Bigg Boss 15 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Rashami creates a rift between Karan and Tejasswi

Bigg Boss 15 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 73
11:15 PM
Rashami tells Karan that sort things out with Tejasswi, she has issues with me talking to you. I will stay away from you. I have told her that. Karan says don’t be crazy. Rashami says she is messing around with the wrong person. Karan says I didn’t say anything to you. Rashami says why was she talking about me to Nishant? Karan says I asked her to talk to you. Rashami says she makes me feel that I shouldn’t talk to you. She even got insecure that I was talking to Nishant, why is she so insecure of me? Karan says it’s not like that. Rashami says her actions speak something else. I don’t want this mess here.

11:45 PM
Tejasswi comes to Karan so he hints at Rashami. Karan says you keep saying things that put you in trouble. Tejasswi says I was joking with Rakhi and Nishant about Rashami. Rashami says you are making jokes about our friendship? Karan asks Tejasswi to pacify her. Tejasswi asks Rashami if you were joking about me getting angry for you choosing Karan in the task? Rashami says I was not, you are making fun of me with others. I will go away. Tejasswi says if you want to make an issue then I won’t talk to you. Rashami says fine. Tejasswi tells Rashami that I was trying to talk to you but you are screaming at me. Do you think I have an issue if you saved Karan? Rashami says I never said it, I never took Karan’s name, you brought him up. Tejasswi says you are lying, let’s end the conversation. Tejasswi tells Karan that I just asked her why she didn’t save me, that doesn’t mean I have an issue if she saved Karan. Umar asks them to end it. Rashami says I went to jail because of all this. Karan asks Tejasswi to stop talking about that task, why are you questioning her? Tejasswi says why can’t I question her? Rashami is not letting me talk, I am going crazy now. She shouts at Rashami to let her talk. Tejasswi shouts to let me talk. Karan asks her to calm down. Tejasswi shouts to let her talk. Tejasswi tells Rashami that you could have saved me in the task but you didn’t so I asked why didn’t you? Karan and Rashami leave from there. Tejasswi cries and says they are not letting me talk. Rajiv hugs her and says don’t cry. Rakhi says let her talk and clarify. Tejasswi says she is not listening to me. Umar asks Rashami to listen to her. Rashami says talk to me. Karan shouts that she was misbehaving with me, I was asking her to calm down but she shouted at me. He throws away his mug and shouts how dare you to talk to me in front of everyone? He shouts at Tejasswi to never talk to him like that. I am not a *****. Shamita comes there and asks Karan to calm down, we are on TV. Tejasswi cries and leaves from there. Karan tells Shamita that Tejasswi kept questioning Rashami and then she misbehaved with me.

Tejasswi cries and tells Rashami that you were not letting me talk. Devo asks her to calm down. Rakhi says no one was letting Tejasswi talk.

Umar sits with Rashami. Rashami says Tejasswi was making fun of me but then she got angry when I questioned her? Karan comes there so Rashami says I am sorry. Karan says it’s okay, I talk to her with patience but how much patience can I have? Rashami says I was correcting her but she said I am not letting her talk.

Rakhi tells Devo that they are making Tejasswi cry because she is young. Rashami started all this and then tried to console her only.

Karan tells Nishant that I am not here to take her shit, she talked to me in a derogatory way.

12:15 AM
Karan comes to Tejasswi and asks if they can talk? Why did you talk to me like that? Tejasswi says I kept asking you to let me talk, I was hyper but then you kept saying to calm down. When I am hyper then don’t tell me to calm down. I am sorry I snapped at you, I was just trying to talk. Karan says okay. Tejasswi cries and says I am fighting with everyone. Karan hugs her and says I am here. Tejasswi says I just asked a question Rashami but she never answered me and then twisted my words. Rashami comes there and says I am sorry. This is all happening between you both because of me. She tells Tejasswi that we will clarify things when you are okay, she leaves from there. Karan tells Tejasswi that don’t treat me in a disrespectful manner. Tejasswi hugs him, Karan says start behaving like my girlfriend. Tejasswi says really? You never asked me out. Karan says you are.

