Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya slaps the peon

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The principal is on the stage and addressing the closing ceremony saying that even those who didn’t win will get a reward.Kiara says that she only wants a trophy, King says that she will get the trophy because she performed it way better, Sunny also asks Purab he also confirms him.Disha looks for Pragya and not finding her thinks that she must be with Abhi and finding solutions of their problems, she gets worried knowing that Tanu is also not there.

Tanu is waiting for Alliya who comes asking as to why is she not with Abhi, the peon comes and tarts to talk
in signals, Aaliya gets mad asking her to caLL him here, when he comes he says that he locked Abhi and the work is done,Tanu gets happy and starts to give him a lot of money,he says hat there is a problem, he says that he also

locked Pragya with him,hearing this Aaliya Gets mad and hits him, when he asks she says that he was supposed to keep the both of them apart but rather he is the reason that they are together, both of them did not understand what to do, they didn’t even give the money to the peon.

Pragya is trying to unlock the door but hurts herself, he comes hurriedly and tries to look at how much the damage is, he thinks of how he used to tease Pragya and they both had a lot of fun, they think of how they used to care for each other no matter the consequence.She asks him if he was thinking of their previous memories, he leaves her and thinks that he remembers every moment which they have spent together, he says that they should try to get out and doesn’t listen to what Pragya is saying.

Tanu asks the peon to leave,he says that they should give him his money, Tanu says that he will not give him even a cent,he says that if they don’t give him the money then he will tell everyone what she made him do, Tanu sacres him after that he begs and leaves, Aaia and Tanu plan to keep both Abhi and pragya away from each other.

The Principal says that she is going to announce the results, she apologizes for abhi’s disappearance, she says that it is no problem as King is with them, there is a big round of applause, she wishes that Abhi will be there to distribute the final prize, she starts to hand the prizes and both Kiara and Sunny are hoping that they be the winners, the ceremony continuous.

Pragya and Abhi are not able to get out and are worried, abhi turns and says that he thinks that it was done on purpose,they both turn their suspicion towards the Peon,Abhi gets scared and she asks if he is scared, at first he denies but then admits, the both take her mobile and search for the light. They are not able to find any light source,
after searching they find bulb and holder,abhi tries but is not able to fix it, he then climbs a ladder and eventually succeeds, he turns back on her face, they both get into a romantic state.

Precap; Prgay falls and Abhi comes to her aid, she tells him the truth and faints.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what , truth? He is stupid , he is the father of the kid? she love him? she love the king?


    1. So true, Zo!

  2. The high level meeting of the criminals. Flashes of lavender matched with black shoes, the dirty white cake decoration and the ordinary blue-grey workers uniform. The difficult destruction of lives has begun! Genius fabrications from this Criminal Cabal begin now! The tempo of the music rises eliciting trepidation, expectation and overwhelm in the viewer’s heart. The Cabal can change your life. Oh. Oh no. They locked their victims in a closet. That’s no Cabal! That’s two brats escaped from another set of the ‘Rich kids are stupid’ series. Theses escapees don’t look like kids anymore! They look OLD like scary OLD, battered and like they should have locked themselves in the closet. The Amazon dressed in lavender decides to show her vestiges of power and slaps someone who cannot fight back. There’s the show of Real Power! Oh I see. The Cabal of Cowardly Criminals spending their victim’s money, their victim’s life, well because they can! They are rich kids! That’s their only attribute! Rich kids don’t have to have a reason or even be able to reason! Their money is their reason. And the rich kid who writes this shit thinks she’s smart.
    Here we go, another staring at each other in the darkness for the two benighted lovers. and then…the famous flashback, eating up more screen time than needed and reminding the viewer that this love is old. It is the past. It no longer exists. The evil producer is trying to bore you to death. And the Amazon in lavender reminds the cake decoration of her lack of intelligence. The cake decoration mews like a kitten, exposing her recent past. Because the geniuses that write this ‘stuff’ stopped being geniuses before they took on this part of the job. The ex-kitten can’t hide the fact that’s she is an ex-kitten, sort of. The Amazon in lavender, tasked with being the smart one, just isn’t. And the darkness returns!! You see that is the big reason for today’s plot! There is none and the geniuses at the helm of this mess, have figured out a new technique to avoid writing. Do everything in the dark. And when a flickering light returns we know that we are at the climax. The light is flickering, you see! The star of the show has a moment and falls into the arms of rockstar. That’s the pre-cap! Whoops. So, the prodcuction team thinks that they finished their homework and they deserve high marks. I think that King must be sent spear-fishing. He can get the amazon shark at the same time that he gets the tuna fish, then the two ‘stars’ can live their life happily inside the closet. You have to wonder about Ekta’s Dad. He likes it when she wears sarees. He must be just so proud of the work of his very own princess. The best scene in today’s offering was when the camera was looking down at the criminal cabal and you had the flashes of colour. Yup. That was it, yaar.

  3. Same story is repeated again and again since the beginning. Aliya and Tanu keep plotting, they get away with murders. It is a real mockery of Indian police .

    1. You are right Naina. It mocks the police, the education system, it mocks every institution possible, marriage and and worse it mocks individuals. This producer bully’s everyone. If she wasn’t a bully and was honestly trying to identify problems in India then she would also be providing at least ideas for solutions. But this producer is just a straight out, old fashioned bully. Check out the characteristics of a bully. What kind of kid grows up to be a bully? What’s even more sad is when people do not realize that they are being bullied.

      1. Agree with u 100% it is a complete mockery of everything in every sense

  4. Same thing repeating …..disgusting…Dumbo abhi after so many years also he didn’t doubt on aliya &Tanu but within no time King not only doubt Tannu but also threaten her for attacking on Pragya also warn her to stay away from his family…very smart…like it…

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