Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pragya getting ready and Suresh coming to pick her. She asks why did he come late. He shows her a file and says these are dowry cases and says he will make the the groom arrested for asking dowry. She says they do not have evidence. Suresh shows clips where people attended her marriage telling how groom’s parents asked dowry and Pragya broke the marriage because of that. Pragya says she does not want to file any case. He says he worked the whole night for this evidence and will make them arrested for sure. Suresh says he would have filed a case against her also if she had given dowry.

Sarla asks her brother to check all the goods left. Biji asks Sarla not to worry as they got 4-5 booking of their marriage hall. Mama asks Sarla not to worry as he has spoken

to shopkeepers to sell the goods. Sarla says she is not worried about money. Mama’s wife asks if the losses will be covered with 4-5 bookings. She asks if the marriage hall is in his name. Mama says it is in his name, but papaji gave it to Sarla after jijaji’s death. She asks him to get the papers then. He says he cannot as Sarla has 2 kids to take care of, but goes on her insistence.

Pragya comes to college staff room and congrats her. They ask why did she come next day after her marriage. Suresh rescues Pragya by saying to go and check her face as her kajal has spread. Pragya goes into bathroom and checks that her kajal is fine and thinks Suresh did this to save her.

Pragya thinks she should inform tht her marriage broke to everyone. She goes and tries to tell, but her friends say they will speak after the college break. Suresh says college is for studies, not for personal questions.

Sarla tries to sell the goods. Shopkeeper says he will buy it at 20% discount and says he is buying because her daughter’s married broke. Sarla gets angry and says she will keep the goods. Mama says he will speak to shopkeeper. He gets money from him. Pragya and Suresh comes from college. Sarla asks Bublul to get the jewellery from pawn broker which she lent for PRagya’s marriage and asks Suresh to accompany Bulbul.

Bulbul rides her scooty with Suresh sitting behind her. She gets a call and picks it. Suresh asks her not to drive while on phone and asks her to stop scooty. She stops in the middle of the road. She then says jwellery shop came. He asks her to park on the side. She parks the vehicle and scolds him for not helping park the vehicle.

Sarla feeds food to her brother. She gives him tea then. He says he likes her tea. She says to stay back. He says kids school is there and asks her to come during vacation. Pragya says she has prepared aloo puri for his traveling. He asks her to give 1 puri now. Bulbul and Suresh come back with jewellery. Sarla checks the jewellery. Bulbul asks Pragya what did she like in Suresh. Pragya says they both are friends. Bulbul says he blushes a lot when he hears your name. Suresh is about to go. Pragya asks him to have aloo puri and go.

Pragya gives him aloo puri and thanks him to accompany Bulbul to get jewellery. Suresh says Pragya not to say thank you. Bulbul taunts that in love, no thank you or sorry, only I love you. She asks if he saw maine pyar kiya. He says he does not see films after 33% tax imposition. He says he saw that film and it is no thank you or sorry in friendship.

Mamaji says Sarla that he wants marriage hall as it is in his name. He wants it as it is his property. Biji says what was he doing when his father left it in bad state. Sarla worked hard to repair the marriage hall and where was he then. Mami says it is their matter, then why is he interfering. Sarla says biji is her mom and then saas next. Mama’s wife says property belongs to mama as it is his father’s. If Sarla’s husband did not leave him anything it is not their mistake. She says even their kids are growing and they need it. Mama asks Sarla to give the posession papers of marriage hall. Mami says they will go to court if they do not get the papers. Sarla says mama that he is her brother, it does not matter if the papers are with her or him. She says she will give it to him as he is the only man of this house. She asks him to come tomorrow and gt the papers. Sarla asks mama to stay tonight and take the papers tomorrow. Maami says they will come tomorrow as they have to meet lawyer. Sarla gives mama aloo puri and sends him..

Suresh waits on the window as Pragya has not yet slept. Pragya comes on the window and waves him good night. Suresh thinks why is she tensed. His friend says it is because her marrige broke. Suresh says she was ok yesterday, but today she is more tensed. He goes to Pragya’s house and asks why is she tensed. He asks if he is tensed because of the groom’s family. She says it is another matter. He says if it is family matter, it is okay. She says mamaji wants marriage hall and informs him what happened.

Precap: Rockstart Abhi is performing on a song. His face is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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