Ishqbaaz 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mohit accuses Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohit says Shivaye has killed my Nancy. Shivaye says I didn’t do anything. Mohit asks what was my mistake that you snatched my life’s biggest reason, I regarded you more than a brother, I believed you, I slapped her for your sake, you did this with me. Om says stop it now, you are in shock, we know this, you can’t accuse him this way. Rudra says Shivaye can give life for someone, but can’t take anyone’s life. Mohit asks really, tell me what was Nancy doing in Shivaye’s room, if he didn’t kill Nancy, who killed her, do you have any answer, I understood everything, Shivaye was so worried in morning and didn’t let anyone enter his room, Shivaye went out without letting anyone know. Anika cries and says Shivaye can’t do this, why will he kill Nancy. Mohit says you have the answer, you

know the reason, Shivaye forced himself on Nancy that day, maybe he did this again and killed her when she retaliated, Shivaye’s intention was bad. Shivaye says truth is, Nancuy was crossing her limits. Mohit asks him to shut up. Bhavya comes with officers. Tej says come, we have called you, a murder happened in our house. She asks whose. Mohit says my wife. Tej says dead body is upstairs in Shivaye’s room.

Bhavya comes back to everyone and says victim’s face isn’t identifiable, murder is not accidental or done in self defense, someone killed her intentionally, reason might be anger or hatred, I have to interrogate you all. Mohit says Shivaye is the murderer, arrest him. She asks him to say when she records his statement. Shivaye says I didn’t kill her. She says I want statement of everyone, shall we start. Bhavya asks Anika what did you do after party. Anika says I went to sleep in Gauri’s room. Bhavya asks why. Mohit says Shivaye and I were drinking, I asked Nancy and Anika to go and sleep, Anika slept in Gauri’s room, but Nancy… I didn’t know this will happen. He cries. He says I blindly trusted Shivaye and this happened, Shivaye was mad after Nancy. Bhavya says but Shivaye is married. Jhanvi says yes, but Shivaye didn’t give wife’s status to Anika. Bhavya says you think Shivaye had eyes on Nancy. Om says no, they both love each other even if their marriage didn’t happen in normal situation, Shivaye was going to tell his feelings, everything is getting fine, there was nothing between Shivaye and Nancy. He recalls Nancy’s words.

She asks what happened. Rudra says I heard Nancy thanking Shivaye for dress, it doesn’t mean he killed her, you were there when Daksh kidnapped Anika, Shivaye didn’t think and jumped down 30th floor to save her, he jumped in fire and took an electric shock, if he loves his wife so much, why will he see someone else’s wife, you tell me. Tej says I have seen Nancy and Shivaye together, maybe around 3-4am, they were close, I didn’t hear their talk, I felt strange, I don’t interfere in anyone’s personal matter. Mohit says he told me that he is going to Anika’s room, why did he go to his room when he knew that Anika went to Gauri’s room, better check CCTV footage, you will know what happened. Khanna says footage isn’t available, all the systems are down, I told this to Shivaye. Shivaye says I don’t remember what happened, I didn’t murder Nancy, I know all the proof are against me, trust me. He cries.

Bhavya says till investigation gets completed, you all have to be available for enquiry, Shivaye cancel your foreign trips, you are the prime suspect of this case. Mohit says I m sure he is a murderer. Bhavya says its commissioner’s orders as well. Mohit says why are you dragging this case, why don’t you arrest him. She says don’t teach us laws. Rudra says we also know laws, you have no proof. Bhavya says there is difference between prime suspect and criminal, we have doubt on him. He says Shivaye isn’t a murderer. She says your statements are going against Shivaye, the dead body is found in Shivaye’s room, it will be clear after forensic reports come, you can’t go out of the city. She goes. Rudra says don’t worry, we are with you. Shivaye asks Mohit to listen. Mohit goes. Tej says your father defamed us and now you ruined our leftover respect, blood shows its color after all. Jhanvi stops him. Shivaye says I had no relation with Nancy.