Day 74
8 AM
The inmates wake up to a song. They all dance.

10:30 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that when I try to talk to Nishant then Rashami comes there. Tejasswi says I have an emotional connection with Rashami but she never answered my question. Karan says Rashami is trying to connect Umar with others but she is not letting me talk to anyone. Tejasswi says Rashami’s priority is Umar, she might think I am stronger than Umar that’s why she is making him stronger. Karan says Umar is not that of a fool.

11:45 AM
Karan asks Devo what did Rashami say? Devo says Rashami said that you are egoistic but then she gave immunity to you.

Tejasswi tells Rashami that why did you say I would have an issue if you save Karan? This is funny for me. Karan makes me feel secure. Rashami says I don’t care about your relationship. Rashami says if we have a fight then we will sort it, we won’t let others come between us. Tejasswi says there is no insecurity from my side.

Karan tells Rajiv that I was just asking her to calm down but then she shouted at me so I snapped.

3:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that they all should try to win the finale week ticket. Rakhi already has it so other inmates will sit in the spaceship right now. All inmates run in the garden and sit in the spaceship. Bigg Boss asks Karan to read the instructions for the task. Karan reads that they all have seats in the spaceship. They can become contenders to win the ticket. There are two sides of the spaceship, when the buzzer plays then the inmates can move to the side where there are fewer inmates. At the end of the task, the area which has fewer inmates will become a contender and others will get nominated. Rakhi will be the judge of the task. If the inmates want to change their sides then they have to give up half the fuel from their bottles so each inmate will get 2 chances to change their sides.

3:30 PM
Tejasswi hugs Karan and romances. Rakhi tells Ritesh to go to the washroom. Ritesh says let me play, why are you teaching me? Pratik asks him to calm down. Ritesh asks her to shut her mouth.
Karan tells Umar, Tejasswi and Rashami to not change the side in the first round. Rashami says Shamita will ask Rajiv to change sides. Tejasswi says she won’t. They said she takes her brother’s side which she never does but now she will show how faithful she is to Rajiv.
Pratik, Nishant and Shamita discuss the task.

3:45 PM
The first buzzer plays, Ritesh gives up half of his fuel to change his side. Rashami says you can’t take the decision alone, we all have to decide together.

4 PM
Nishant tells Shamita and Pratik that I would focus on nominations more than the ticket.
Tejasswi tells Rashami that they can nominate themselves to put others down along with them.

Shamita tells Rajiv to use his brains in the task.

4:15 PM
The buzzer plays and Rashami changes her side. Rajiv jumps and changes his side also. Rajiv says I took the chance. Rakhi gives up half of his fuel.

4:30 PM
Pratik tells Nishant that we will know about their strategy in this round.

Rajiv tells Umar that Shamita asked me to play individually.

Nishant tells Pratik that I want to change the side in this round. Pratik says let’s see.

Abhijeet tells Devo that we have to make a lobby.

Shamita tells Rajiv that we will play individually. I am not playing from your side.

5 PM
The buzzer plays and Pratik changes his side. He goes to Karan and Tejasswi’s side.

Pratik tells Nishant that they are stressed now. We still have 3 rounds remaining. Nishant says they will be over-numbered now. Rajiv comes there and says I played for myself now.

Tejasswi asks Devo what’s your plan? She says I don’t have a plan. Karan tells Rashami that we are losing as they have fuel left so let’s choose who should lose and get nominated.

Shamita tells Rakhi that Ritesh is controlling you. Rakhi says I slip in love. Shamita says you can do anything for your husband but he shouldn’t take it for granted. Rakhi says he doesn’t accept me as a good woman, he keeps saying that I am stupid. Shamita says he was brought here as your husband, he didn’t come here as a celebrity but as your husband so he has that thing that he has to prove himself. Pratik says just ignore his words. Rakhi says but I get hurt. Shamita says he just wants to prove that he can play on his own.

