Ek Boond Ishq 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 16th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
The disguised leader suddenly holds Tara’s hand. She feels something. He says take care of yourself. Mj looks back and recalls every beautiful moment he has spent in that house.
Rudra says to nandu why you called that man to get those second hand things. Nandu says I didn’t call anyone. He goes out and asks tara where is he ? She says he is gone. Rudra asks his men to follow him. He finds the fake eyebrows on the floor and says he was disguised as that. He was a spy. He came from those veil men. Tara says why are you looking at me. Nandu called him. Nandu says I didn’t call anyone. Tara says we can delay this attack. Rudra says no it will be done right now.

Scene 2
Meethi does the arthi of jairaj to welcome him back. Adi holds his hand and gets him in. Jairaj says there is nothing like home. The love in the house makes it firm. Promise me that you will never leave meethi ? What was the hospital bill and who paid it ? Nirmala says Adi arranged it and rest was brought by yug. Jairaj says thanks to yug. He says I am your own. Jairaj asks adi from where did he get the money ? He says my friend roshan transferred it.

Scene 3
Tara goes to the jungle with kala and her workers. Tara says they must nit be prepared, I told the spy that they are gonna come tomorrow. Tara directs them and suddenly gets confused. Kala says tell us or I will kill you right now. Tara says yeah I remember it. Lets go downwards and right. They start going towards the old house. Kala says who can save them from destruction now. Tara wonders what will happen now. Kala plans on going in with her workers. When they go in there is nobody there. Kala says where have they gone. Kala sees her picture on the wall with a cross on it. Kala says they ruined such a good photo of me. A workers tell kala that a lake is near. Kala says why would they go there with all their stuff. Kala says we are late. Kala sees another house and goes in and shoots someone there with face on the other side.

Scene 4
Yug asks adi why did he lie to his dad ? He says what lie ? Yug says you said different name that day. Adi says no it was Roshan I said the other name by mistake. You says transfer was done n sunday, how ? Nandu is playing with your life. What has she costed you for the money ? Adi says what can she. Yug says you have to stay safe from nandu.
Kala says I have killed their leader. Take the cloth off his face. Surraiya says bibi sahib its just a statue. Tara laughs. Kala is so angry and says where can they go and who was playing the flute it this was an statue. The flute plays again and surraiya finds a tape recorder which was playing the music. A workers finds the same flute with statue it has some letter. SHe reads it out, it says, You came here at our house such a miracle. Sometimes we see you and sometimes a dead cat. We never thought you’d come but turn the laptop on if you have come. Surraiya finds the laptop. It has a video of mj with his face covered. He says hello you’d be pleased to know that we have planted a bomb in the room you’re standing. You must be seeing a timer if you move you’d be killed if you then you will be killed as well. Only I can see you I am looking you through a camera. If you wan the bomb not to explode then do as I say. If anyone of you moves the bomb will explode. The characters of the movie are surraiya and kala. In the first scene surraiya has to slap kala. Kala says don’t you dare. Mj says so you won’t listen let me show you an explosion. A bomb explodes in the vicinity. He says I am sure you can hear it. Surraiya says let me do it didi. Surraiya attempts to slap and says please come a little near. She slaps kala so hard. Tara is laughing. He says this is kala’s turn hold your ear and says I made a mistake. Kala does it. He says now kala will return the slap. Kala slaps her. He says now surraiya’s turn again. Surraiya slaps her even harder. Kala is so angry. She says kala we did as you said now stop this timer. Mj says it was not impressive you were a flop. he countdown has begun. A bomb explodes but not in the room. Surraiya says everything is okay. Mj laughs and says I mad eyou april fool. How can we kill you with so much ease. You will killed drop by drop, till then stay like this. Remember anything can happen anywhere.

Precap- Kala points a gun at tara and says I should shoot you. Tara directs the pistol to her forehead and says shoot me here so I can die for sure.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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