar. Jalim singh cut surtan singh’s leg. Surtan singh ran away from there.
Phool says, why will ajab calls you at temple. if he wants to talk with you then he will tell you in daytime. Ajab says, then why will you go there. Phool says, i dont know. Jalim singh says, it was lal baiji. Pratap ask, it was phool’s dance teacher. Mamrat ji calls lal baiji. Phool says, i gone there because for you. Dassi came and inform phool that rao ji wants to ask question about lal baiji. Mamrat ji says, is anybody seen by you. Pratap says, yes, jalim singh was there. Gohar came and mamrat ji ask, what were you doing at temple. Gohar says, i dont know what you are talking. Mamrat ji says, i am again saying tell me the truth. Pratap says, i thinks she was not there because she didnt match with that person height and body size. dassi checks gohar jaan’s leg.
Jalim singh says, i can prove that lal baiji was there. I dont have knife and jalim singh says, i know this lady was really like you. Blood spread all over. Mamrat ji says, i think it was your blood and says sorry to lal baiji. YOu can stay there. Lal baiji says, i will complete my work.
Ajab says, we will not hide anything from you. Phool says, yes i also. Gohar reaches there room. Gohar unhide surtan singh and surtan capture gohar’s neck and says, you sent me there to kill me. Gohar says, i came here for your medication. Gohar says, let me explain myself.
Benidas says, it is not simple that happens today. You require more security. Pratap and his friend dance on chakrapani marriage and pratap give a necklace to band people and hansa mosi sees pratap necklace whick was given by hansa mosi to her. Hansa mosi see ajab. Hansa mosi see pratap as her son in law.
Surtan singh ask about gohar jaan’s plan. Gohar says, i have find all secret place of fort and i found a place.”Jhoomar”. I will cut jhoomar’s rope whenever i call pratap. Surtan singh says, how will you call pratap under the jhoomar. Gohar says, i will show my dance performance. Pratap’s friend says, have you again thought about marriage. Phool says, did you that pratap and his friend trying to laugh on chakrapani. Purohit ji ask about mangal sutra and both ajab and pratap moves towards grandmother and gets from grandmother.

Precap:- Hansa mosi ask from ajab, your necklace is in pratap’s neck and you like him.

Update Credit to: tushar

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