Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Prachi challenges Rhea

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The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that he will not get his stuff when she is gone. He then says that if she can stay if she wants, ad says you can do anything. Prachi says you can’t say this. Ranbir asks did I ask you to leave from this house. Prachi says you have said. A fb is shown. She tells that it was order for me to leave, when you have ended your relation with me. He asks when did I ask you? She tries to take out the frame and hits hammer on the nail, but hits hammer on her hand accidentally. Ranbir gets concerned for her and brings medicine box. She asks what are you doing? He says I don’t want you to wake up for this medicine box, and says then my sleep will be disturbed. She says I have to take care of myself, so that I can take care of my loved ones. Pallavi looks at Ranbir and Prachi from the window as he applies ointment on her hand. Prachi asks did you notice change in me? He says no change, you are same. Prachi says she has become stronger and doesn’t get affected by any pain. Ranbir says I do care. He says there is a change, you are mental, who cares about someone’s photo. She says I have problem with your smile. He says I will give the solution and covers his photo frame with the cloth. He says now you can’t see me nor my face, all Ranbir is not infront of you. She says yes, you are not infront of me. He says there was a light in your smile before and now there is a irritation and defeat in your smiles. He says you are scared and looking defeated. Prachi says history is witness, I took the wound on my heart and these eyes saw which this world is afraid is see. She says she got betrayal instead of love, and that’s why she thought to match her steps with others, else betrayal people might go ahead and I will be left behind.

He walks towards her and tells that you will stop yourself from loving me, but how you will stop your heart beat which is telling me your heart condition. He says you hate me so much, then why did you come to me. Prachi says you don’t matter to me. Ranbir says why you was separating Rhea and me. Prachi says I wanted to trouble Rhea and you. Ranbir says but you was worried yourself and your eyes were filled with jealousy. She says I won’t let that happen, what you wants. Ranbir says whatever I do, I will do. You can trouble me, but I will be ready to give you an answer. He says he is an extremist. Prachi says I know you and your limits. She says I don’t know what limit I have crossed to come here. He says lets see, if you will cross your limits, or if I make a new limit infront of you. Prachi says this will be enjoyable. Ranbir says very much.

Pallavi thinks don’t know why Prachi came? She thinks if she came to trap Ranbir and thinks before she shows her colors, Rhea and Ranbir have to take their married life ahead. Prachi breaks the decoration in her room and feels pain in her tummy. She cries and says I am sorry my baby. Ranbir wakes up hearing her. Prachi says I am sorry and takes Ranbir’s name. Ranbir comes out to her door and keeps his hand on the door. Prachi also keeps her hand on the door. Song Main Kamli ban….plays…..She says everything is fine. Ranbir sits outside the door. Prachi sits inside the room, near the door.

Rhea wakes up and thinks she will not get sleep here, she shall go to her room and sleep. Ranbir thinks if I am angry with Prachi or not. He thinks she is showing so much attitude to me, and thinks to control her emotions, show her anger and don’t be good to her. Prachi thinks why am I getting weak for Ranbir. She says I had come here for my baby, but Ranbir wants to be someone’s husband. Ranbir says just the judgement will happen. Rhea comes there and finds Ranbir sitting down near the door. She asks what happened? Ranbir says I was tying the shoe laces. Rhea says you are not wearing the shoes. Ranbir says he came here while dreaming and was tying shoe lace in dream. Prachi comes out and asks what you both are doing here? She asks them to go and sleep. Ranbir goes. Rhea says since you came, how my night can be good. She asks her not to snatch her happiness from her. She says she is now married to him. Prachi says the happiness which you have snatched from me. Rhea says I will make sure that you will leave the house from here. Prachi says you want me to do what you say. Rhea says I asked you to sacrifice your love for Mom and Dad. Prachi says then Ranbir married me. She says you have blackmailed me, but I have won. She says you people have thrown me out from here, but I have returned. She says the start will be with you, and asks her to pack her bags, as it is enough of her stay in others’ house. Rhea says you seems to be in dream. Prachi says you will be kicked out from here in three days. She says it is your decision, how you will stay here for three days. Rhea says my roots are stronger here, and gives her three days to leave. Prachi says you can’t even touch me, I am the only bahu of the house and is very stronger. She says I have made lakshman rekha for myself and nobody can kick me out. She closes the door. Rhea thinks Prachi is changed, I have to change my game plan, tomorrow will be mine.

