Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Gabbar to come. Ayesha thinks he is calling her with his open arms. She says what, don’t you have manners. Adi hears Pankhudi’s voice and is shocked. He looks at her. Ayesha says I will slap you. He thinks about Pankhudi. Ayesha asks why are you staring at me. She tells Nilofer that he is teasing her. Nilofer scolds Adi. She says move back else I will call police. Adi says who is she. The people stop Adi to beat him for eve teasing. Ayesha and Nilofer leave. They take a taxi and leave. Adi looks at her.

Gabbar comes and people leave Adi. Adi runs after the taxi. Ayesha looks out. He does not see her face. He falls and misses her. Adi thinks her voice was like Pankhudi, why did she not stay. Avantika and everyone talk at home about organizing a party at home. Harish says Adi will like it, he wants this family to unite. Sheela says I m excited to wear new clothes. Nani asks her not to do anything weird. Avantika says lets keep it a small affair. Payal says I can’t come. Avantika requests her to come for Adi’s sake. Payal says I have my plans with my friends.

Sheela says stay for Pankhudi atleast. Nani says so the party is fixed for tonight. Adi comes home and hears this. He says I don’t want a party, you know I don’t like parties and crowd. Harish says the family wants to spend time with you. Adi says everyone will ask me to move on and forget Pankhudi. Avantika says only family, no outsiders, I have a surprise, we got the official permissions. Adi hugs her happily. Adi says thanks you, I will leave for Manali tomorrow. Nani and Harish are shocked. Adi says give me the documents, I will leave.

Harish says Romeo, wait for one more day. Adi says I can’t wait more, I have a feeling I m close to Pankhudi, I can’t make her wait. Nani says but Adi. Adi says no, don’t stop me. Avantika says yes, don’t stop him, we have to find Pakhudi. They leave. Nilofer and everyone come home. Nilofer scolds Ayesha. Ayesha says I felt that man wanted something. Nilofer says I m worried, we came here to get rid of Ghalib, and here one more guy. How can I go Dubai leaving you all here, did we make mistake coming here. Nani and Harish to arrange the drama in the function itself.

Harish says if its successful, everything will be fine, prepare Ayesha and I will call ambulance, thank Ayesha. Adi packs his bag and tells Tobey that he will reach Delhi tomorrow. Payal comes to him. She says I will help you in packing. Adi says you are not happy with my going back, I m sorry. Payal says there is nothing to be sorry, I also miss Pankhudi, she used to understand me so well, I will be happy if she comes back. Adi says I m sure I will get her.

Payal says you won’t understand my state. Nani comes to Ayesha to prepare her. Ayesha refuses to do the plan and says ask Adi to wait. Nani scolds her. Ayesha argues with her. Harish arranges everything. Ghalib finds out about Ayesha. Harish comes to convince Ayesha. He tells about Pankhudi, and says Adi came home after two years. Ayesha agrees. Harish is happy. Sheela and Anuj talk about Adi. They also talk about Rubel and Payal not having a happy marriage. Rubel comes to Payal and says you are looking very beautiful today. He looks at her and she acts rude. She argues with him as he is more worried about Adi. Rubel says he goes to find his wife. Adi hears this and is hurt.

Ruksaar and Ayesha plan to see Diwaan Mansion.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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