Tej asks what was she doing on your bed. Om asks what are you saying, its time to support him, not accuse. Jhanvi says I can’t believe he can do this. Om says he always stood with us, we have to support him. Tej says right people are given support, not wrong people, he didn’t care for our family respect, why shall I care for him, I feel ashamed to say it. Jhanvi says don’t say this in front of Anika. Tej says truth won’t change, I don’t know their relation, marriage happened or not. Anika cries. Tej says very disgusting….. He goes. Om says we are with you. Jhanvi says Tej is in shock. Shivaye says I didn’t do this murder, you trust me right. Priyanka hugs him and says you can’t be a murderer. Rudra says superhero saves lives, not kill people. Om says you aren’t a murderer, we all are with you. Anika and Gauri nod. Shivaye says I m worried for Mohit, he lost his love.

Shivaye comes to Mohit. Mohit asks him to leave. Shivaye says I know you won’t believe me, I swear I didn’t kill Nancy. Mohit says you think I should trust you, Nancy’s body was found on your bed. Shivaye says I don’t understand, I went to talk to Anika. Mohit asks why did you go to your room knowing she went to Gauri’s room to sleep. Shivaye says I didn’t understand, I was too drunk. Mohit says wow, you are contradicting your own words. Shivaye says Nancy was your wife, you are not less than Omru for me, I can’t imagine this, I can’t get Nancy back, I will get culprit in front of you. Mohit says you are the culprit. Shivaye says I didn’t kill her, think why will I kill her. Mohit says you can do anything in anger, I have seen your anger, your intentions were bad, but she got defamed, you did mistake and I slapped her.

Shivaye says I didn’t think such about her. Mohit asks how shall I believe you, I know your differences with your wife, you don’t love Anika, you didn’t share the same bed. Shivaye asks how do you know. Mohit says Nancy told me, maybe you told her. Shivaye asks why will I tell her. Mohit says maybe you wanted to gain her sympathy and get close to her. Shivaye says no, trust me Mohit, I didn’t kill her. Mohit says once truth comes out, I swear, I will get you strictly punished, you have seen my friendship, you will see my enmity now, when a magician gets angry, you have no idea what he can do.

Om says police will find out who killed Nancy, we just have to prove Shivaye innocent. Shivaye says we have to find real murderer. Om says murderer will be some outsider. Shivaye says it means someone spiked our drinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Agga4102

    Such a drama!!! I want to vanish this Taj into thin air!!!! Waiting for Shivaay to be proved innocent!!!

  2. Appy

    As you sow .so shall you reap.
    But still really feeling bad for Sso.
    But karma.
    His biggest fear……
    Coming true

    Starplus no tho main BHI ar rahi hun.
    .As i said I am scared for trp..
    Hogaya siyapa..
    Exam busy.
    .ok bye.
    I will come
    But will active after 22 Sept..


  3. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    TRP of ib is 1.8 nd overal 20 in position…. Hope nxt week it will increase…
    Now coming to epi ,
    I like d interrogation wala part…
    Ek dum CID dekhne jesa feel aaraha tha….
    Bhavya also did nycc…
    I want to kill that STUPID , MINDLESS man… Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi….
    Sacchi mein he is moreeeeeeee irritating then Mohit….
    TSO jaa kr bina paani mein hi dub kr maar jaa…
    Happy that all family members support Shivay… Of course except TSO… But who cares about him…!!!
    Like that Sibling moment… Janhavi ko nikal dete toh aur vi accha ho jata… But koi nahi… I don’t care about her also…
    Don’t want to say anything about Mohit… But i really like Zain’s acting…. Both Nakuul nd Zain nailed it…
    Now something coming in my khuraphati dimag….
    They show that Nancy’s face isn’t identable for now… So ase vi ho sakta hain ki Nancy is still alive…. That dead body is of soneone else’s…
    Well kuch vi ho sakta hain… Nd i m superr exciting for upcoming…
    Precap –
    Junior Oberois r in detective mode…
    Nd now i want a heart 2 heart talk between Shivika….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Rajvi_shah

      I also feel that Nancy is alive and they will change the forensic reports

      1. Banita

        Yup Rajvi…

      2. Yes current track is from movie ajnabee movie starring Akshay,boby,Kareena n bipasha wayyy backk in 2001. Nancy is alive n girl which murdered is the same girl shivay saw with Mohit. She is his actual wife