5:30 PM
Pratik tells Nishant and Shamita that we will go up and down in the next rounds.

The buzzer plays, Nishant asks who is changing the side? Pratik gives up his fuel and changes his side again. Rakhi says Pratik can’t change his side now.

5:45 PM
Karan tells Umar that we have to change sides in the next round.

Ritesh tells Devo that someone from our side has to sacrifice. I will do it. Devo says I will sacrifice as I have some fan following. Ritesh says you are deserving, we will make a fan following also.

Pratik tells Nishant to not give up his safety. Nishant says it’s better if more people are nominated with me.
Shamita tells Rajiv that if you are playing with another team then I can’t trust you.

6:15 PM
The buzzer plays and Umar changes his side, he goes to Karan’s side. Rakhi says let’s wait. Umar says why? I jumped down first. Shamita says let him go then. Rakhi gives up half of his fuel. Umar says it was first come first serve when it was about Ritesh but she is changing rules for me? Rashami asks Rakhi to be fair. Umar says Rakhi is playing by getting influenced by Pratik. Rashami says Rakhi is not playing fairly.

Umar says no one will sacrifice from them.

Shamita tells Nishant that I can sacrifice. Nishant says I can also.

Karan tells Rakhi that if we all get nominated then Ritesh might get eliminated. Tejasswi says don’t take a risk for Devo, if she comes to our side then Ritesh will be safe in our team as we will be in majority then.

Rakhi comes to Devo and says if I change the side then it won’t benefit me.

6:45 PM
Shamita asks Devo what are you thinking? Devo says I wanted to change the side but Tejasswi convinced Rakhi to save Ritesh who is on their side. I will do what I think is right for me. I wanted to go to their side as the maximum number of people get nominated.

Tejasswi tells Abhijeet that Shamita is acting like she will sacrifice but you can change the side and save Ritesh, you will become a hero for him then. She leaves. Abhijeet tells Ritesh that I won’t change the side. Ritesh says then we all will get nominated.

Rakhi says what will I do? One side is my husband and another side is my friends. I don’t know what to do.