Rhea wakes up and thinks today is the new morning, I will make everyone believe that I am the good bahu, and everyone will praise me, so that Prachi leaves from here. Someone knocks on the door. Prachi wakes up and gets up. Ranbir comes inside. She says you, this is my room. Ranbir says this is my room. Prachi says I have taken the room, as I know that if someone is snatching your rights, you shall get it back.

Precap: Prachi falls in Ranbir’s embrace and he holds her. Prachi asks Rhea to come out of kitchen and see a different world outside. Rhea asks what is she talking about? Prachi says he might not want to add salt in your sweet, and says Ranbir took me in his embrace before you came. Ranbir looks on tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So Prachi wants revenge but will never leave the house wait wat?? she’s confusing me but both sides r melting I’m now sure they won’t last long with this hatred they’re already melting

    1. Yeah did you see the upcoming dance bts. They are definitely melting. I think makers want to rush this track so Pooja can leave

    2. mahabubul alam

      yeappp and finally i hope rhea will expose. but yes those savage dialogues of prachi delivered to rhea now .i will miss those

  2. Lmao the precap Prachi is too good 😂😂🙌
    Ranbir is so done with the sisters tiffs lol. Overall it was a good episode, it seems they are kind of melting already but I know Prachi for sure won’t give in. Her game has only begun. I want Sid to come back where is he?

    1. Yess the precap 😂😂 Prachi is poking the bear and enjoying it
      Loving Prachi 2.0 but she has started melting

    2. I think poojas exit will be when she is exposed by Prachi and after that Prachi might leave the mansion and ask for a divorce from Ranbir where Ranbir will not agree obviously and try to win her forgiveness for doubting her and calling her characterless l can’t wait 🤗🤗

    3. I don’t think Prachi will leave or ask 4 a divorce she literally just said she will never leave the house or ask 4 divorce plus she’s already melting it won’t be long now

    4. According to me, Prachi has never forgotten that incident at the hotel she is still hurt by Ranbirs words she might not ask for a divorce but she will definitely leave the house because the writers would like people to see Ranbir begging for forgiveness but am not sure that’s my opinion

    5. I don’t think she’ll leave either today in this episode she said so herself that she has no intention of leaving so… yea but if she leaves then all that drama she did 2 get in the house was 4 nothing cuz then she’ll be doing wat they want doubt she’ll leave rly doubt it

  3. When this track is over and Pranbir reunite, Prachi will go back to her usual self. I will definitely miss this version of Prachi, her dialogues, attitude everything is perfect and suited her. It was a bliss to see this Prachi so we should enjoy it till it lasts.

    1. I hope not. Prachi has seen what can happen if u br too nice and allow ppl to walk all over u. She was naive in her love for her sister and her in laws but they have show her that she don’t matter therefore they have lost her respect and her desire to sit idly by and let them take advantage. She won’t be disrespectful BUT she won’t take crap either. Atleast that’s what I’m hoping for especially with pallavi

    2. That’s true. At least now she saw their true colours and knows what they are like. I just hope she doesn’t lose her self respect again that’s all that matters to be honest. Plus it’s not just her that she is worried about now it’s about her unborn child who is her responsibility. Being a mom changes a person so maybe Prachi won’t lose all this strong tough side of her

  4. How will they actually bring Prachi’s pregnancy truth out to everyone? Will it be revealed before Rheas exit or after? When Ranbir finds out, will he think it’s Sids child? If the truth comes out after Rhea is exposed then obviously Ranbir will believe it’s his child but if the truth comes out before, he could think it’s Sids child. They won’t let out the pregnancy news so smoothly and simple there’s bound to be drama. I think Rhea will find out first and she will make it as if it’s not Ranbir’s kid. Now with Alias re entry, it’s Prachi who is pregnant vs three dragons. Just hope she ups her game. The bts already shows the dragons in one room talking together so they are planning something against Prachi. But Prachi isn’t weak anymore I hope she realises what’s happening now that she knows what they are like and she knows they would be plotting. Luckily Shahana is there too but god knows what she’s going to bring in the show now.