  4. Luthfa

    A couple was not sharing their bed and a girl got found dead on the same bed.Simply a bed has become the center of discussion and more than the murder people are interested in why someone was not going to bed with his wife!Shivaay Singh Oberoi might be never thought that his own bed where he used to sleep until Anika came,would turn so fatal and it would have made him the Prime Suspect of a murder,murder of his friend’s wife!A simple bed which is absolutely harmless can do wonders even can label someone as a murderer,can become the murder motive and this,get to know today only!By the way Mr.Berieved Malhotra,can you answer a question of mine?If Shivaay was going to his room despite knowing Anika was not there,what’s so objectionable in that?That was supposed to be Shivaay’s room not yours of course and he had all the right to go there if he wanted.So my question is why are you so against of Shivaay’s going to his Room?What is your problem in that?You knew that Nancy could be there?No?What is it then?I am very curious to know you know?If you can manage to stop crying over the loss of your Titli,do answer my question.I will be waiting.And Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi,from your words it was looking like you were damn sure only Shivaay could be the murderer,no-one else.How could you be so sure and convinced?Don’t tell you have experiences in murdering,is it?You look so Killer type when you go on and on with your words that how Shivaay has taken after his father and would ruin the forever famous reputation of your Khandan and you as well!Your words always kill/murder that person the moment those escape from your mouth who is now under the suspect of a murder-Shivaay,your own bloodline.I am suspecting this murder if Shivaay has committed,must be got influenced through your killer words.And see how obedient Shivaay is!He has proved your prophecy to be true by bringing disgrace to your family in no time!Shivaay has proved that he is Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi’s nephew who is also a murderer,a murderer who murders with his shrap knife like words.Congratulations Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi.You must be so proud today.Oops,so silly of me!Of course you are even though you are behaving otherwise but I can bet on it.Shouldn’t you throw a party on this occasion to celebrate?Well,I am really looking forward to.

    1. True!!! I heard Taj is also responsible for Nancy’s so-called death. And Also that Nancy is not dead..! Idk let’s wait for next episodes!!!

  5. Vidyakrish

    Wow super all family members trust shivaay. I miss the hug of Annika. I exited to see hug position of Annika and shivaay but there is no such scene.little bit disappointing. But it’s okay waiting for Monday episode.

  6. So I got this whole story, it’s same as the track for movie Ajnabee starring Bipasha, Kareena, Bobby, Akshay.
    Nancy is alive and Taj has killed his real wife whom Shivaay had seen on the road . While being drunk he even said to Shivaay that she is his (Taj’s) wife.

    1. I thought the same when I watch the Ali

  7. Sindhudi

    Wow today’s episode what shall I say…… Tej Singh get out of the Obros was lives’’ and live in London. How can you accuse Shivaay just because the dead body was found in shivaay’s room? Why didn’t bhavya tell Mohit that anyone could have killed her and frame Shivaay too, then Mohit would have shut up.

    Zain acted well and Nakkul as evergreen in his emotions. Unfortunately, Surbi is in Maldives so we will not see Anika for awhile. Hope she returns from her holidays soon. Naturally she would have run to Shivaay when he returned but she was just standing there so her shots were taken earlier. Maybe that is why IB came to 20th place.

    Hopefully next week it will be very exciting week. I hope Surbi will be back then. Monday I doubt Anika will come as the bros and Shivaay are the pens trying to find the clue of the murder. Of course Shivaay your drinks were all spiked. It was so obvious.

    Nancy is not murdered. She is somewhere there but who was murdered is a mystery. Shivaay if you have accepted Anika nothing of this would have developed but when you are ready to declare your feelings for Anika too bad date played in your lives again that you are unable to express your feelings to her.

    What did Anika do to deserve this? Tej you are such horrible Uncle. As an uncle you should be like a Father to Shivaay but you are not and it is sad. You are blaming your nephew an don’t trust him. If the dead body was in your room then how would you feel they tell that you must have had an affair. If you can’t be supportive don’t dig the past of shivaay’s father’s life.

    Anika you should have just slept in Shivaay’s room. That was the biggest mistake you did. All this would have been prevented if only you did not sleep with Gauri.

  8. why men in oberois insult ladies shivaay calls anika mistresss ,tej calls anika shivaays mistress. very disgusting

  9. Nikita_jai29

    Cvs has tried to build a good mysterious circumstances but i don’t want any more insult to anika…

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