7 PM
Devo tells Rakhi to do what she thinks is right. Rakhi says Ritesh might get eliminated if he gets nominated.

The buzzer plays and Nishant changes his side. Ritesh wants to change his side also. Rashami asks Rakhi to decide whose fuel she will accept. Rashami says we can choose someone’s fuel on the basis of majority voting also. Pratik says that can’t happen. Shamita says Nishant and I got down first. Rakhi says it’s not about majority voting. Rashami says we can do majority voting. Pratik says we won’t accept it. Abhijeet says I will burn everything down. He takes off his shirt and says I will play the game now. I will break everything. He runs and takes the chair. Pratik stops him and says calm down. Abhijeet says they are cheating, we can’t do majority voting. I will not spare anyone who does majority voting. Rakhi falls down and says I have to take a decision. Abhijeet says don’t do acting with me. I will break everything down. Karan asks him to calm down. We will get the task rejected. Rashami shouts at Pratik that you are misbehaving, I was talking to Rakhi but you kept shouting at me. Pratik charges at her. Karan pushes Pratik back and says she is a girl. Umar shouts at Pratik. Rashami shouts that Pratik has an issue. Devo tells Rakhi to choose the people who stood by you. Shamita tells Rakhi that we played for you, we gave you the finale week ticket. Rakhi says my friends Pratik, Devo, Pratik and Nishant saved me. Rajiv says didn’t I save you? Tejasswi tells Rakhi that Nishant wants to get nominated because he knows Ritesh or Abhijeet will get eliminated. Why are you nominating Ritesh? Shamita says Tejasswi is manipulating you, don’t listen to her. Rakhi says you all are stinking, she goes away.
Tejasswi tells Karan that Abhijeet is a better man than Abhijeet. It’s okay if he gets eliminated. Tejasswi says okay. She tells Rakhi to accept Nishant’s fuel. Rakhi says I want to save my husband but the other side is my friends. Ritesh asks Rakhi to take her friends’ side as they supported her. Rakhi says I am saving my friends. Rakhi accepts Nishant’s fuel in the last round. Rajiv says Rakhi that I fought for you but you didn’t support me. Rakhi says I can’t cheat Shamita, she supported me.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates to sit down. Tejasswi says I was ready to sacrifice. Nishant says you played dirty, you wanted to sacrifice Abhijeet. Shamita asks Abhijeet to open his eyes, she wanted to sacrifice you. Tejasswi says they all nominated us. Nishant came to our side as he thinks if he gets nominated with Abhijeet and Ritesh then he won’t be eliminated. He has too much over-confident. Nishant says so you were changing side and ready to get nominated, weren’t you over-confident also? Tejasswi says no, I was sacrificing to save my friends. Nishant says so I did the same thing, I saved my friends. Don’t be so diplomatic, use your mind and don’t show your accent. Tejasswi says you can debate like this only. Nishant says get lost.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the task has finished. He asks Rakhi which side had fewer inmates? Rakhi says the down area (Karan’s) area had more inmates and the top area (Pratik’s) had fewer inmates. Bigg Boss says as the top area had fewer inmates so the inmates on that side which includes Shamita, Pratik, Devo, and Rashami become contenders to get ticket to the finale week. The other side’s inmates which include Karan, Tejasswi, Abhijeet, Umar, Ritesh and Nishant are nominated this week.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Just one word for Rashmi – TOXIC. Started disliking her in BB13 and lol she is worse in BB15.

  2. I loved Rashmi.. these guys are just insecure about their least I saw less of devo today

  3. I am feeling whatever happening between Karan and Teju are fake esp their fight now. Karan is a host in many reality shows so I think he knows how to get attention. Abhijeet was right Karan didn’t do anything but whole weekend was about him, I felt Teju was happy afte weekend.

  4. I don’t like teju attitude..she acts a over….

  5. actually I started liking Shamita…. she is a little bit real compared to the others

  6. Sakeenah

    To Teja is ok if Shamita is insecure about her but now that Rashime is saying Teja herself is insecure about her Teja be like shouting and shouting 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  7. What nominations big boss, you hardly eliminate any one according to votes

  8. Umar & rashami always dig at Pratik. Even if Pratik’s shadow falls somewhere he is in the wrong. Actually, what type of doctor is this Umar? No wonder Salman is also confused. This man plays cheap. He is a con doctor. Tejasswi is yet to realise that Umar & rashami mean more to Karan in the game. Although Karan openly doesn’t attack Pratik & others whom he dislikes, he is happy that Umar & rashami do so. For this Karan would do anything to keep Umar & rashami happy. He knows that Tejasswi is easy game & can easily get his way with her. Tejasswi’s game is weak.

    1. Sakeenah

      Am sorry to say but how can u call someone a con Doctor??????….. And I think if KK does not care about Teja he won’t have gotten angry when she was shouting at him and after everything he went to her and they made up that alone make me feels he have a true feelings for her….. Coming to Umar I don’t know why people are not seeing what Prateek is doing in the house he just know how to trigger someone and why are people always calling Umar aggressive??? Prateek is not a scent either.

  9. I never liked tejaswi nd she is visibly insecure of shamita but she isn’t insecure of rashmi,in fact rashmi is insecure of her nd reasone might be tht she wants a physical relationship in bb,if not umar then karan b chlega isiliye un dono ko alg krna chah rhi h,

    1. I don’t remember who had said it. But was right that Rashmi just sugarcoats her words and actions. She is disgusting from inside. Infact I don’t like Shamita that much. But I feel she’s the most real person in this house.