  5. Many believed that Prachi and Ranbir would never separate, well that didn’t turn out that way. Now people believe that Prachi will not get kicked out of the Kholi house and and Rhea’s truth be revealed. Rhea’s truth may be revealed but but she will not be punished for long. Ranbir and Prachi’s relationship will be on and off as time goes. The outcome of their stories are exactly the same as Pragya and Abhi with Tanu and Alyia always scheming against them. This serial has not changed over 7 years.

  6. At the end of this track prachi will end up being stupid… in KKB never expect anything positive… same way pragya came back into the MM to save abhi from tanu ,aliya and nickil at the end abhi lost his memory and same aliya and tanu including abhi selfish grandma all kicked pragya out of abhi’s life…. same way prachi gonna be kicked out ..the writer will let her win for now but from next week d Queen aliya aka botched face is coming back to turn KKB into aliya bhagya

    1. So true! I swear everything goes fine until that big demon arrives. She’s been scheming for many many years and most of the times she succeeds. It’s already shown her having a convo with Pallavi and Rhea so now those two will listen to big devil and start their disgusting games.

    2. As long as aliya is in KKB i don’t expect anything positive….. pallavi who hates aliya will reconcile with her just to kick prachi out of her son’s life… mind u, aliya will tell pallavi that she has nothing to do with abhi going bankrupt that pragya was the one who destroyed their business and also pragya made them to suffer … mark my words KKB just keep going in cycles nothing new….

  7. I legit want Rhea to be exposed together with Aliya, then the full Kohli’s realises their mistake and try to beg Prachi but I want Prachi to leave the house and allow them beg her before she forgives them and come back……what about Pragya and Abhi?? Are they not waking up??

  8. What if aliya fall for vikram
    I would like see palavi losing her husband to aliya
    If this happen trp will be 3.1

    1. really , anyways purab has left her 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. lmao😂🤣

    3. The ultimate!!! Why don’t they think like you??
      It’s going to be a hilarious track.
      Abhi has 2 wives, Abhi’s son-in-law had 2 wives. So why not son-in-law’s papa?

  9. Rhea is so brazen, I do not know if she understands that she is doing something wrong or if she does not think at all about what might happen and who will be responsible for all this, what will happen in the future, because surely her karma will punish for it. If we assume that she will ever change and start life from scratch, but her past will stand in front of her. Will the one who will be next to her (well, maybe a new love) be able to understand and forgive everything that she has done, and her children will say that they are the children of a criminal. And the parents, well, it’s probably most insulting for Pragya, she left Rhea with Abhi, who did not take part in her upbringing at all, but only laid responsibility on others. Although if Prachi had been in Rhea’s place, most likely, she would have been waiting for the same fate as Rhea, or maybe not, because Mira was looking after Rhea, why did Rhea not take the good from Mira, but took only the bad from Aliya. Although I don’t understand the logic, Aliya has a son Aryan, who grew up a decent person, but Rhea became a monster. And Pallavi, can she be considered a mother after all this? She does not understand at all that her son can be treated the same way she does with Prachi. Will Rhea be able to save Ranbir from any danger, as Prachi did, because Pallavi is now counting on her, what a shock Pallavi will have when she finds out what Rhea’s true face is. I can’t wait for the truth of Rhea to be revealed. Although here all the characters have undergone changes not for the best, and some were disgusting, so they became even worse, but they deserved everything that will happen to them in the future, they were the initiators of all this. I wonder how long Ranbir will be tossing between his two wives. And it seems to me that Ranbir will find out about Prachi’s pregnancy in the near future, perhaps before the track party, which is arranged in honor of Ranbir and Rhea, but Prachi will change places with Rhea, but he may just not tell anyone about it. I would like him not to immediately push away from himself the thought that he is not the father, well, at least let him have doubts about fatherhood, at least it will not be as cruel as denying it at all, perhaps he will be able to sort out this whole situation faster with such thoughts and may already start thinking with his own head, and not borrow someone else’s.

  10. Can u plz bring back abigya by bringing back kiyara as u dont show her deadbody,now kiyaea is a big girl who is hired by thanu to kill pragya and abi to take revenge

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