Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Bulbul and Pragya coming back to home. Pragya throws Abhi’s kerchief on floor. Bulbul asks why did she throw it as Abhi’s fans would die for his kerchief. Pragya asks her to fix it in a frame. Bulbul says she likes her idea.

Pragya sees Rachan going out and asks her where is she going. Rachna says she got Akash’s call to meet her. Pragya asks Rachna to take decision carefully and she will help her in whatever decision she takes. Rachna thanks Pragya and leaves from there. Pragya thinks hope Rachna gets her love and she knows the pain as she did not get her love. Sarla says as soon as Rachna’s problem solves, she will speak to Madhavi about her marriage date and asks her not to get sad. She then sees dirt on Pragya’s face and gets worried. She asks her to wash her face, till then she will bring tea for her.

Goons surround Rachna and start teasing her. Rachna gets embarrassed runs from there. Akash asks his mom why did she stop him from meeting Rachna. Mom says she is planning to get away from Rachna and get Rachna insulted in her society.

Suresh sees shop keepers throwing garbage on road and starts scolding them. Shopkeeper asks him to stop thinking about road garbage and to clean his house garbage. Another one says they know about Rachna’s pregnancy and asks him to take her from there. Another shopkeeper says Suresh that he himself made a rule not to tolerate any illegal activity, but his sister itself is pregnant without marriage. Suresh starts fighting with him. Secretary says Suresh he has to go from there as it is society’s decision. Rachna goes in Suresh’s rescue and says where was he when Suresh took care of this society and now when he is in trouble, instead of helping him, they are hurting him. Secretary says it is their final decision that Suresh has to go. Pragya says it is her house and nobody can stop Rachna and Suresh from staying there. She holds Suresh’s hand and takes him from there.

Suresh starts scolding Pragya for helping him and says Pragya herself got into trouble by helping him, already Rachna is suffering and he does not like them suffering due to him. He asks Pragya why did she go against society for him. She says his problem is hers, so it was necessary.

Suresh asks Sarla to explain Pragya. Sarla says he should understand that Pragya did right by helping him. He helped them many times, now he is Pragya’s would be husband, so her whole family will help her.

Rachan comes home crying and informs about goons teasing her. Suresh tries to slap her, b ut Madhavi stops him. Suresh goes from there sadly.

Akash’s mom speaks to Akash’s would be mother-in-law and says they are ready for the marriage. Mom’s bahu asks why is she hurry in a marriage as daadi agreed for Rachna’s marriage with Akash. Mom says Rachna is from middle class family and is afraid of society, so she will not do DNA test.

Purab gets happy getting back his file and says his secretar he can manage without Bulbul. Secretary says he cannot hide his feelings for Bulbul and says he is afraid that he started liking Bulbul. Purab says she is thinking wrong. Secretary says she is working with him since 5 years and she knows him well, he is feeling bad that he removed Bulbul from work without her mistake. She asks him to call back Bulbul and prove her wrong.

Purab calls Bulbul and says he make a mistake by sacking her and asks her to come back. Bulbul says he is calling her back as he cannot handle his work. Purab says she can come back to work or stay at home, it is her decision and cuts the call. Pragya asks Bulbul to join back to work and prove Purab wrong. Bulbul agrees.

Pragya comes out of house and sees Suresh sitting near his scooter sadly. She asks if he finished Madhavi’s work. Suresh says he was about to go, but his scooter is not starting due to spark plug problem. Pragya says spark plug is on the other side. She says he does not want to go out as he does not want people to speak about Rachna. Suresh says he is afraid with the same reason and will go from there with Madhavi and Rachna to some other city where people don’t identify them. He will get some other job and will change Rachna’s name also. Pragya says if he really wants to see Rachna happy, he should get Rachna’s DNA test. She says it is very insulting for a girl to do DNA test, but it has to be done as people who are responsible are walking free. She says she does not want Rachna marry Akash, but she wants to prove Rachna’s innocence. She asks him to love his sister and don’t let her lose her dignity.

Precap: Suresh informs Akash that he has to come for a DNA test and give blood sample. Abhi says Akash if DNA test is false, he will do anything he says, but if it is true, he will force him marry Rachna.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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