  10. Shamita is the best as according to me i feel she is honest and plays fair in all tasks.she cares for all even if they have done wrong to her she still shows a caring nature towards them at least most of them. Hope she wins. Teja is getting over smart and its irritating to watch her and karan..abhijeet is annoying but is here just to have fun in a stupid way. Shamita nishant are the best…love nishants comic lines.


  12. Watched the episode, so not going to read the update, just came here to comment and say my thoughts, let’s start up with
    Shamita: The QUEEN herself, well she clearly knows NO MATTER what she will reach the FINAL, at least. However, she has her STRONG points for which she takes a stand and stick. But she waits for WEEKEND episode so much, to listen to Salman side and take that every seriously.
    Nishat: One of my Favourite he is FUN
    Patrik: sometimes I mute, the TV when he speaks. He has STRONG points which is correct at times, but when two are speaking WHY cant he understand to SHUTUP, if its none of his business in the matter to BUZZOFF
    Umar: I don’t understand his game, neither him
    Karan: The strongest person in the house, who have a strong mind set who knows how to play the game and thought will WIN, but he is loosing it… no matter how much adore the TEJRAN but the way he actually DISRESPECTS Teja, he is loosing it. When he can control her for not playing wth Nishant, and when Teja has problem Shamita and Karan going son a side an taking, KK has HUGE EGO MEN PROBLEM with that, cmon dude
    Teja: she can play alone, and she had proved it when KKK, she might a little annoying at times and over drama and sometimes she doesn’t make sense to others. She put her point and stand on her opinions, if she has problem she has, at least she had the guts to say it, and also she have the guts next moment say SORRY or even to play and have FUN during the TASK
    Rakhi: they just bring her to extra masala and TRP
    Rashami / Devo: irritating. They think that they are RIGHT and these LADIES are playing DIRTY GAME.
    Abijit: NO COMMENTS
    Ritesh : FUN TO WATCH he is a character

    Well, the way KK ignored Teja is had burst it out, after all for how long she can take things so it HAS to happen for her to be calmer, she requested and begged literally to allow her to speak and all she wanted was a SOFT corner from KK
    On the other hand KK talks b*t*h about his GF ALL THE TIME.

    What I feel is from TEJA it’s a genuine. But KK is using her for the GAME

  13. Varshni

    I am happy as shamita is emerging as a stronger player each day ❤️❤️❤️❤️By watching LF I am fed up with this stuff! Colors should stop supporting their bahu too much! I feel bad for kk to be stuck in a toxic relationship

  14. Well Rashmi Exaggerated the topic which made Teja Frustrated !! Nd Acc to me her reaction was justified bcz Agr Koi Ek Hi Chiz Ko Baar Baar Repeat karega especially jb aapney voh kiya hi na hoo Nd Appko Bich Mein Tokey GA toh yehi reaction aayega !!Nd I don’t get it ki Q Rashmi Pehely Spoils everything nd Uskey baad Says sorry with a Very different strange attitude Jaisey Koi Ehsaan Kar rahi hoo !! SEE THIS IS NOT THE WAY THINGS WORK !! ND Umar Encouraged Rashmi to atleast listen to Teja !! Thank God !! BCZ after Rashmi’s entery he has Inclined towards Rashmi more than Teja😅.Ok Let’s talk about Karan…Mujhey Nahi Pta Ki His Reaction cum Language was Justified or not but If he was Genuinely Sorry about it then I Am OK..!!Considering Nishant IDK why lekin whenever he talks rudely with Teja Mujhey Bura Lgta Hai😅😂 !!! Nishant nd Shamita NO COMMENTS!!Rajiv is out of my Mind!!

    1. Sorry Guys !!🙇🏻‍♀️
      Let me Correct My self:
      *No Comments about PRATIK and SHAMITA*
      GLTI hogayi 😅

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